Machines for kneading dough. Review of the best models


Without equipment such as kneadingmachine, can not do without any restaurant, cafe or bakery. The presence of aggregates of this type makes it possible to significantly speed up the process of manufacturing various types of baking and make the final product more qualitative. When choosing a dough mixer, you should pay attention not only to its design features, power and performance, but also to the brand of the manufacturer. There are several types of aggregates of this type, which are very popular among bakery owners.

Main types of equipment

All dough kneading machines sold on the market today are divided into equipment:

  • Portional action. Such kneaders give out at once the necessary limited amount of dough. This species is most often used in small bakeries, restaurants and cafes.

  • Continuous action. This is a very complex and constructive and expensiveequipment, installed most often in large industries - bakeries, confectionery factories, etc. The dough from such an aggregate is a continuous stream.

kneading machines

Kinds on a way of kneading

Also, equipment intended for baking is classified into:

  • Spiral. Such units are used to prepare "heavy" types of dough: yeast, dumplings.

  • Planetary. This kind is used for kneading a light puff, sand or biscuit dough.

There is one more type of such equipment -horizontal. Machines for kneading dough of this kind are installed in pelmeni. They are used to prepare the semi-finished product of the corresponding variety.

Among other things, modern units forbakeries can vary in the manner of kneading. In some models, the bowl itself (the container for ingredients) rotates. In others, the dough is kneaded by a special working organ. Modern dough mixers can also differ in the design of the bowl cover. In some models it is solid, in some - latticed. The latter option allows you to add flour, water, etc., directly during the kneading test.


What to look for when buying

Thus, from what it will be forthe unit is intended, and also on what volumes of baking are supposed to be produced, and the choice of such equipment as a kneading machine depends. Instructions for use are compulsorily attached to each model. In use, modern dough mixers are quite convenient, and the operator has to mainly follow only the accuracy of compliance with the recipe, and from time to time switch the unit to the desired mode of operation.

Most popular brands

The best reviews from professional bakers can be heard about such models of kneading machines as:

  • TMM-140.
  • Ergo.
  • МТМ 65 МНА.
  • MT25.
  • "Prima."

kneading machine

Тестомес ТММ-140.2: description

This planetary universal apparatusin spite of its low cost, has proved itself as a very reliable equipment with very good performance. It also comes from TMM-140 model, which is quite popular with professionals. The difference between these two units is only that TMM-140.2 has two rates of kneading. That is, working on it is even more convenient. Used dough mixers of this brand can with stainless bowl or with a container of ordinary carbon steel.

Technical characteristics of TMM-140.2 are as follows:

  • depth of immersion of the kneading organ - no more than 144 mm;

  • overall dimensions - 1280х850 mm;

  • maximum flour load - no more than 50 kg;

  • productivity - 550 kg / h;

  • mixing time of the dough - 6 minutes;

  • power consumption - 1.5 kW.

kneading machine price

In general, it is very convenient and productivekneading machine. The price for it can fluctuate around 100-101 thousand rubles. Dejou, most likely, have to buy separately. Carbon costs about 17-18 thousand rubles, a container of stainless steel - 34-35 thousand rubles.

Models of Egro

This handy kneader is designedespecially for small bakeries, pastry shops and pizzerias. The unit of this brand can be used for mixing not only yeast, but also very steep dough for sheepskins. Its advantage, among other things, is the possibility of preparing the product in a very short period of time. If necessary, Egro units can be used for kneading dumplings or baking confectionery.

Features of the construction of this machine area non-removable tank and a combined batching method (both the bowl and the working organ rotate in the unit). All parts that are in contact with the test are made of stainless steel in Egro.

Specifications of the dough kneading machine of this brand has the following:

  • overall dimensions - 630х380х750;

  • power - 0.75 kW;

  • speeds - 1;

  • volume - 20-30 liters.

kneading machine mt 25

At the moment, only threeEgro modifications: HS20 for 20 liters, HS30 for 30 liters and HS30A for 30 liters, operating from a 380V network. The cost of kneading machines of this brand can fluctuate in the amount of 37-38 thousand rubles.

MTM 65MNA dough kneading machines

In the unit, both the bowl and the bowl rotate simultaneously;working body. Machines for kneading MTM 65 MNA for machines with a spiral type are referred to. Most often, the aggregates of this brand are used for the preparation of wheat or rye yeast dough. The most popular among professionals use machines of this design "Torgmash", manufactured in Baranovichi.

In addition to the usual MTM 65MNA models, there are also supplied on the market without bowls. Specifications dough kneading machine for the production of this brand has these:

  • dimensions - 1400х540х750;

  • productivity - 260 kg / h;

  • number of speeds - 1;

  • volume - 60 liters;

  • loading flour - 40 kg.

In the cover of the kneading bowl MTM 65 MNA there isA special hole in which you can add ingredients right at work, which is certainly very convenient. It is worth assembling this brand is not too expensive - about 52-53 thousand rubles.

MT-25 model overview

Compact spiral kneading machinesThis brand is usually installed in small bakeries or confectionery shops. When working, they rotate both the bowl and the spiral. Despite the small dimensions, the MT-25 aggregates perfectly handle kneading, including a very steep test.

There are two modifications to the equipment of thisbrand. Actually, the kneading machine MT-25 has one speed. On MT-25.01 it is possible to work at two speeds. This allows you to make pastries in a much wider range. The lid design of the equipment of this brand is very convenient. Add flour, water, etc. can be directly in the process of working through a special hole. The dough of the test in the model MT 25.01 is allowed to be produced, including in the programmed mode. In this case, the machine first operates at the same speed, and after a while (set by the operator) switches to the other.

Specifications dough kneading machine MT-25 (and MT 25.01) has the following:



Volume (L)



Productivity (kg / h)



Power, kWt)




380 (three-phase network)

380 (three-phase network)

Permissible weight of flour (kg)

16 - for yeast,

8 - for dumplings dumplings




645 * 385 * 685

645 * 385 * 685

The cost of aggregates of this brand is about 100 thousand rubles.

Dough kneading machine "Prima"

These powerful industrial units are designed forincluding for kneading the test in intensive mode. This allows you to compensate for the shortcomings of low-grade flour, speed up the work and make finished bakery products better. Myakish at baking with such a knead becomes more elastic and does not stale for a long time.

At the moment there are manymodifications of kneading machines "Prima". All of them work in semi-automatic mode. The specialist operator has the ability to set both the kneading time at low speed and the total kneading. If desired, the operation can be interrupted or restarted at any time. There is a reverse reverse function in units of this brand.

kneading kneading machine

One of the most popular modifications of this brand is the "Prima-70" kneading machine has the following technical characteristics:

  • power - 4 kW;

  • voltage - 380 V;

  • overall dimensions - 1131x562x1035 mm;

  • weight of dough - from 3 to 45 kg;

  • volume - 70 liters.

As you can see, Prima-70 is a fairly powerful kneader. Its price is about 300 thousand rubles.

kneading machine manual

In the modern market there are otherquality and reliable models of kneading machines. Described above are used in bakeries and confectioneries most often. When choosing equipment for the workshop, you should pay attention primarily to the performance and purpose of the equipment. Also, a very important criterion is, of course, the convenience of the unit in operation.

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