An example of a tree of goals and the principle of its construction


Any example of a goal tree demonstratesconstructing it using the method of deductive logic using the heuristic procedure. It is represented by a graphic depiction of the relationship between the goals and the means necessary to achieve them.

Example tree of goals

This tree will see the full pictureinteraction of some events in the near future to the formation of a list of tasks with obtaining information about their importance. It helps to ensure that work is being done to reach the targets by using a comparison of the organizational structure and the list of tasks.

Properties of the target tree

An example of a target tree demonstrates the following properties:

  1. Subordination, which is determined by certainbuilding production hierarchies in importance and time. At the same time, the tasks of such production units are determined by the organization's focus, short-term - long-term, and tactical - strategic.
  2. Deployment is the division of eachthe goal of a particular level on a subgoal of a lower level. An example of a tree of goals of this type is the deployment of tasks of an industrial enterprise to shop objectives and lower in the following structural divisions of the given business entity.
  3. Relation in the importance of tasks, whichlies in their difference at one level in order to achieve their superior counterpart. This property allows you to rank the tasks in terms of the degree of significance with a quantitative definition of the relative importance with the help of the corresponding coefficient.
    tree organization goals example

Building a goal tree

An example of a goal tree shows the construction, the firstthe stage of which is the formation of the main goal. Each individual goal of the highest level can be represented in the form of an independent system, including subgoals as its elements. In this case, a complete picture of the tasks of the lowest level should be established, which, in turn, can be divided into analogues of another lower level.

As a sign of completion of the treegoals, an example of which may have a final formulation, showing the impossibility of their further dismemberment, the possibility of obtaining an end result can be considered.

Methods of forming a target tree are used in the development of certain programs aimed at solving problems with a hierarchical structure.

Objective tree of the organization: example
building an example tree

The main task of the business entity isincrease in profits. Based on simple logic, we note that profit growth can be achieved by two methods: an increase in revenues or a decrease in costs. Taking these two strategies into account, we point out that the goal tree can look like this:

- increase in the profit of the enterprise;

- growth of the revenue side;

- reduction of costs.

This example of a target tree should usespecific methods to increase revenue and reduce costs, focusing on the particular business of the particular company. Otherwise, there will be no benefit from it than from any thematic textbook.

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