Sales market


The concept of "sales market" is well known asspecialists in the field of economics, management, marketing, and ordinary inhabitants. It is understood as an economic space, where different companies represent their goods and services, and consumers have the opportunity to choose them and, if desired, purchase.

Depending on the type of product and the nature of the demand that determines the demand for it, the sales market can be:

  1. Consumer.
  2. The enterprises.
  3. State institutions.
  4. Intermediate sellers.

On the territorial basis, the sales markets are divided into:

  1. World.
  2. National.
  3. Regional.
  4. Zonal.
  5. External.
  6. Internal.

Depending on whether there is competition on the market or not, they are divided:

  1. Monopolistic.
  2. Oligopolic.
  3. Competitive.

The market for any product is divided into foursegment. The first will include consumers who regularly buy this product or service. To the second - consumers acquiring a similar product or service from a competing firm. The third segment includes consumers who know about the product, but for some reason do not buy it. And to the fourth segment - consumers who do not have any information about the product.

Any firm-manufacturer (seller) seekssell your product and make a profit. To do this, it is necessary to attract new customers, maintain interest in old and in various ways to stimulate sales. It is for these purposes that market research is conducted.

How to analyze the sales market and what is it for?Do you need? Such research is carried out, first of all, in the case when the producer firm is going to withdraw its goods to a new market. At the same time, the data for the previous 5 years are carefully studied for each type of goods of interest. Please note the following:

  1. At which particular stage of the life cycle is currently the product.
  2. Territorial coverage. For large commodity groups, for example, you need an external or world market.
  3. Presence of potential and real competitors. Their financial capabilities, strengths and weaknesses, strategies, goals, product quality, price policy, etc. are determined.

Due to the analysis of the sales market, you can choose the most profitable line of conduct with respect to competitors. Foresee their actions and lure customers.

There are the following methods of market analysis:

  1. General analysis of the wound, its scale, positiona specific enterprise on it, an estimate of demand, etc. The obtained indicators can be systematized in several ways: analytical tables, position maps, calculation of indicators using time series.
  2. Analysis of data by class. In this case, all data is divided into important and not important for each product.
  3. Hypotheses, statements of experts.

Studying the sales market, as a rule, only one method is used. The choice depends on the purpose of the analysis. The set of necessary data is determined and the way in which they will be investigated most carefully.

The results obtained should be considered inof the aggregate. Otherwise, an incorrect opinion may develop. It should also be remembered that the situation on the market is constantly changing (demand, competition, population, etc.). In this regard, for the indicators of interest, it is necessary to observe constantly.

Correctly assess the situation on the market, usingonly numbers, sometimes quite difficult. In connection with this, other methods are used. For example, questioning or questioning the population, direct communication, mass events, etc.

Almost all studiesenterprise. However, many people stop there. It is very important to apply the results to practice. Only in this case, the successful production and sale of goods will be successful.

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