Concrete production in Moscow from "Omega Beton"


For a long time the company "Omega Beton" suppliesleading construction sites with premium concrete. In Moscow and many Moscow suburbs, the plant's products received positive feedback from consumers and enjoyed a stable demand. To order quality concrete raw materials today builders from all over the Moscow region can.

Why is it worth contacting Omega Concrete?

  1. Own production.
    The company has its own production, which makes it possible not only to guarantee the first-class quality of the material, but also provides a moderate price for each commodity unit.
  2. Innovative equipment.
    The production is equipped with modern equipment for the production of concrete. The company "Omega Concrete" cooperates only with the leading import manufacturers of equipment for concrete plants.
  3. Improvement of staff.
    The success of the enterprise is affected not only by foreignequipment, but also highly qualified personnel. Personnel managers constantly test staff for professionalism, which gives the right to assert that specialists have all the knowledge in the field of concrete production. Employees of the enterprise constantly polish their skills at various trainings and seminars.
  4. Compliance with GOSTs.
    All products are manufactured in accordance withclear requirements, which are contained in state quality standards and technical conditions. The manufacturer does not deviate from the prescribed regulations for the production of raw materials. This provides a guarantee that builders receive high quality raw materials.
  5. 24 hours work.
    The enterprise works in several shifts. Such round-the-clock production allows producing large volumes of products. Each buyer has the opportunity to get concrete in the right amount.
  6. Advantageous prices.
    Due to its own production, the plantprovides a consistently moderate level of prices. The company does not add an extra surcharge to its product. Buyers note the most favorable prices from this manufacturer.

High-quality concrete grade M400

Consider the production of the enterprise by example concrete M400. This type of concrete is the pride of the manufacturer (however, like the entire product range).

Concrete of this brand is used only forindustrial construction. It is used for the construction of industrial buildings and facilities, which are significant loads, for example, bridges, swimming pools, etc. Raw materials are used even in the construction of nuclear power plants.

In any production of ready-mixed concrete, it is importantcomply with the requirements of GOST. Such compliance with standards ensures the safety of the use of raw materials and the strength of finished structures using concrete. Concrete brand M400 meets all the requirements of modern quality standards and refers to raw materials of premium class.

Cooperation with Omega Beton will bring your businessto a new qualitative level. Thanks to high-quality concrete solutions, you can guarantee to your customers the reliability and durability of building structures.

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