Tomato Kiss of geranium - a new sort of early tomatoes


Recently bred by the American farmer tomato Kiss of geranium has become not only a novelty that caused an explosion of positive emotions of gardeners and truck farmers, but also a new word in breeding science.

tomato kiss geranium
The present publication will describe the peculiarities of the variety.

Tomato Kiss of geranium: description

This culture is characterized by very unusualcharacteristics. Universal variety, equally successfully grown in conditions of both open and protected space, differently forms a bush. On the beds in the southern regions it is extremely decorative: compact and fluffy, reaches 50-60 cm in height. In greenhouse conditions, the tomato Kiss of geraniums can grow up to one and a half meters, despite the declared varietal determinants of the culture, ie, restriction of the growth of the main stem. The universality of a tomato manifests itself in its ability to grow productively on a balcony or in a loggia.

The variety is early maturing. Even in conditions of temperate Russian latitudes the first fruits grown in greenhouse conditions are given already in July. The culture is highly valued by high fruit formation, forming brushes, for which 60-100 ovaries are the norm.


For the tomato Kiss of geranium is characterized by a scattering of small ripening fruits - glossy, one-dimensional, red-crimson round-oval with a noticeable elongated spout.

kiss geranium tomato photo
The weight of each tomato varies from 25 to 50grams. The taste of the pulp, according to the reviews of the vegetable growers, familiarized with this selection novelty, is very good for the early variety - pleasant, sweet, dessert. The fruit does not form many seeds, they are rather small.

In addition, the high stabilityculture to the traditional diseases of solanaceous. Perhaps early ripeness saves a variety from most of them, since the peak of tomato scurf comes in the second half of summer, when the crop finishes fruiting.

Tomato Kiss of geranium is excellent for consumptionin fresh form, salads, snacks, as well as for the preparation of sauces, juices, ketchups, pickles and other vegetable preparations for the winter. The size of the fruit makes it ideal for whole-fruit canning.

Requirements for growing

Tomatoes Kiss of geranium - lovers of fertileneutral or slightly acidic soils, loose, light, water-permeable. The plots are prepared before planting, adding wood ashes and complex mineral fertilizers during the digging of humus. In the southern regions, tomatoes are sown directly by seeds into the ground, in the temperate zone it is impossible to do without a seedling period. Young plants are planted on the prepared place in the third decade of May.

tomato kiss geranium description
It is desirable to place on one square meter not more than 5 bushes, maintaining the distance between them in 40-45 cm.

Merits of the brand Kiss of geranium

Tomato, whose photos are shown in this publication, has significant advantages:

  • Unrestraint in cultivation - tomatoes of this variety do not require pasynkovaniya and installation of additional structures for supports.
  • Versatility of plants and use.
  • High yield, provided with good fruit formation.
  • An enviable resistance to diseases, such as macrosporiosis, phytospore, cladosporia, etc.
  • Stamina.
  • Ability to successfully transfer transportation.
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