The charter of the enterprise is the main regulatory document


The unitary enterprise is aa certain organization that does not have ownership rights to the property that was assigned to it by the owner. From this it follows that it is also not possible to divide this property at the discretion of the organization.

articles of association
These characteristics of the standard definition of an enterprise, which is called unitary, distinguish it from any other form of organization.

The prevalence of unitary enterprises isThe indicator of the long dominance of public administration in market activity. This is because the state does not want to lose its share in a certain part of economic relations. Unitary enterprises can do this, as only municipal and state enterprises can have such a form.

The constituent document when creating a company or organization is the charter of the enterprise, which is approved by the bodies that made the decision to create it.

company charter is
In particular, the articles of association mustcontain detailed information about what the statutory fund it has. There is also a need to indicate the order and sources of the formation of this fund.

The charter of a unitary enterprise mustfully conform to the model statute approved by central government bodies, which is developed for state enterprises.

For an organization that does not belong to a unitary organization, there are also requirements for how to form this constituent document.

Charter of the enterprise and its components

The following data are entered in the company's charter:

• the owner, location and name of the enterprise being created;

• the procedure for the formation and composition of the company's management bodies;

• the purpose of the activity and the subject for which it is directed;

• powers of electoral bodies of the work collective (if any);

• the main conditions for termination of activities or reorganization of the enterprise;

• The procedure for the formation and reorganization of the property base.

statute of a unitary enterprise
The charter of the enterprise consists of several components:

1) information on the provisions, the main objectives, the direction of activity;

2) data on property rights and statutory fund;

3) information on foreign economic activity;

4) data on economic and production activities;

5) information on the management of the work collective and the enterprise as a whole;

6) data on the distribution of profits;

7) information on the process of payment for labor and the organization of other payments;

8) data on the procedure for liquidation of the enterprise.

The charter of an enterprise is the document thatmust fully regulate the activities of the organization with respect to any issues arising in the course of its functioning. All the responsibility for the correctness of its design and further use in the activity is borne by the persons who sign it. They, as a rule, are the founding director or constituent assembly, which includes several founders of the enterprise that is being created.

Correctly compiled documents can save the management of the organization from resolving various unpleasant situations.

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