Alexey Garber - one of the richest bachelors of Moscow


Tale of Cinderella in childhood read everything.However, only for some girls, especially from insolvent families, the plot of this story in the future becomes a cherished dream. And many of them dream, having matured, to meet a rich young man (prince), marry him and live happily, and most importantly - in abundance. One of these enviable grooms in Russia today is the son of oil magnate Alexei Garber. Despite the fact that he continually appears in the secular chronicle with some new passion, many metropolitan and provincial beauties do not lose hope to someday find themselves in the role of the bride of this 31-year-old ladies' man.

Alexey Garber

Alexey Garber: biography and ancestry

About Alyosha Garber, about the get-togethers on which heis the main person, today all Moscow is saying. However, there is almost no information about his childhood and youth. Of course, his belonging to the Garber family already testifies in his favor. Alexey was born in 1983 in Moscow. His father, Mark Garber (born in 1958) is a well-known entrepreneur, a billionaire billionaire, a banker, a senior partner of Fleming Family & Partners, a writer and a patron of art, worked as a psychiatrist-narcologist in one of Moscow's drug treatment hospitals in those far-off Soviet years. A mother of Alyosha, Irina, was a fifth-year student. The childhood of Alyosha and his younger brother passed in the usual for all Soviet children situation: a kindergarten, a school, in the summer - a camp, etc. In the late eighties, Mark Rafailovich together with Leonid Lebedev and three Alexander Zhukov, Kutikov and Becker - created a "cooperative", which was called "Synthesis".

Alexey Garber Biography
From that moment on, the life of all these newlybusinessmen went in a different direction, and they began to climb the social ladder. Immediately changed the way of life of their families, in particular the boys of the Garber family: the English special school, higher education abroad, etc. Father believed that the greatest wealth that he is able to give his sons is a quality education. Today, Alexei Garber, who so far managed to excel as a ladies' man and an avid party-goer, is nevertheless considered a very erudite and intellectually developed young man. However, in the yellow press he is most often seen as a close-minded and "crazy" at secular events of the secular lion, who does not hesitate to use his father's name.

What does Alyosha Garber do

His student years, this young manspent abroad. Returning to Russia, he began to work in the corporation Rosneft. Then he became senior vice president of GHP Group, a company owned by his father. In February this year, Alexei Garber, along with the beautiful Georgian Julia Rusadze, founded the oyster bar Oyster bar, which soon turned into one of the most fashionable places in Moscow. On the opening day of this ultramodern institution, located in the Park. Gorky, the eminent guests from all over the world came together. Among them - his former and current passions, friends and business partners. However, Alexey Garber is known today in society, rather, as a fan of parties, and not as a businessman and restaurateur. He tries not to miss a single social event, whether in the Alps, on the coasts of Brazil, in the French Riviera or even in Africa. In Moscow, his favorite places are fashion clubs "Diaghilev" or "On the roof."

Alexey Garber photo

Alexey Garber. Personal life and interesting facts

In 2007, in the list of the most enviable suitorscapital of the name of the son of the oil tycoon and the largest businessman in Russia, Mark Garber. Evil tongues whispered that, in addition to the billions of his father, Alexei does not have any virtues. However, the capital's brides did not share this opinion. Firstly, the young man, possessing more than pretty appearance and fine manners, enjoys a great love of the female. Girls just dream of being in his company. In addition, he is very generous and is a ladies' man. For some time his girlfriend was the daughter of one of the partners of his father, Leonid Lebedev, Jan. Then next to him every now and again appeared various cute long-legged beauties, mostly models. One of them even got him involved in the scandal. Alexei scarcely escaped the trial of rape. However, in the absence of strong evidence, the "victim" voluntarily withdrew her statement.

Liza Grendene - the new girl of Alexey Garber

This bright brown-haired woman comes from Brazil.Her Alexei Garber (photo with Liz confirmation), it seems, was carried away seriously. She is the owner of the fashionable Brazilian brand. The girl lives on two countries - Brazil and the United Kingdom, well, recently she visits Russia. Alexey, in turn, in the weekend goes to her either to London, or to Rio de Janeiro. Young people communicate, of course, in English, but Liz began to study the Russian language diligently and even calls her lover "Alyosha." By the way, the beautiful Brazilian arrived last year to celebrate the birthday of her lover and made him a very expensive gift - an exclusive model of the Rollex watch.

Alexey Garber personal life


Despite the fact that Alexei Garber today is almostengaged to Lisa Grendene, nevertheless he continues to be considered one of the richest bachelors of Russia. And this means that Russian beauties still have a chance to win the heart of a young businessman.

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