How to make a business plan: the algorithm is simple, but the process is labor intensive


Deciding to start a business, any entrepreneurwonders about how to make a business plan. Without this document, the risks of failure are high, in addition, without it it will be difficult to find partners or investors, to obtain credit funds. Finding special literature or advice on the worldwide network, how to make a business plan competently, today is easy, there would be a desire. Most experts in this field offer approximately the same structure of this document.

how to make a business plan

Since you can only make a business plan withsufficient knowledge about its subject, first of all, it is necessary to collect the maximum amount of information about what is supposed to be done. These data will be used practically in all sections of the document and serve as a basis for correct conclusions and competent calculations. To understand how to make a business plan, you can, having previously studied several similar examples. It should be borne in mind that his first section is a summary, he is the head that is written at the very end. It is developed when the market analysis is conducted, an organizational, production, financial, marketing plan is drawn up. The task of the resume and title page is to summarize the information about the company and the main essence of the business project to partners or investors in a concise, complete and maximally informative manner. From it, it should be clear what is required for the realization of the conceived, and what will eventually result in those participating in it.

how to make a business plan competently

As close as possible to reality business plancan be made only by conducting a serious analysis of the market. It should determine the target audience of clients, the growth rate, the strengths and weaknesses of competitors, potential threats and risks. After this, you can start the production and organizational plan. In the first, you need to determine what is needed to obtain the final product or service, in the second - how the duties will be distributed among the staff, what kind of qualification should the staff have, what can and should be more appropriately outsourced.

How to make a business plan for the project to pay off andbrought a profit? This task is designed to solve the financial section. It calculates all capital investments, current expenses, revenues, taxes, various fees. If you plan to use credit funds, leasing, then the debt repayment schedule is described. At the same time, the financial and economic indicators for the first year of the project implementation should not be calculated in the whole for the period, but broken down into quarters, or better - by months. The marketing section describes the methods and methods of advertising and, in general, the promotion of a service or product, it also defines the advertising budget.

business plan to draw up

When drafting a business plan, it is desirable toCalculations are based on several variants of the development of events. At the same time, it is better to focus on pessimistic figures, especially if the project is related to borrowing. In addition, the document should contain as few abstractions and assumptions. It is necessary to indicate not only that the entrepreneur has at the entrance of any process, and what is expected at his exit, but also the way, how this will be achieved.

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