When and how to water cucumber


Cucumbers are very demanding on moisture.Precipitating precipitation usually for their good growth and fruiting is not enough. The reason is that the underdeveloped roots of these plants are located close to the surface, and the upper layer of the earth dries quickly.

Absence of rains and rare watering are the reasons for the dumping of flowers and ovaries. Among the fruits there are many ugly, tasteless and bitter, they quickly turn yellow.

how to water cucumber

How to water cucumbers - tips for gardeners

Cucumber - tropical plant, except for increasedhumidity, he also loves warmth. Therefore, in cold weather, cucumbers should not be watered. This can provoke a process such as decay of roots that absorb moisture poorly.

In different growth periods, the cucumber requires wateringof different intensity. Watering the cucumbers after planting is not required at all, even if the seedlings are planted. The first watering of the seedlings is carried out after two to three days with warm water. Young plants on the bed before the flowering period is fairly moderate amount of moisture. They need to be watered about once every 4-5 days. Increasing watering will lead to a violent growth of the leaves and will inhibit the beginning of flowering.

When the ovary appeared, watering should be increased. The most abundant it should be in the period of fruiting, approximately once every 2-3 days.

cucumber watering in the greenhouse
It is very important to know how to water cucumber correctly

When watering cucumbers you only need to usewarm water, letting her stay and keep warm in the sun. It is best to spend watering in the evening, but with the expectation that the leaves to the night will dry out. When it's cold, water cucumbers should be watered in the morning. You can not water when the sun is hot - this will cause burns on the leaves of plants.

Pour cucumbers should be very carefully, betterusing a watering can with a special spray. By arranging the rain from the watering can, you thereby increase the humidity of the air near the plants. A hose or bucket should not be used, because it can damage the root system of the plant and very harden the soil. By the way, that after the watering does not form a crust, and the land absorbs water better, it is recommended to loosen the soil. A second method of irrigation is also possible. Water flows from the watering can without strainer into small grooves in the aisles. After that, the soil can be covered with straw or dry grass. So it's not so difficult to answer the question of how to water cucumbers.

The rate of watering is 25 liters of water per 1 sq. Km. m. of the earth. On hot days, when it is very dry, it is good to do refreshing watering, reducing the amount of water for irrigation 2-3 times.

It is recommended to use drip irrigationcucumbers in the greenhouse. For this you can buy a special system, and some craftsmen make it themselves from improvised means. So, drip irrigation is carried out through a perforated hose, using a drip irrigation tape or wick (connecting with water using a cloth strip), etc.

watering cucumbers after planting

From the people's experience

To create high humidity betweengrooves in which grow cucumbers, you can arrange containers with water. A greater effect can be obtained if you insist on a "nutritious cocktail" in these containers: burdock, nettle, dandelion leaves, add manure or chicken droppings. The benefits are double: evaporation goes, and for top-dressing the "cocktail" can be used, it is only necessary to dilute it in a proportion not less than 1:10.

Using the method of drip irrigation for irrigationcucumber, you can use plastic bottles with top dressing, and you can hose with holes. In the first case, at the bottom of the bottle, up to 2 liters, holes are made (for example, a hot nail). Then the lid is unscrewed, and the bottom of the bottle is buried between the cucumbers. In the bottle there should always be a weak solution of top dressing, for this, it must be periodically topped up.

If you know how to water the cucumber correctly, you can always expect a good harvest.

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