Dirty paper for processing is profitable


Remember the great phrase of Emperor Vespasian"The money does not smell" (Aes non olet), - she really treated the public restrooms, but the recycling of garbage is also not fragrant. But it can bring real profits to a young active person. It is only necessary to start working, how you will understand the benefits of such entrepreneurship.

Is it worth to deal with a "dirty" case?

One of the most promising areas forsmall business that is not yet occupied and will never be fully staffed - recycling of waste, both domestic and industrial. Live without waste is simply impossible, so in any city, in any region, such small businesses are vital. Not only do you become an entrepreneur and can earn a lot of money by recycling and processing waste, you also significantly improve the ecological situation in your region, for which you are honored and respected. And one of the most important arguments in favor of this particular direction of entrepreneurship is the almost complete absence of competition. When applying for the opening of this type of activity, any administration will meet you and help with the granting of a grant, in issuing loans at the lowest interest, and even help with any documentation - just work.

Can I make money out of garbage?

And now it is worth to calculate a little how muchrecycling of garbage is beneficial. Each year, one person throws out about 250 kg of various waste - this is official statistics. To put at least the smallest factory for the processing of paper waste will require huge at first glance investments: about two million rubles. And after all it is the smallest factory, processing recyclable materials, on which only a few people will work, for example, on processing of a paper waste. The whole industry for processing any waste in the region in general will require several tens of millions of rubles, so starting a young entrepreneur is still a small one, and given the profitability of production of 50%, such a small undertaking will pay off fairly quickly.

What kind of recycling to choose

To not go too deep into the creation processa very large enterprise, we will only focus on recycling paper waste, which is almost 10% of all garbage collected for disposal. By the way, here it is necessary to add textile waste, which can also be processed perfectly in a small factory for the production of at least toilet paper. Do not stop at the problem of getting money to invest in this very profitable business - contact the administration with your business plan, and you will certainly get the necessary amount of money.

We prepare a business plan and a license for processing

We begin by obtaining a license for the rightprocessing of household paper and textile waste. Next - the search for a room, and it should be quite large: at least 200 sq.m for equipment placement, about 100 sq.m. for warehouses of the finished goods and necessarily a site for recyclables. One should not forget about small rooms for staff - changing clothes, shower cabins, dining room, offices for administration. And all this should be put on either the outskirts of the city, or in general in the distance, with good access roads. Presumably for all the arrangement of such a working site will take about 3 thousand dollars. When developing a business plan, you should think about your fleet, which will immediately reduce your costs, hiring transport in business is not profitable.

What equipment will be required?

When choosing a site for processing paper debris, be guided by the availability of water and electricity - without these conditions you can not start your activities.

So, the playground is chosen.The room is ready to receive the equipment. The minimum costs for the installation of such equipment for the processing of paper and textile waste have already been calculated. There are quite compact plants where toilet paper and paper bags are produced. You will meet $ 50,000 if you stop on a sorting conveyor, a crusher, a press, a storage bunker, a cooker and a paper machine. Depending on how the production and sale of finished products go, you can always expand your plant, for example, the production of such popular and beautiful paper kraft packages will be your next activity.

Where to take raw materials and personnel

At the mini-factory for processing paper debrisdo not think about the shortage of personnel, cars can be serviced by two people per shift, in addition, workers are needed to manually recycle garbage, into storage facilities and administration. So, your team will be about ten people a day. In order for your enterprise to work stably and bring real income, it is necessary to agree on the supply of recyclable materials and paper waste, to conclude contracts with all working textile industrial enterprises, offices and state institutions before they start their equipment - they always have a lot of paper waste. Your site with waste must always be loaded, the plant has no right to stop even on holidays. Already there are specific estimates that such a mini-factory fully pays for itself in no more than 2 years - the demand for toilet paper is high, what the retail chains offer today (import toilet paper) is very expensive and not profitable for the buyer. You will immediately become the most demanded supplier, as soon as you start your mini-factory for processing paper and textile waste.

Summing up

Due to the fact that the recycling nicheis maximally open, start working right now, it's a profitable enterprise for a young active person who wants to benefit his region and make money on it. Next, you can expand the scope of activities, add to the paper factory processing of plastic waste (this is almost 50% of all thrown away things in general), metal and food waste. There are a lot of options for development and expansion of this type of activity, you just need to start.

Which direction to choose if you decided to do your own thing? The most profitable is the recycling of recyclables, because there is enough rubbish in any city.

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