Job descriptions of the director. What is the responsibility of the manager?


Director of the enterprise is a position thatis considered solid, popular and very popular among job seekers. It is not easy to become a director today: you need not only to have a good education, but also to have those character traits that can be useful for fulfilling your basic duties. In general, the director is a person who manages the enterprise and controls its operation.

job descriptions of the director
Job descriptions of the director: the basis of work

In his work, the director should be guided byfirst of all by the current legislation and all normative and legal acts, which to some extent regulate its activities at the enterprise. In addition, the director must comply with the orders of the general, if any. By the way, the job descriptions of the CEO are not too different from those that a regular director should follow. However, the boss of the highest level has more authority and responsibility. An employee who occupies the position of director must also have special professional skills and knowledge, master several languages, operate with etiquette rules, be able to conduct business negotiations. Usually, applicants for this position require knowledge of the PC.

job descriptions of the general director
Job descriptions of the director: duties

What does the director do in his working hours? First, it provides and monitors the implementation of the company's main goals and functions. Secondly, the director takes care of establishing favorable relations with the clientele of the enterprise. In addition, his responsibilities include overseeing the various departments of the company, including sales, sales and other existing departments. The director also reviews the incoming claims and responds to the claims. He monitors the work of all employees of the enterprise and coordinates their activities, ensures that the tasks assigned are carried out in a timely manner. Among other duties - keeping records, carrying out personnel work, developing documents, maintaining a positive moral climate in the company. Of course, all these duties are given as an example, and this list may have additional items depending on the structure of the enterprise, its size, employees and positions held by them.

Job descriptions of the director: authority and responsibility

The director is authorized to request from othersmanagers and staff necessary for its work documentation, offer to review the leadership of various proposals to improve the work of the enterprise, make decisions within the scope of their duties. The director is responsible in case of failure to perform his duties, in violation of the rules

job descriptions of the CFO
company and business ethics, as well as in a number of other cases provided for by its job description.

Job descriptions of the director: working conditions

Conditions and mode of operation are determined by the superiorleadership. In most cases, such an employee works in the office, from time to time going on business trips. In addition, the rules of the director's work will differ from the direction of his activities. For example, job descriptions of the CFO will only include work in the office, while the development director will work more out of the office.

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