Vegetable markets of Moscow: addresses and location on the map. Wholesale, retail and small wholesale vegetable markets in Moscow


Life in the metropolitan metropolis is quite expensivemanages to Muscovites. Rent a small apartment in a residential area will cost 30-40 thousand, utility rates and fare increases several times a year, and in shopping centers have to spend a lot of time in search of democratic prices for clothing. But the main expenses in an ordinary family, of course, are food.

Most residents buy food inlarge hypermarkets (for example, in "Auchan"), a little less likely to look into the chain of stores "Perekrestok" or "Victoria", and only the wealthiest can afford a visit to the "ABC of Taste". However, recently, even in large supermarkets, the cost of goods has increased significantly, and the quality has remained at the same level. More and more you can see rotten fruits or vegetables on the shelves, so many consumers again turned their attention to Moscow's vegetable markets.

Little tricks

Wholesale vegetable market in Moscow - not uncommon. In each district, residents of the capital and the nearest suburbs can easily purchase fresh goods at relatively low prices.

The principle of market trading implies bargaining. If you take vegetables or fruits more than five kilograms, then do not hesitate to try to reduce the price. The working day for the sellers starts at 5-6 am, so by the end of the day they are overcome by natural fatigue. Like all normal people, they want to go home and rest. For buyers, on the contrary, this is the most profitable time when it is much easier to agree on a good discount.

vegetable markets of Moscow

Be careful and keep an eye on things. A large crowd of people attracts all kinds of scammers, so do not think that the problem of pickpockets has bypassed the vegetable markets of Moscow.

Select a few vendors whose products are most comfortable with the price and quality. In this case, the chance of a body kit is reduced to zero, because no one will want to lose loyal customers.

In the south of the capital

The market on the warm camp is already prettylong. Several years ago, in connection with the construction of a flyover at the intersection of Novoyasenevsky Prospekt and Profsoyuznaya Street, the sales area was significantly reduced.

Residents of nearby areas and those who leave fromMetro Teply Stan in the area, very often drop in there. Today, the wholesale vegetable market in Moscow has several open rows and a warm pavilion that adjoins huge shopping complexes. However, this situation only benefits many visitors, because vegetables and fruits in the market to buy much cheaper, especially in the season.

wholesale vegetable market in Moscow

Finding the shopping arcade is quite simple: five minutes walk from the metro Teply Stan, between the TRC "Roundabout" and "Prince Plaza".

Moskvoretsky market

Most Muscovites know that in this place a huge selection of building materials. However, modest product lines can also be found here.

The Moskvoretsky market belongs to the category "Cheap vegetable markets of Moscow". The prices here are quite low, and among the sellers there are still grandmothers with fruits and vegetables from their own garden.

The market is located at Simpheropolsky Boulevard 11/70.


Just over twenty years ago, the "Breeze"- a popular farmer and vegetable market in Moscow. Addresses of such points every resident of the capital knows by heart, because here you can always buy fresh food at an affordable price. There is a market on the Kashirskoye highway (25B possession).

vegetable market in Moscow

The only drawback is the absencecovered pavilion. All trade is conducted in the open air, so in the winter season shopping can not leave the best impression. However, from the thought of savings, they instantly disappear. Few vegetable markets in Moscow can boast excellent quality, but the "Veterka" administration guarantees freshness and special control. For the cleanliness of the territory carefully monitored, and special canopies protect the products from dust and dirt.

Wholesale and retail vegetable markets in Moscow

Metropolitan old residents are well acquainted with Danilovsky, Cheremushkinsky and Dorogomilovsky markets. Today, these indoor shopping arcades are distinguished by constant quality and service.

Allow shopping in the center of Moscow can imaginefar from all, and here on the proceeds come the grandmothers, trading nearby at reasonable prices. Sellers in the market itself, in order to recoup at least a lease, you have to sell lots with a large margin.

Cheremushkinsky market is well-known among crayfish lovers. In addition to the live goods caught on the Volga, here you can find a variety of snacks for beer.

Dorogomilovsky and Danilovsky small wholesalevegetable markets in Moscow are well known to gourmets and restaurant owners. All the year round, almost all fruits and vegetables are sold here. At Danilovsky (Tulskaya metro) is mainly represented the products of domestic producers, and the assortment of Dorogomilovskiy is distinguished by the availability of suppliers of exotic goods. These places in Moscow are also aimed at foreigners, so the counters have names in English.

In addition, the popular service Delivery Club offers an online order and home delivery of products from central markets - over 5,000 rubles free of charge.

The Rogozhsky ranks

One of the oldest markets of the capital is Rogozhsky, which began its work in the 30s of the XX century. The reconstruction, which took place almost five years ago, gave the market on Taganka a new life and name.

wholesale vegetable markets in Moscow

Today "Rogozhsky Trading Rows" isspacious light rooms, modern equipment and refrigeration. On the territory there is also a cozy cafe with a bakery where you can enjoy pastries after shopping.

Of course, the update could not but affectvalue of goods. Any wholesale vegetable market in Moscow offers exactly the same assortment at lower prices, but for cleanliness and quality it is necessary to pay.

Problems with law

The most famous wholesale vegetable markets in Moscow,the addresses of which could easily be found on the web, were located on the outskirts of the city. Several years ago, Mayor Sobyanin thoroughly engaged in the verification of such facilities, as a result of which a decision was made to close.

vegetable markets on the map of Moscow

Trade on the Dmitrovsky base was conducted withoutobservance of sanitary norms. To buy vegetables and fruits at low prices could be straight from the truck or on temporary shelves. The infamous Pokrovskaya vegetable base (Biryulyovo-Zapadnoye) was finally eliminated after the riots.

As a result, these vegetable markets on the map of Moscowceased to exist, and the whole load was taken over by the Khlebnikovsky vegetable base. The trading area is located near the Sheremetyevo airport, at the address: Dolgoprudny, Novoye Shosse, 31.

Many private entrepreneurs, ownerssmall shops and tents, as well as network supermarkets and vegetable markets in Moscow, buy their products there. Prices at the Khlebnikovskaya base are about half that, which allows wholesale buyers to make a decent mark-up.

Do not want to overpay? Agree with friends or neighbors about the joint purchase of seasonal fruits or vegetables. Five kilograms can be divided into two or three families, and even with the gasoline spent, the savings are obvious.

Safety regulations

The work of Moscow markets today is based oncertain rules. Each consumer has the right to clarify the availability of a quality certificate, which must be provided at the first request. The lack of necessary papers indicates a questionable quality - in this case it is better to refrain from buying.

The laboratory should operate on the territory,which daily checks products for the presence of harmful substances. Each party that falls on the counter passes certain tests. In addition, if the buyer has a suspicion of freshness, he can contact the laboratory expert for a free additional check.

Trick of traders

The wholesale vegetable market in Moscow is not the most pleasant place, but if you want to save money, then thoroughly prepare for shopping in the style of the 90s.

cheap vegetable markets of moscow

Our advice will help you not to get lost and go home with profitable shopping:

  1. Beautifully laid fruits and vegetables on the shelvesat all do not guarantee an excellent taste, so grab a bottle of clean water. Most sellers themselves offer to try the product, so do not hesitate and choose the ripe fruits.
  2. Many buyers complain thatunscrupulous traders manage to substitute a package with good vegetables for decay, it is only necessary to turn away. Do not depart from the counter, check whether everything is in place. If suspicion of the body kit is straight forwarded to the control weights that should be in each market.
  3. Do not trust traders and count the change yourself.

Trade fairs

In the last few years among the Muscovites have becomepopular weekend fairs, where you can meet farmers from Russia and the CIS. Of course, the prices there are much higher than in the wholesale markets of the capital, but not everyone has the opportunity to go to the other end of the city.

wholesale retail vegetable markets of Moscow

The fair range is usually more diverse than in any medium-sized supermarket. And in any "Pyaterochka" you will not find fresh cottage cheese by weight or another farm dairy product.

Work of trading numbers is supervised by the prefecture of the district. Usually weekend fairs open at the end of April, when warm weather is established in Moscow, and they function until the onset of cold weather.

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