The world's largest technique is a striking and grandiose


Probably, there is not a single person on the planet,which would not have been admired by the largest machinery in the world. The habit of admiring huge sizes came to us from ancient times. If previously mentioned the dragon, it must necessarily be very large. It's the same with any other predator.

In our time, the objects of admiration are mostlyare the works of the hands of men. We admire the tallest buildings on earth, huge air liners, ships and cars, construction equipment and monuments. Fishermen, for example, always catch only a large fish, demonstratively showing their hands: in-o-o-that! No, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-so!

There can be many examples. It's because that's how a person is. We always want something more. Apparently, it will always be so. So, already from the introduction it is clear that the topic of the article is the biggest technique in the world.

The brainchild of Soviet inventors for space exploration

In pursuit of space exploration in OKB named O.K. Antonov created the largest transport aircraft in the world. This is a famous aircraft, created by our designers and engineers. He is known to many as "An-225" ("Mriya"). The liner of incredible size, like a huge fantastic bird. The length of the fuselage of this white beauty reaches almost 90 meters, and the height - about 20 meters. It is worth saying that the height of this aircraft is comparable to a six-story house. In the sky, with not too high a flight, the effect of this spectacle is simply stunning!

Its task is to transport toimagine space vehicles. More precisely, it delivers them to the launch pad for flight into space. December 21, 1988, this giant first climbed into the sky and made its first flight, which was an unquestionable breakthrough in the development then Soviet aircraft. The world's largest technique was supplemented by another invention of Soviet scientists.

World name

Another air giant was created in order totransport people. Engineers of the company Airbus A380 carried out an enormous amount of work to create such a brainchild. They did not just get a big plane. This is a kind of example of elegance and a symbol of the victory of mankind over the sky.

the world's largest technology

It is designed according to a two-deck scheme, thatoffers the highest comfort during the flight. On its board there are walking grounds, spiral staircases. For those who value comfort, sleeping cabins and armchairs-beds are created. For one flight in the class "economy" this liner can transport up to seven hundred people! It would take 140 passenger five-seater cars to transport so many people.

the biggest technology in the world

It is not for nothing that this aircraft is the largest in the worldtechnology, more precisely, a technical device in aircraft building. If you imagine such a string of cars, it would stretch for 14 kilometers along the road. Without refueling, such a miracle of technology can fly as much as 15 thousand kilometers. Its dimensions are more than impressive: with a fuselage length of just over 70 meters, it has a wingspan of almost 80 meters. And the height is equivalent to an 8-storey house. To date, the sky boasts 101 such handsome, each of which cost the company nearly 390 million dollars.

Champion in lifting weights

The best mobile cranetoday is the undisputed champion among the existing mobile cranes. Zoomlion ZACB01 is able to raise 2,000 tons! This is about 330 adult average Indian elephants at a time! Or 1300 small cars! The world's largest technology can not but have impressive characteristics. The weight of the giant itself, of course, also causes respect and is 96 tons. His arrow, with which he lifts such weights, consists of eight sections. When fully extended, it can stretch for 106 meters! Just imagine! This height is comparable to the height of a 35-storey building! Incredible!

Monster on Wheels

Dump truck Bucyrus MT6300A - the mostthe big one. It is very difficult to call it a car. After all, this is the world's largest machinery, just a whole house on wheels! The length of this monster is as much as 16 meters! The width of it a little does not reach ten meters. Such a miracle of technology can not even fit on an ordinary road. The height of the truck reaches 13 and a half meters, and this is the height of a four-story house. Its weight is as much as 600 tons, and the load-carrying capacity is slightly more than half its own weight. Not surprisingly, for such a machine there is an engine with a capacity of 3,700 horsepower, this, for a second, is twice as powerful as the engine of a modern domestic tank.

The World's Largest Photo Technique

The largest military equipment in the world

This category is uniquely related to thisdevice. Until recently, nothing was known about him. This giant was kept secret, as it was used by the military to protect the borders of our homeland. After the classification of secrecy was removed, and everyone found out that his name was Zubr.

the largest military equipment in the world

Created it in the Soviet Union as a smallamphibious landing craft. It looks threatening from the military side. It is easily able to transport not only more than a hundred people, but also some equipment, tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, other useful cargoes with a total mass of up to 150 tons.

The length of the ship reaches almost sixty meters,The width is 25.5 meters, and the height is almost 22 meters. The presence of air cushion allows you to approach almost any shore and land landing. Of course, this guardian of the homeland has on board armament, serving for certain tasks. If our military calls a "small landing ship" such a completely small technique, we can be calm for the security of our borders.


The biggest technology in the world, whose photoare presented in the article, interests every person on the planet. After all, it is very interesting to know what means can, for example, master outer space or demolish a multi-storey house.

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