Sub-work for a teenager of 15 years: work options


What can be a teenage job for 15 years?Answer this question clearly will not work. Indeed, even in the modern world, even minors tend to earn money in varying degrees. So, there are enough vacancies. But what are the most suitable options for a teenager? There is a generally accepted secret list of vacancies that may interest the student. What should I look at?

For summer

Most of the children are interested in workin summer. Adolescents 15 years with joy take for temporary employment. It is enough to look at the proposals that are found in the newspapers closer to the summer season.

part-time for a teenager of 15 years

The most popular option is the operatoramusement rides. Or the seller of sweet wool / popcorn. This work requires the presence of a medical book in the child. Without it, many employers simply do not consider candidates. And this is correct: in the field of public catering, as well as in the entertainment sphere without evidence of health, it is forbidden to work.

This summer job for teenagers is 15 years oldis in demand in all cities. After all, at the attractions or in specialized tents, you can work mainly in the warm period. Such a temporary earnings. But some minors are looking for work on an ongoing basis. What can they offer?


The next variant of the development of events is workpromoter. A common vacancy among schoolchildren. Does not require the presence of a health record book (only in exceptional cases). No special skills, too, do not need. Usually the work of the promoter is to distribute the leaflets. Payment by the hour.

Such summer work for teenagers of 15 yearsmay well become permanent. Usually distribution of leaflets is necessary for companies all the year round. On the duration of labor can be negotiated. For example, work for 2 hours. Then the student will be able to earn extra money even during training.

summer teenagers 15 years old

Nanny / Accompanying

Another type of work is a nanny.This vacancy is suitable mainly for girls. As practice shows, often teenagers are allowed to look after children for a fee from about 16 years. But as a teenage job for 15 years this option is suitable. Many parents require a medical book. This is a fairly common request, which should not be surprised.

An alternative is to work as an accompanying person.The task of the teenager is simple - to meet the baby in one place and bring it to another. For example, you can entrust a minor to a school child to escort a child to a particular circle.

The work of the nurse is often paid for by the hour, but the attendant is paid directly for performance. This teenage job for 15 years is not stable, but in demand.

SIM Card Seller

Did not one vacancy please to taste? Then you can pay attention to other options for the development of events. Who else can a teenager work in the summer? And not only in the summer.

Another popular part-time job for a teenager 15years - the seller of sim cards. Or, as they are called, the distributors of telephone products. The task is simple - the sale of SIM cards, as well as other services of this or that operator. Earnings are formed from the salary for the exit +% of sales.

summer work for teenagers 15 years old

Vacancy requires training - potentialemployee familiar with the proposals of the operator. This process does not require any fee. Well suited for such work in the summer, and at any other time. An active, friendly teenager is doing her well.


What other work is there for teenagers of 15 years?Moscow and other cities offer minors work in a cafe. Now the work is enjoyed by the waiter. She is in demand among the girls, but the boys do not neglect it either.

Payment for posts hourly, requirementsserious, mandatory with adolescents ask a medical book. But with honest work this brings a good profit. Especially at the expense of tips.

It is worth remembering that at night, adolescentswork can not. I'm glad that there are always enough places for work by waiters. This vacancy is suitable for active and hardy, neat and friendly, responsible people. Otherwise, the position will not bring income.

work for teenagers 15 years old Moscow

Work under the order

Sub-work in Minsk for teenagers 15 years almostnothing is different from the proposals that are in other cities. It should be noted that all of the above vacancies require often official employment. But there are several non-standard types of work.

For example, writing essays and performinghomework. This type of work can be called freelancing. Teenagers very often help each other with money for homework, control, abstracts and presentations.

Particular success is given in the course of study time. This is a kind of income on their own knowledge, skills and abilities. Only hardworking can achieve success in this area.

Public catering

Of course, the most popular and widespreadwork for a teenager of 15 years (at any time of the year) is a job in a fast food cafe. Now many minors are working in similar places. Jobs mass, the requirements are everywhere different. It is basically enough to have a medical book and go through specialized training.

Depending on the type of cafe will varyrequirements for employees. Payment by the hour. This work attracts its prospects. After all, adolescents are promised career growth, a full social package and formal employment. Lunch is provided, but there are no breaks as such.

summer work for teenagers 15 years

Among the population work in a fast food cafeis considered prestigious. But as a source of earnings for minors is considered very often. Many remain in such places even in their student years.


You can also find a job incall center. This vacancy is universal, it does not require any serious skills. Suitable for summer work, and for permanent work. Often the task is to promote products over the phone. Or advising clients.

Communication skills are welcome.The remuneration for this position depends mainly on the amount of work done. Well suited to those who intend to work long, and not just to earn extra money. Operators are working not only teenagers, but also adults. The main thing is to pass a little training. It's not so difficult.

With animals

But a few non-standard and originalJob. It is great for teenagers of any age. It's about providing services for walking dogs. A good way to earn money, especially if the teenager has his own pet.

This vacancy occurs mainly inlarge cities, where residents do not always have time for four-legged friends. Walking dogs for money - mostly summer work. But at other times of the year you can work this way.

work in Minsk for teenagers 15 years

Payment, as it is not difficult to guess, occurs forpaddock. This work is suitable for people who love dogs. Teenagers without much difficulty trust the walking of four-legged friends. No vacancy is required for any skills and abilities, only having free time is important.

In general, this list of teenage work for 15 years does not end. There are many options for employment. Everything depends on the skills and desires of the minor.

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