Financial, commercial and foreign economic activity of the enterprise.


Any enterprise performs different types of activities in parallel. Each of them has its own characteristics and distinctive features, as well as tasks and goals.

At present, the foreign economicthe activity of the enterprise attracts the attention of various departments, associations and enterprises. It is an aggregate of some functions of various production structures (commercial, production-economic, organizational-economic).

More recently, the foreign economicactivities, specifically the import of services and goods, were under monopoly influence and state control, but now the Russian Federation tends to liberalize foreign trade, so organizations, enterprises and other business entities can freely participate in it.

The external economic activity of the enterprise isis nothing but one of the spheres of economic activity that is connected with international scientific and technical and industrial cooperation, import and export of various products, as well as the output of a particular enterprise in the open market.

Foreign economic activity of the enterprisehas its own goals. First of all, it is called upon to familiarize with different aspects of the activity of enterprises with foreign firms and organizations, and also to evaluate the perspective aspects of foreign economic activity in general. It seeks to change the volume of imports and exports, to provide the country with all the necessary resources (energy, raw materials and so on, to change the ratio of prices (import and export) .To achieve these goals, the foreign economic activity of the company solves some problems. and methods of trade policy of different countries.Further, he studies the methods of international pricing.Third, he studies the technique and organization of various foreign economic operations.

A special place in the management is andfinancial activity of the enterprise. This refers to the activities that are aimed at providing the enterprise with financial resources, as well as achieving specific goals of social and economic development. The financial activity of any enterprise solves some problems. First, it is designed to ensure the current financial, investment, operational activities of the company with the necessary resources. Secondly, its task is to search for various reserves to increase profits, profits and profitability of the enterprise. Thirdly, it is necessary to ensure the fulfillment of the financial obligations of the enterprise to business partners, trust funds, and the budget. Fourth, the financial tasks of the enterprise include financial support for its social and industrial development. Fifth, control over the targeted use and effective allocation of all financial resources is necessary.

The number of important factors thateffective functioning of the economic system, includes the commercial activities of the enterprise. It affects the efficiency of production, as well as various indicators of its activities: the level of commercial costs, the volume of sales of products, turnover indicators and so on. Commercial activity has the main goal - making a profit. She decides on the enterprise some tasks. First, it is the purchase of equipment, raw materials, materials by organizations and enterprises of different sectors of the economy. Secondly, the volume of purchases of all kinds of goods is planned, taking into account the planned level of profit. Thirdly, the assortment and marketing of all products in industrial enterprises is planned. Fourth, in business, the choice and search for the best partner is carried out. Fifth, the tasks of commercial activity are wholesale and retail trade.

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