Pump for pumping oil: an overview, characteristics, types and reviews of the owners


Pumping of viscous liquids with highthe concentration of technical impurities is provided by special pumping units. This technique is aimed at operation in the complexes of service stations, in production and in agriculture. Typically, an oil pump can not be used for other types of liquids, but there are exceptions in the form of combined modifications.

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Main characteristics of oil pumps

One of the main characteristics isthe voltage under which the pump operates. First of all, it should be noted that there are models that operate on the 220 V network, and there are industrial units connected to a 380 V outlet. There are also compact models designed for remote operation that can be powered from battery packs with a voltage of about 24 V .

Depending on the volume requirementsThe optimum power factor is also selected. So, in the initial segment, you can find a pump for pumping oil from a barrel, whose productivity is 5-10 liters per minute. This is an aggregate with a power of about 200-500 watts. If by calculations it is necessary to serve 30-40 liters, then models with a potential potential of 1000 W should be preferred. At the same time, it should be remembered that a certain percentage of the power will go to ensure the device is working in a viscous environment. That is, the harder the oil, the more power it will take from the pump to work with it.

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Types of aggregates

The units are distinguished on the basis of functionality,purpose and technical device. The simplest version is a mechanical pump for pumping oil from the barrel. Manual pressure testing equipment is also popular in the private sector and in small industries. Conversely, the group of professional specialized pumps is less common, including diaphragm, slide and pneumatic devices, additionally equipped with pressure gauges.

It is also important to note the separation of models in the sphereapplication. Today, manufacturers specifically produce units for working with specific oil environments in the chemical, oil, economic and other manufacturing industries. As already noted, there is also a hybrid pump for pumping oil. The electric version of such an aggregate is the most convenient from the point of view of operation.

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Reviews of Piusi Viscomat models

Series Viscomat from the manufacturer Piusiis represented by models characterized by high productivity and ease of operation. These units are successfully used in both production facilities and private farms. A wide range of pumps with different technical characteristics allows you to choose the optimal version for work in specific conditions. Among the features that the Viscomat oil pump has, users note the presence of an effective cooling system, a qualitatively organized heat transfer, and the presence of ergonomic regulators. This is the case when a responsible technique combines the advantages of professional machines and the dignity of models designed for use in domestic conditions.

pump for pumping oil from the barrel

Comments about Jabsco models

Manufacturer Jabsco is known for goodimpeller pumps, capable of efficiently working with liquids in which media contain soft elements. As shown by the practice of operating such an aggregate, it can stably perform its function, even if the oil contains particles with a diameter of about 14 mm. The advantages of the equipment include a high-strength housing, which protects against external influences. Stainless steel allows the pump to be used for pumping oil under extreme conditions of production, and outdoors under the influence of precipitation. True, in the conditions of frost the operation of the unit becomes impossible. But there is almost no limit to the maintenance of oil fluids. The owners of the pump indicate the presence in the design of hygienic internal parts that do not distort the chemical composition of the pumped medium.

Comments about Flojet models

The line of Flojet especially appreciates the electricpumps of membrane type, which are most often used to serve waste oil. Users testify that the membrane pump can function without damage even on dry running. It is important to note that the design provides a hermetic engine and a pump with two chambers, which provides a self-priming function. Thanks to this device, the pump for oil transfer from Flojet can be used for replacement, pumping and transfer of viscous liquids. The owners also attribute low noise to the advantages of this equipment. Due to good sound insulation, the unit can be operated even in conditions with increased requirements to the production process in terms of comfort.

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Pumping equipment, unlike many otherskinds of engineering and production equipment, is not so dramatically improved in the parameters of automation. The presence of electronic relays, of course, made its adjustments to the operation processes, increased the quality. However, the traditional pump for pumping oil also remains in demand. The manual version of this equipment is easy to use and maintain. It is these properties that are fundamentally important for small manufacturing enterprises, and even more so for private farms. There is also an expansion of the segment of mechanical models of different types that develop in the characteristics of strength and productivity. Today it will not be difficult to find a reliable unit capable of operating at a frequency of about 25 liters per minute. In other words, oil pump manufacturers are more likely to focus on the quality of basic pumping functions, while also not forgetting ergonomic nuances.

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