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Transportation companies of Vladimir are engaged intransportation of various goods, the nature and location of which depends on the customer. To ensure that the cargo was delivered intact and safe, and also within a clearly defined timeframe, it is necessary to choose a company that has proved itself. Here we will talk about the proven transport companies of Vladimir.

transport companies of Vladimir

PEK (First Expeditionary Company)

PEK - transport company of Vladimir, one of thethe largest in Russia. It has been operating since 2001 and has many branches. In addition to transportation in the Russian Federation, it delivers cargo to destinations Russia - Kazakhstan, Russia - China. For transportation, the company uses auto and air transport. The company's specialization is in groupage cargoes, it allows to reduce the cost for customers. The amount of cargo can vary from a small parcel to a cargo weighing up to 20 tons. The delivery service of the company will pick up the cargo from any destination, which is located 300 km from the branch.

Company advantages:

  • strict control and tracking of cargo at any stage of transportation;
  • the shortest delivery time is from 1 to 3 days;
  • due to a carefully built-up pricing system, the company's prices are very loyal;
  • individual attitude to each customer and the highest level of service;
  • preferential delivery from points where there are no branches.

In addition, as the testimonies testify, the company can pack cargo, provide loading and unloading, insure cargo. All documentation is in compliance with the standards.

transport company in Vladimir

Longline LLC

Rapidly developing transport companyVladimir, works in the market of services on a cargo transportation since 2005. Has a wide base of specialized equipment - eurofuries, container carriers, refrigerators. Carries out delivery of cargoes across Russia, and also to the countries of Europe and the CIS, to Asia, Scandinavia, China and to the Baltic republics. It has established ties with carriers and warehouses in Poland, Lithuania and Finland.

Advantages of choosing a company by customers:

  • high load capacity - up to 46 tons;
  • transportation of oversized cargo;
  • wide system of discounts;
  • state-of-the-art licensed equipment;
  • huge warehouses in Russia and abroad;
  • transportation of dangerous goods, according to all requirements and rules;
  • registration of transport documents, including export, without engaging the customer.

In addition, the company provides servicesmultimodal transport. This is a complex process in which different types of transport are combined, which is not very widely represented in transport companies. Also the company will insure the cargo.

pak transport company vladimir


International transport company Energia, inVladimir is registered, has branches in Russia, the CIS, China and the countries of the European Union. It has its own vehicle fleet, including specialized equipment for loading and unloading, and a lot of warehouses. Transportation of goods is carried out by auto, air and railway transport. The company specializes in the delivery of both consolidated cargo and individual transportation under full load of transport.

Based on customer feedback, we will highlight the advantages of a trucking company:

  • provision of a guarantee for the carriage of goods;
  • cargo tracking at any stage of the journey;
  • the widest territorial coverage for delivery;
  • various forms of calculation;
  • daily work on the principle of "until the last customer";
  • remote sales of goods;
  • work with online stores;
  • notification of the arrival of the goods;
  • cargo insurance in whole or in part.

The company can also provide services for packaging, loading and unloading, as well as storage of cargo. Orders can be made online.

adm transport company vladimir


The transport company Baikal is also popular. Vladimir, in particular, the company's customers, are satisfied with her work, since they speak well of her services.

There is about 20 years on the market and during this timehas established itself as a responsible carrier of modular cargoes in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Belarus. It has branches in 150 cities of the Russian Federation. He is engaged in the delivery of goods to warehouse terminals and hypermarkets of federal and regional networks. It makes delivery of goods of any weight and dimensions of auto, air and railway transport.

Pros of the company:

  • cargo tracking;
  • cargo storage services without renting the entire storage space, including free storage for 3 days;
  • delivery of cargo to the consignee and at the agreed time;
  • return of documents from the recipient;
  • work with online stores;
  • flexible system of discounts, individual approach.

The company will notify you of the arrival of the goods free of charge via SMS and by e-mail. Provide services for cargo insurance and handling.

transport company in vladimir address and

LLC "Cargo Trust"

Transport company in Vladimir, address andwhich phone can be found on the Internet. It has been operating since 2005, has at its disposal a large fleet of vehicles - tilt trucks, refrigerators and special equipment for transportation of oversized cargo. It is closely connected with a wide network of partners in Europe and owns warehouses in Poland, Lithuania and Germany. Carries goods across the Russian Federation and the countries of Europe and the CIS. The company renders services in transportation of groupage cargoes, and also has passed full check on transportation of dangerous cargoes and has received the European certificate for realization of this kind of activity.

The company uses auto, air, railway and sea transport.

The following advantages are highlighted in customer reviews:

  • implementation of complex multimodal transport;
  • container sea, cost-effective transportation of goods;
  • delivery of non-standard, oversized cargoes, regardless of destination;
  • individual calculation of the cost of storage of goods;
  • cargo handling, packaging, including restoration of its integrity;
  • equipment for storage of perishable, as well as dangerous goods.

Among other things, the transport companyVladimir has modern equipment for the repair of trucks and provides high-quality services for the diagnosis, maintenance and repair of customers' cars.

transport company energy in vladimir

"Dispatching room 33"

One of the leaders of transport logistics inVladimir region. Carries out cargo transportation in Russia. It carries out special shipments, for which it has modern equipment in its arsenal: excavators, manipulator, truck crane, trawl, length gauge, dump trucks, etc.

Pros of the company (based on customer feedback):

  • provides customers with modern equipment for rent;
  • carries out cargo insurance in a well-known company "Rosgosstrakh", any cargo is initially insured for 1 million rubles;
  • has courier service for the delivery of documents;
  • Provides favorable prices and discounts for regular customers;
  • works with online orders;
  • transports non-standard goods.

The transport company of Vladimir has a wide fleet of cars, from "Gazelles" to eurofur, this makes it possible to transport goods weighing from 1 to 20 tons.

and transport company baikal Vladimir


Stably developing transportation companycargo within the Russian Federation. Has a network of branches. From the reviews it is clear that he is taking on various goods, including food, equipment, furniture, building materials, medical equipment and much more. Has at its disposal a large fleet of vehicles, from small equipment to tilt and side wagons. Also provides the services of special equipment - manipulator, dump truck, concrete pump, truck crane, etc. Transport cargoes from 1 to 40 tons.

Work principles:

  • individual selection of value for each client;
  • minimum delivery time;
  • guarantee for cargo safety;
  • insurance.

transport companies of Vladimir

"Hello, garage!"

Motor transport moving company that provides services for the complete relocation of an apartment, house, office. Full range of company services:

  • Apartment or office move "on a turn-key basis". This includes: motor transport, skilled loaders, packing of property, disassembly and assembly of furniture, removal and skid of furniture and equipment from any floor, placement of property in a new location.
  • Mini-move. This is packaging, loading, unloading and unpacking furniture.
  • Services of loaders.
  • Freight taxis. The order of transport for the transportation of furniture and things.
  • Cargo transportation. Transportation of property in Russia up to 20 tons.

As evidenced by the testimonials, the company does not base only freight transportation, but it provides many services for the population.

transport companies of Vladimir

"Vladimir loaders"

The transport company of Vladimir specializes inon apartment, office and country crossings, is engaged in assembly and dismantling of furniture, unloading and loading of vehicles, rigging. In particular, it takes to transport non-standard, fragile cargo and equipment. Provides for rent various trucks. The company can provide an assistant to the dacha for the accomplishment of subsidiary work, as well as handymen at various facilities. The testimonies indicate that the company's employees are responsible and executive.

Pros of the company:

  • individual approach to any customer;
  • high level of service along with low prices;
  • timely performance of work.

List of companies is not limited toconsidered here. The transport company "ADM" is also popular. Vladimir is rich in such firms. The article identifies the best and most proven companies. As to which of them to address, there can be no councils. This everyone must decide for himself. We provided only a review for the convenience of choice.

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