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What "manager" reviews employees receive? This question arises in many applicants. Especially considering that this company is constantly looking for new employees. On what pluses and minuses it is necessary to pay attention? So is "The Manager" good as an employer? Or does he have any negative points, because of which the issue of employment is better to postpone? To understand all this is not so difficult, if you carefully examine the numerous opinions of employees.


But before that you have to understand where it is proposedwork. The store is a real trade network. She sells flooring, as well as doors. Some products for installing these components can also be found in the store.

management reviews of employees

Nothing surprising or special. Jobs at the store are many, they are all different. Therefore, many are interested in whether to work in the organization. What can be said about this? What advantages and disadvantages should every citizen take into account before starting cooperation?


Work in the "House of Friends" is something that many people are interested in. The trading network offers many vacancies for building a career. And in different cities. After all, there are a lot of branches around the store across Russia.

What does the employer promise from the beginning? Among the noteworthy sayings there are the following phrases:

  • career;
  • official employment;
  • Friendly team;
  • self-development;
  • social package;
  • stable and high income;
  • convenient schedule.

Accordingly, the impression is that,that the sales network "Manager" is a good, conscientious employer. But is it really so? What really is the organization? What features should be prepared for each applicant?

About vacancies

Jobs, as many reviews indicate,great amount. There are plenty to choose from. And it pleases. Only here are management posts, as a rule, very quickly dismantled. Remain basically only secondary jobs. Or rather, the rank and file.

shop manager

Who most often manages to get a job at the "Shopman"? This vacancy:

  • loaders;
  • employees of the department;
  • merchandisers;
  • cashiers;
  • employees of the warehouse.

These vacancies are always empty. More precisely, workers in these areas are always and in great demand. In principle, even in such a situation, there is plenty to choose from. And it pleases applicants. And if we take into account the prospect of career growth, we can conclude that there is no difference in the initial job placement. Everyone can succeed.


The first stage of employment is an interview. About him not so many reviews are left. Nevertheless, we can conclude that the first acquaintance with the future employer pleases. Why?

The conversation takes place in a friendly atmosphere, without any problems. The competitor will answer all the questions asked, will tell about employment in this or that position. Neither rudeness, nor rudeness.

shop flooring store

True, the answer to the querythe company has to wait a long time. After all, the head office of the organization is located in Moscow. Often, before accepting an employee, you have to discuss this issue with your superiors. Although, as the workers say, they call back not too late. There are very few failures in employment. So, everyone has a chance.


The "Shopman" shop receives different feedback from its employees. Not the best opinions are left for the proposed work schedule. Why?

Many point to the fact that the employerinitially promises flexible terms of cooperation. The time of work is strictly prescribed in the employment contract. And the first time really will work in accordance with the signed agreement.

But very soon the employee will begin to loadadditional tasks. Constant unpaid work-earnings and overtime work - this is what is present for this employer. Many people say this. Accordingly, the terms of the employment contract are violated. However, such claims are made against the majority of retail chains. Work will have without rest, and very much and for a long time!

There are also positive opinions about the company. "Manager" (flooring store) is exhibited as a responsible employer who strictly observes the agreed schedule of work. In some branches of the store really try not to violate the rights of employees. But the negative about the schedule of work is still greater. Neither positive opinions nor negative ones are confirmed by anything. All accusations and praise remain only in words.

manager yaroslavl


"Manager" reviews employees of a positive typereceives for the fact that the organization does offer formal employment. Unofficial work here is highly discouraged. Although the first time will have to work without an employment contract and work book. This is a probationary internship.

Often workers emphasize that"Manager" is a place where you can get invaluable work experience. But nothing more. If you need "at least some kind of work," employment will help in solving the question posed. Otherwise it will be better to look for another job.


Career growth in the sales network "The Warden"(Yaroslavl or any other city - it's not so important) as such there. Many express their dissatisfaction precisely because of this particularity. Initially, employees are offered career development.

The maximum that can be achieved is the titlehead of department or senior manager / cashier. And on this increase ends. Some say that there are "people" in leadership positions. That is, those whom the management has appointed independently. And to get through in "Usupdom" will not work.

sales network manager

Nevertheless, such statements are allonly words. Not too pleased with the lack of career growth workers accuse the leadership of the fact that it appoints "their" people to the leadership positions. It is not forbidden to suppose such a thing, but there is no exact confirmation of these actions.


But for the staff "manager" reviews of employees(Moscow or any other city - it does not matter) gets mostly positive. In this organization really people are friendly and friendly. A cohesive team that will always help and help out - that's what employees get. The main thing is not to go against the collective and not try to "grease" the bosses. Otherwise, as many say, a person does not get accustomed to a collective. And soon he will either be fired or he will leave.

"Shopman" is a place that allowswork with nice people. Yes, there are not the most friendly people here. But such units, and they are almost everywhere. Every citizen should remember this.


"Employee" reviews employees for their salaryreceives ambiguous. Why does this happen? Like most employers, the "house manager" offers a high salary. In practice, the salary is less than the promised amount. But this is clear even when signing an employment contract.

Some indicate that it hasplace "gray" earnings. This is good and bad. On the one hand - you can really make good money. On the other hand, there is no guarantee that the employee will receive the cash.

Nevertheless, some are satisfied with the official salary. But this is a rather rare phenomenon. Most often, the store "The House Manager" does not receive the best opinions on earnings.

linoleum manager

Penalty system

In particular, due to the fact that the company workspenalty system. This is a peculiar way of punishing and educating employees. Because of it, the real income from cooperation is decreasing at times. Of course, all this negatively affects the reputation of the organization.

"Shopman" (shop floor coverings) reviewsemployees receive a negative type for the fact that management fins collectively, and very often. For any oversight or fault, punishment follows. All deductions are made from the salary.

In "Usupdom", as it was said, there iscollectivism. That is, it is not necessary to be the culprit of this or that incident. A man will still be fined. Such a scheme of work is available to most organizations, and everyone complains about it. It will be necessary to prepare in advance for the fact that the executive will be fined very often. Although, if you are lucky to get to the experienced team, you can minimize deductions from earnings.

As many say, the employee here is always extreme. It is also necessary to remember this feature. Especially if there was already a negative experience of work in the sales network with a penalty system.


"The house manager" (Yaroslavl, Moscow or any otherregion - it does not matter) not the best reviews get for their leaders. They are referred to as dishonest people who do not treat their subordinates very well.

Especially when it comes to new frames. Some indicate that, in general, employment suits, but the leadership needs to be changed. And then the organization will be conscientious.


"The house manager" linoleum sells and other outdoormaterials. Working in this company is not as easy as it seems. In some cities, the organization is blacklisted by employers. Basically this is due to the negativity expressed to the management of the company. There is nothing surprising in this. The situation is similar in many retail chains.

managers management reviews of moscow

"Employee" reviews employees receivevarious. There are good, and not quite. In any case, this employer does not differ much from competitors. This is a good place to work, but with its shortcomings. Most of the negative experience of employees is due to non-compliance with established rules. If you work honestly and qualitatively, work in the "Usualdom" may like.

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