Features of printing on T-shirts


At the present time it is difficult to find the original andAlso time is a useful gift for both a loved one and a friend. Despite a wide enough choice of presents, one of the most interesting options is a T-shirt with an image. As a drawing often use the photo of the future owner of the gift or the original saying, and for the kids - favorite cartoon characters.

Thanks to modern achievements, there is a special apparatus for printing on T-shirts. Depending on the technology used, there are several ways of applying images on a T-shirt:

- printing on a special textile printer.The essence of this method is to place the print object on a special moving table that goes into the printer. Inside the printer, all the work is done: drawing the drawing, fixing the paint. With this technology, the highest quality is achieved when using white T-shirts. The advantages of this type include: quick preparation for printing, high resolution, the possibility of drawing both drawings and inscriptions. The disadvantages are: high cost, it takes a long time to print;

- printing using an intermediate medium.This method is based on two options: sublimation printing technology and "magic touch". The essence of the first: the picture is applied to paper with special ink, which, when pressed by temperature, is transferred to the fabric. With this technology, the threads are repainted. The second technology consists in making a drawing on a special film, which is pasted on a T-shirt with a thermo press. The ideal material for this method is cotton. The only limitation of this method is not suitable for polyester t-shirts;

- Thermal application.It is a process of pasting colored pieces of film of the right size. Plus such technology is a wide choice of used material and its color. Less is a lot of work;

- Thermal transfer.The method of printing is based on the method of silk-screen printing. The transfer of the pattern from special paper to the fabric is carried out with the help of a thermo-press or an iron. Advantages: a wide range of colors is used, suitable for any type of fabric, speed, low cost. Disadvantages are long preparation, inability to deliver variable information;

- Screen printing on fabric.Essence: the drawings are applied to the fabric using special stencils. Advantages: image stability, speed, low cost, the use of special effects. Disadvantages similar to the previous technology.

Thus, the choice of the method and technology of drawing an image on a T-shirt depends on the speed, quality, quantity, material and cost.

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