How to open a burger from scratch: step by step instruction


In today's fast rhythm of life, modernpeople often do not have enough time to eat their food properly. Therefore, people are so used to snacking fast food. But fast food should not only satisfy hunger, but also bring pleasure. Therefore, there are many recipes for hot dogs, hamburgers, burgers. Despite the great competition, the business of selling burgers can bring a good monthly income, as the food industry is in demand and is developing rapidly.

how to open a burger

History of burger

Previously it was impossible to imagine that the usualCutlet in a loaf can win such frenzied popularity among representatives of all walks of life. In 1904, the burger gained fame at the fair in St. Louis. But only thirty years later became a gastronomic symbol when Walter Anderson from Kansas founded a snack bar called the White Castle Hamburger.

Every day this gastronomic product was typedmore and more popularity, most people wanted to repeat his recipe. It was then that the first thoughts of how to open a burger began to emerge among entrepreneurs. So, how to earn on burgers?

How to open a burger?

Like any business, a burger is necessaryopen with the official registration of business activities. How to open a burger in your city and what do you need to do? To begin with, it is necessary to decide the question of the form of entrepreneurial integrity: IP or LLC. Most of those who have opened a burger, choose the form of the enterprise IP, because a small catering establishment has not such big financial turnover. For a burger it is best to choose a taxation system - a single tax on imputed income (UTII).

open burger from scratch

The process of opening a PI is very simple. First, you need to apply to the federal tax service (FTS) with a copy of your identity document, write an application, pay a state fee of 800 rubles. It is also necessary to choose the type of activity in the OKVED classifier. For burgers, you can select the following activity codes:

  • 56.10 "Restaurants and food delivery services".
  • 56.10.1 "Activities of restaurants and cafes with full restaurant service, cafeterias, fast food restaurants and self-service".

At the end of the procedure for the registration of the firm, the employees of the relevant body issue a certificate of the OGRN, which indicates the status of the IP.

Documents required for institution opening

How to open a burger so that there are no problems withgovernment bodies? To do this, you need to choose a room that will successfully pass all sanitary inspections. It is necessary to collect a package of required documents for unscheduled inspections. At the request of the authorities, as a rule, it is necessary to produce such documents:

  • OGRN certificate;
  • Journal of Safety Engineering;
  • certificate of INN;
  • Certificates for finishing with the necessary requirements of SES;
  • documents for checking instrumentation and measuring utensils;
  • contract with SES and fire service;
  • contract with the energy conservation service and the sewerage service;
  • agreement with the LC for garbage disposal;
  • agreement with the lessee and contract with employees.

how to open a burger business

Organization of a burger in a small town

As a rule, in a city with a population of up tohundred thousand people a small choice of establishments of good fast food. Therefore, by opening a new, fashionable burger, you can attract a lot of attention to the neizbalovannyh residents of a small town. The big plus of such settlements is that in this business there are practically no worthy competitors. The answer is only yes to the question: is it worth to open a burger in a small city? But in order to open your business, you must first calculate all the pros and cons.

How to open a burger: a business plan step by step

During the development of the restaurant business plan withfast food it is necessary to distinguish the target group of their customers. Most of the visitors will be students and schoolchildren, so the food should not only be tasty, but also affordable.

How to open a burger? Detailed instructions include the development of such items:

  1. The concept of an institution. At the very beginning, you need to develop a concept for your restaurant and hire design experts to implement the plan.
  2. Search for a room for a burger. The room for the hall should not be less than 70 square meters. Create a restaurant preferably in the city center, in a place with a lot of traffic.
  3. Preparation of premises and the invitation of specialState services to monitor the implementation of all claims. When opening a burger it is necessary to pass an inspection by the sanitary and epidemiological service and the fire department.
  4. Selection of personnel for the institution. All employees must have sanitary records. At the initial stage you need to hire: a cook, two workers in the hall and a cleaner.
  5. Advertising campaign. The most important point for ensuring a quick payback of the enterprise and making a profit. To promote the establishment you need to think carefully about the advertising company. The institution must have its own website, which provides a menu, and lists all the services of this institution. When providing delivery on the site of the institution, there must be a form for filling the order. It is advisable to advertise the institution in social networks.

how to open a burger business plan

Equipment for burgers

Selecting equipment for the premises, you should follow the concept of the institution. In order not to miss some small nuances, it is necessary to make a list of necessary things:

  • To buy chairs and tables, according to the design;
  • order a bar rack and bar furniture;
  • to develop and order an outdoor signboard;
  • purchase or make a custom order for employees;
  • set alarm and video cameras;
  • buy kitchen equipment.

During the selection of equipment it is desirable to focus on the models of reliable and proven manufacturers.

Menu of the institution

The tastier and better the food in the burger, theMore profit the institution will bring to the owner. To ensure a variety of menus, usually use a lot of vegetables, seasonings, sauces and, of course, good quality meat. Since the contingent of the institution will be very different, the dishes must also be diverse. Therefore, it will be a big plus if in addition to burgers, salads and French fries, the menu will include vegetarian dishes, dishes for children and people with diabetes.

Is it worth to open a burger in a small town

How much does it cost to open an institution?

How to open a burger? Business will bring income? How much is the opening of such an institution? How to open a small burger? Of course, this business is profitable, but provided that there are a small number of competitors in the market with a similar concept of business. Open a burger from scratch can cost about 5-10 million rubles, which already includes all costs for the payback period of the business. At the initial stage, you can not make a lot of fast food. First, the profit will be about 30 thousand rubles. per month. But with the right approach and a thoughtful advertising campaign, the income can be increased by two or three times. The payback period of this business is about two years. For a small town this is quite good. Therefore, it is advantageous to open a burger from scratch, investing relatively quickly pays off.

Required investment of funds

The financial plan at the first stages includesa lot of costs, but this business is good because you can invest in it gradually. You can start with just a few types of burgers and a few drinks. Initial investments in rubles:

  • somewhere around 420 thousand will be the cost of equipment;
  • about 40 thousand rubles - payments to the staff;
  • the cost of consumables will be somewhere around 20 thousand;
  • renting premises - about 50 thousand.

The total amount of initial costs will be approximately 530 thousand rubles.

how to open a small burger

Useful advice for entrepreneurs

To receive a steady income and not to violatelegislative norms, the beginner in business needs to know some nuances of the business. Some useful tips for beginner entrepreneurs include:

  • mandatory registration of cash register in the tax service;
  • cooperation only with reliable food suppliers;
  • the presence of features in the institution, the features that distinguish it from competitors;
  • at first it is necessary to win the trust of the client, to interest visitors, including potential ones;
  • arrange the room should be so that the interior looked interesting and not heaped up;
  • should consider the disposal of waste.

Business Marketing

One of the main aspects of opening an institutionfast food is marketing. If an entrepreneur decided to open a franchise establishment, then at the initial stage he will be accompanied by the company that provides the franchise. This is one of the easiest options for opening your business. But businessmen who decided to embark on an independent voyage, you need to develop your own logo and brand so that customers can easily remember the institution.

The strongest tool for marketing todayis the Internet. Now many people are looking for a restaurant through the Net, reading reviews about the institution and ordering the delivery. Therefore, when opening a burger it will be necessary to make a local press release, launch a special offer for customers who will visit the institution on the opening day. The big plus will be an invitation to the opening, a free tasting of dishes, attracting the attention of the media and food bloggers.

how to open a burger in your city

Another good solution for attracting newclients is the creation of a loyalty program with coupons and cumulative discounts (this will force the customer to return to the restaurant again). Always remember about additional services (for example, delivery of food at home). Perhaps, for still a large income should develop a concept for the work of the restaurant to take out.


In this type of business, like fast food,there are many risks. These risks can begin, both with negative customer testimonials, and during inspections and fines of SES. The owner of a burger needs a lot of attention to the quality of food and the timing of food storage. One case involving low-quality food can destroy the entire business. Satisfied customers bring money to the institution.

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