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Presentations are often needed not only by the workingpeople who promote a company, service or product, but also to students, students. And the latter meet with them much more often. The global network offers a huge number of ready-made presentations, which can be saved on a computer and slightly modified. More risky can pass the job without changes. However, due to various anti-plagiarism, this can be a mistake. However, for further viewing, studying the material or just for your reference, this option is ideal. How to download presentations from the Internet, made in different formats, is indicated below.

What is the presentation

Before you understand how to download presentations fromInternet, you need to understand what such a document is like. One of the most popular tools for creating a presentation is PowerPoint from Microsoft. It can create slides on which text and images are located, and you can also add music.

There are also services on the Internet thatYou can download ready-made presentations that are easy to add or modify. For example, often put up a presentation that is performed using Adobe Flash. They are also called simply "Flash".

how to download presentations from the Internet

How to download presentations from the Internet

The first method helps to download the "flash" on the computer. To do this you need:

  • Open the page code. This is done by right-clicking the mouse, and then selecting the "View page code" line.
  • Find the address of the video. It has SWF permission.
  • Enter the address found in the search box.
  • Use the loader program to save the movie to the computer.

This method tells how to download a presentation from the Internet to the computer. This option is suitable for reference.

However, sometimes it is necessary to have a readypresentation on any medium. To understand how to download a presentation on a USB flash drive from the Internet, you need to specify which folder the loader is storing. If you change the path by selecting the media address, then the save will go directly to the USB flash drive.

how to download a presentation from the Internet to your computer

Download presentations of another format

Most sites offer a click on the button"Download" to proceed to download the presentation. After that, the user is offered a download window, which prompts itself how to download presentations from the Internet.

First of all, choose the path to whereall files are saved. Sometimes this can be set automatically. You can change in the browser settings. Then a panel appears at the bottom of the page, which shows how much it has already downloaded. You can also click on an already saved file to open the presentation.

how to download a presentation on a USB flash drive

A similar method is used to download andany other media, such as a USB flash drive. Only choose the path to it. If the selection is made automatically or you want to save the document that is already on the computer, you can open the folder with the desired presentation file, and afterwards send it with the right mouse button and select the "send" line. Then a path is also selected. Such presentations can be further developed or left unchanged.

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