Types of social services and GOSTs - on the way to improvement.


Social services in Russia are being consideredas an integral part of social work. At present, this sphere of activity (both state and non-state) is at the stage of improvement.

Today, the focus is on qualitythe provision of state social services in the sphere of social services for the population. One of the ways to improve quality is the standardization of social services provided to different categories of citizens.

In 2007, the Statestandards of social services for the population (GOST), defining the main terms and concepts of this field of activity, the main types of social services for different categories of citizens, types of institutions, requirements for the quality of services provided, to staff of institutions, etc.

The earlier adopted Federal Law "On the Basics of Social Services for the Population" defined the types of social services for the population.

These include:

a) Material assistance, that is monetarymeans, food, clothing, footwear, hygiene products, basic necessities, special vehicles, fuel, means of rehabilitation and so on.

b) social services at home, the purpose of which is to ensure the client's right to stay in the usual social environment in the most possible conditions.

c) semi-permanent social services are provided in conditions of day (night) stay of citizens in social service institutions.

d) Inpatient social services are comprehensive assistance to people in need of constant care.

e) provision of a temporary shelter to citizens of any age due to a difficult life situation.

(e) Day care and counseling in social services.

g) rehabilitation services for citizens in difficultlife situations, including people with disabilities, people with disabilities, juvenile offenders, women and children who have been subjected to violence, etc.

System of social services for the populationis oriented, first of all, to unprotected categories of citizens. Therefore, the types of social services are subject to standardization. The goal of introducing quality standards is clear - to ensure the growth of the standard of living for families, women, children, elderly people, disabled people who have fallen into a difficult life situation.

The state, according to the federallegislation, encourages the development of social services of non-state forms of ownership. However, any enterprise, institution or citizens engaged in entrepreneurial activity (regardless of the form of ownership), whatever social services they provide, should in their activities be guided by the state standards of the quality of social services.

Standards of social services specifyvolume and quality of the services provided: socio-medical, social, socio-psychological, socio-economic, social and legal.

The social service develops and approvesown quality system in accordance with national standards. The parameters of the quality standard are: the availability and status of the documentation, the conditions for the placement of the social service, the staffing of specialists, the technical equipment of the organization, the status of information on the provision of social services by the organization, the existence of its own and external systems for monitoring activities.

Improvement of these parameters of the quality standard will lead to an improvement in the quality of social services for citizens.

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