Quality customer service - the path to the success of any organization


Quality customer service is oneof the leading constituents in the external relations of the organization. After all, this factor largely determines its competitiveness. Improving the organization of relationships with customers leads to the need for companies to pay more attention to this direction. Thus, the standards of customer service should be considered as a structural unit of the corporate culture of the enterprise, which will allow to find effective approaches to their formation and implementation.

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Customer service as a componentcorporate culture, can be traced as a kind of social culture in general. That is why the core of this culture should be a certain system of values, which, in turn, is determined by the representation of norms, standards and rules, which implies their mandatory compliance with the organization.

However, it must be remembered that for the correctthe behavior of the staff is not enough just to establish certain norms, rules and standards. It is also necessary to form a certain value base that defines the general direction of the organization's work in this sector, and the adopted norms will be responsible for its specification.

customer service standards

Thus, customer service is favoreda certain component in the corporate culture of the company. It is a manifestation of the dominant values ​​there and sets specific standards of behavior. Therefore, under the standards of service, it is necessary to understand the rules and norms of behavior considered by the organization to be mandatory in the process of working with clients.

Proceeding from the above, it can be noted thatthe organization can perform customer service either "spontaneously" or with the implementation of certain requirements. At the same time, a company working without standards will depend very much on certain people, employees, as well as on their mood and behavior of the client. And at the enterprise, where the service is carried out on the basis of certain rules, some manner of communication will be traced, i.e. concept of behavior with the client.

quality of customer service

The quality of customer service is determined by standardized parameters of behavior, the main of which are:

- facial expressions and gestures;

- vocabulary and speech formulas;

- Proxemics, expressed in the observance of the necessary distance, at which the employee must communicate with the client;

- Appearance of the employee (clothes, make-up and decorations);

- speed and service time;

- security in the process of communication.

The content of service standards is definedsome internal and external factors of the functioning of the organization. Their effectiveness depends on the awareness and consideration of factors when developing these standards. These factors include legislative support, cultural norms, features of services and goods offered by the organization, etc.

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