How to open IP? Step-by-step instruction for beginners


So, you decided to work for yourself. They chose the type of activity and estimated approximately what profit can bring their business in this field. And even start-up capital is available. It remains to officially become a businessman and begin to translate their plans into reality. First of all, an individual entrepreneur must be registered. Many people are frightened by the bureaucratic red tape habitual for Russians, but in reality nothing is complicated: the new laws clearly regulate the procedure and terms of registration. Let's figure out how to open an IP. A step-by-step instruction is given below.

how to open step-by-step instructions

Who can become an individual entrepreneur?

This is the simplest kind of activity in the sphere of smallbusiness. To begin with, it is not superfluous to find out who has the right to open the IP. The instruction gives a clear list of those who do not have such an opportunity. They are employees of state and municipal bodies. And there are no obstacles for citizens from 18 years and older, and if younger than this age, then only with the written permission of the parents or if the minor enters into marriage. Also, young people can do business with the petition of the guardianship authorities and recognize them as fully capable.

 step by step instruction 2013

How to open an IP: step by step instruction

It will be necessary to collect a package of registration documents and submit them to the tax authorities at the place of residence or at the business registration address. The list of securities is as follows:

  • passport (original and copy);
  • application form 21001;
  • TIN (if any).

The application must be reassured and affixed to the notary.That's all on the question of how to open a PI, step by step instruction. It is necessary to hand over the prepared papers to the tax and wait for an answer. According to the rules, the answer must come within 5 days. For longer than this period, the tax authorities have no right to delay the resolution of the matter.

What difficulties can there be?

The only difficulty in processing documents -correct filling of the application. Form 21001 it is important to fill extremely carefully and clearly, all the items. In the part where you need to specify the type of activity, it is better to choose the code OKVED directly in the tax itself, where all the reference materials are laid out on the table and you can consult on the spot if necessary. Although the codes are also available on the site of the tax authorities, and you can decide for yourself, for what type of activity and how to open the IP.

open the instruction manual
The step-by-step instruction recommends that several OKVED codes be included in the application at once: all these types of activities are not necessarily necessary, but adding unspecified ones is unnecessary re-registration.

One more must be taken into account.You can not sew documents yourself, it should be done by a notary at the time of certification. After receiving the registration, you must immediately open an account with the bank and submit its details to the tax office.

Here so without problems we open ИП.The step-by-step instruction of 2013 in the future can change in any points, because the laws change every day. So it's better to always look up the latest information. Good luck in business!

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