Job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ (sample)


For the implementation of public procurement in the budgetorganizations a special structural subdivision is formed or a responsible person is appointed - the contract manager. The federal legislation provides for the provisions governing this issue. The main regulatory act is Federal Law No. 44. In accordance with it, local documents are accepted. As one of them stands dWritten instruction of the contract manager. Let's consider it in more detail.

job description of the contract manager for 44 euros

Field of activity

The job description of the contract manager of a budgetary institution defines the competence limits of the responsibleface. Its main task is the implementation of procurement. Person's activities begin with the planning and identification of the contractor (supplier, performer). At the final stage of the work, a performance analysis is carried out, an assessment of the completeness of the commitments undertaken in the contract. Of course, job description of a contract manager of a budgetary institution contains many more items.


Before determining who exactly will beact as a contract manager, the head of the institution should study the provisions of Federal Law No. 44. The normative act provides for two options for action. In the first case, the head can form a special service. It should be attended by more than two people. In this case, it is possible to distribute functional responsibilities between them. For example, one prepares the task, the second - reporting, the third - establishes links with the performers, the fourth monitors and so on. Another option is to give each employee the full range of powers. In this case, the manager can determine for each specialist a specific area of ​​work. If their activities cover the same spheres, there is no sense in forming a separate subdivision. In such a situation, it is more reasonable to appoint one person. Then a corresponding job description of the contract manager. To 44 FZ, employee training is an obligatory procedure.

job description of a contract manager


The manager must take into account one morecircumstance. In the sphere of public procurement, employees perform many different actions. Incorrect adoption of a decision may entail various legal consequences - fines and other sanctions. In this regard, responsible staff should be able to receive qualified assistance if necessary.

Need for training

Previously, before the entry into force of Federal Law No. 44,The duties of the manager included the preparation of an application and the control of the correctness of the placement of the order. As a rule, these actions of the responsible person were limited. Today job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ provides for a considerable amount of responsibilities. The authority of the employee includes full support for the procurement process. In addition, the responsible person is currently carrying out a calculation of the risks and likely consequences of the decisions made by him. In this regard, the management of the organization should pay special attention to the training of employees. Employees who have experience in procurement, specialized secondary or higher education, can improve their qualification every 3 years. The number of hours can vary from 16 to 250. In the absence of vocational education, however, the courses will not be enough. In such situations, it is advisable to retrain.

job description of a contract manager of a budgetary institution

Job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ (sample)

There is a standard normative document establishing the main duties of the responsible person. Meanwhile, job description of a contract manager can be supplemented by the leader. The duties of the employee, first of all, include the development of a procurement plan. The employee, if necessary, has the right to make corrections to it. Some provisions are mandatory for employees, regardless of the type of organization. For example, job description of the contract manager at the school provides for the responsibility of the responsible person to place the procurement plan in a single information base.

job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ sample

A similar prescription is contained in local acts of other organizations. The job description of the contract manager in the POC includes and drawing up a schedule. The employee can also adjust it and must place it in the EIS. The tasks of the employee also include the drafting of contracts, notices of events, the sending of invitations of suppliers (executors), if they are determined by a closed method. The duties include the provision of procurement, execution of contracts. It should also be noted that job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ requires the employee to consider complaints fromsuppliers, prepare materials for the settlement of disputes in a claim procedure and proceedings. These tasks are considered basic. The leader, as was said above, can add certain items to the local act. However, this should not violate the interests and rights of the employee.

job description of the contract manager at the school


Job description of the contract manager for 44 FZ includes duties, the fulfillment of whichinvolves a lot of routine actions. The employee prepares the documentation, collects the necessary information, performs audit and monitoring. He needs to constantly interact with other employees, establish links with suppliers, contractors and performers. Placement of information on the Internet, control and support of purchases are also included in the duties of the manager. The specialist also has to solve various problems, visit supervisory bodies, courts. There are a lot of works. For one person to cope with it, he must have the appropriate knowledge and experience.

A responsibility

She is personal. The contract manager is personally responsible for all decisions made by him, the consequences that arose from his or her actions. The basis for the application of measures are various kinds of violations. Depending on the severity and severity of the consequences, responsibility can be administrative, disciplinary, civil, and in some situations criminal.

job description of the contract manager in the dow

Automation of the process

Currently, manyprograms, through which various managerial decisions are made. The automation of public procurement is becoming more popular today. However, fully programs do not displace human labor. Automation speeds up many processes. For example, monitoring, scheduling, scheduling, notification of suppliers and other activities are carried out through programs. Due to this, labor intensity of work is significantly reduced, time is saved.


Recently, the state order becomesvery popular. It attracts more and more people. Today, specialists that meet the requirements of federal legislation, is becoming more and more. Moreover, many of them have not only the necessary knowledge, but also a certain experience of the corresponding activity. It is worth saying that the activities of the contract manager are rather complicated, but very prestigious.

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