Commercial Offer on Advertising


Commercial offer for advertising is an organization document,engaged in sales, production or provision of services, in which the most presentable form describes the possible conditions for cooperation with her interested customers and partners.

The purpose of the offer isIncrease the profit of the company by selling the products or services offered to it on the market. Any commercial offer is made, mainly, to attract new customers. Informing potential customers about the company, the features of the products and services it offers, is also an important task, but not paramount.

Commercial offer for advertising, in fact, is the first swallow thatis capable of captivating potential customers of the company's products. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the drafting of this document very responsibly at the planning stage of its writing.

First of all, it is necessary to formulate the goal of the mainthe company's proposal, which needs to be conveyed to the possible consumers of the products produced by this organization. Undoubtedly, the right decision will always be the choice as the main goal of motivating customers to buy.

However, in addition to the main goal should be givenattention and more particular tasks. To do this, do not forget to specify the information for the following contacts, which must necessarily contain any commercial offer on advertising. A good technique is to use the latest information about the company's shares and innovations in the offerings.

Specific services and goods need to be presented not only in a colorful, but also in detail, since it is the detailed information that gives the proposal more weight in the eyes of the client and inspires more confidence.

If, for example, a commercialthe offer of a construction company, then it is necessary to print it on a letterhead with a logo. At the same time, you need to make sure that the document looks as simple, laconic and not loaded with unnecessary graphic elements and text.

Any commercial offer for the provision of servicesor for the sale of goods should have a title, and the words "Commercial Proposal" as such a title are not considered at all. This is ineffective. And not informative. As a rule, such proposals not only do not stimulate the people who are facing them to study, but even on the contrary cause a desire to put them in a "long box".

Instead of the nastiness of "commercialit is much more reasonable to use such headers that express the main meaning of this proposal or emphasize the benefits of the services offered to customers.

When composing a sentence, it is necessary to drawattention and at such a time as the creation of an incentive motive. This can be achieved only if the text is not ordinary, with the availability of new and relevant information, and will also be addressed to a specific person. Faceless proposals often remain a pile lying on the secretarial tables, waiting for an hour of their mass recycling.

In order for the addressee to read the information sent to himthe proposal to the end, some kind of motivator for action, he should see at the very beginning of the document. As an example, such an incentive can be an emphasis on the needs of a potential client. In other words, it should immediately become clear to a person that you are aware of his needs, and therefore are able to offer specific ways to resolve them. These requirements often serve the need to be safe, to be respected and recognized, simplify your work, make a bargain, to increase the income, to use high-quality services, to save time, etc.

And only after that it is necessary to go to the essence of the proposal, describe its idea, formulate private benefits for the client, talk about the cost of services and goods, explain the order of actions.

Now the commercial offer on advertising can be sent by mail to all future customers.

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