A qualified approach to buying a contract engine


Engines that were already in use,differ from the new units in that they may have a different technical condition, which depends on the conditions of their operation on the first car. To register an installed contract engine in government agencies, documents are required for it with flawless filling.

To buy the engine, which was in use,there are several ways. For example, you can go abroad and bring the contract engine yourself. Agree, this is reliable from the point of view that the unit is purchased with a guarantee of use not on Russian roads. But it's expensive and you need some knowledge about the engines. The announcement also sells contract engines, but the risk of buying a poor-quality product is great. The best way to purchase the right aggregate on the Internet from a solid company, for example, http://daavto.ru/.

Contact motors from companies

Why is it profitable to buy from companies that supply engines from abroad? This purchase will be beneficial for the motorist for several reasons:

  • The engine is warranted. You can return money or get a new unit if it breaks during the warranty period.
  • The engine undergoes a pre-sale check. The engine is ready for installation.
  • The availability of all documentation and its correct completion.

The company always has documents for registrationCustoms Declaration, which confirms the non-use of the engine on Russian roads. Any unit is sold with a contract of sale with the indication of the number, which will be required for the design of the GAI engine replacement.

What you need to do when buying an engine

A close inspection of the unit is the first thing to do when buying. The appearance of the engine should be neat. On all parts of the engine should not be:

  • oil streaks;
  • corrosion;
  • dents;
  • cracks.

When inspecting the engine you need to pay attentionon the valve cover and fastening bolts. The lack of sealant under the lid and the marks on the bolt caps indicate that the engine was repaired either when buying abroad or in Russia before selling it. Such an assembly is better not to buy, because it is impossible to repair an imported engine to such a quality as a factory engine, even by first-class craftsmen.

After inspection and verification of documents, the contractualthe engine must be checked at the diagnostic stand. The engine in good technical condition starts immediately, no problems should arise. Compression of the engine should not significantly differ from the established indicator at the release of the car, otherwise the resource of the unit is significantly developed.

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