Social effectiveness: what is it and what is it for?


Productivity of management activitiesit is usually assessed on two closely interrelated categories: economic efficiency, on the one hand, and social efficiency on the other. Let's see what the second means.

Social management effectiveness iscategory, expressing the degree of satisfaction of the potential consumer's demand for services and goods. The more a person buys a particular product, the more receptive he is to marketing tools.

social effectiveness


Social management effectiveness is assessed in two ways:

  • external;
  • internal.

Management practice implies a periodica comparative analysis of the level of its effectiveness with that which existed in the previous reporting period, or with that obtained in similar organizations. This allows you to track the dynamics of a fall or increase in efficiency. On the basis of the results obtained, decisions are taken to further improve the basic or managerial activity proper. To do this, use certain indicators and management criteria, the most important of which are the profit and parameters for achieving planned results.

What is it for?

social performance assessment
Substantiation of economic productivityactivities that are carried out with the purpose of improvement in the organization of management activity, it is necessary to supplement with such parameter as the evaluation of social efficiency. Without it, it is absolutely impossible to get the right feedback from the consumer.

Social efficiency is establishedthe ratio of a number of indicators that reflect the results of management, to the costs that are required to be incurred to achieve them. The above-mentioned results are evaluated for such materialized characteristics as:

  • improvement of living conditions of the population and standard of living;
  • increase the effectiveness of measures aimed at strengthening and protecting human health;
  • increase of efficiency and simplification of labor of the working population, etc.

In other words, social efficiency isrealized in practice the degree of expectation of interests and needs of people acting as hired workers. In addition to sales, it is often used in recruiting.

 social management effectiveness
Economic, on the one hand, and social efficiency, on the other, symbolize the unity and struggle of opposites. Mutually complementing each other, they simultaneously contradict each other.

To achieve in this issue an optimal balance of interests is the most important, central task, the solution of which should be directed efforts of top managers of any enterprise or organization.

That is why it is considered that socialthe effectiveness of leadership, which is the social result of this activity, characterizes how fully the opportunities of each employee and the collective as a whole (their potentials) have been fully utilized, as well as their creative abilities and the success of solving such an important task as the social development of personnel.

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