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The issue of purchasing furniture for an apartmentit is necessary to think very carefully. After all, interior items are bought not for a year and not for two, but for five, ten and even more years. To purchase the most comfortable, you need to learn the addresses of furniture stores in Moscow. This will help to pick up the nearest trade house, where it is convenient to get there.

addresses of furniture stores in Moscow

How to choose the right furniture

When buying furniture, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • Reputation of the manufacturer. This is important, because only those companies that have proved themselves in the circle of consumers are worthy of attention. When choosing this particular manufacturer, you can be sure of the quality of the product.
  • Price policy of interior items. This question should also be studied in detail. If the raw material from which the furniture is made is of high quality, then the finished product can not be cheap. It is better to give preference to high or medium price policy.
  • Quality. Of course, this factor is the most interesting to the buyer. Ask the seller how much the materials from which the pieces of furniture are manufactured meet the standards and requirements.
  • Color and design solution. It is important that the purchased item of interior is fully integrated into the general picture of the room.

upholstered furniture stores in Moscow

Fully meet all requests and wishes of buyers of furniture stores in Moscow, whose addresses are as follows:

  • On the highway Dmitrievsky, house 116 D, SEC "Nash".
  • On Vernadsky Avenue, house 39, SEC "Vernadsky".
  • On the Ryazansky Avenue, house number 2, TRC "Gorodok".
  • By Bagrationovsky Avenue, house number 7, TRC "Gorbushkin Yard".
  • By Besedinsky Highway, house 15, TRC "Auchan".

Of course, this is not all the addresses by which you canto buy high-quality and good items for interior decoration. Nevertheless, these outlets are quite popular among consumers. Each buyer must select furniture based on the following factors:

  • Price policy. In most cases this factor is decisive.
  • Location of the outlet. Most often choose those that are as close to the house as possible, so that they do not incur additional costs of money.
  • Range. Of course, this aspect also greatly influences the process of choosing a store for the purchase of interior items home or in the office. Retail outlets with a small choice often do not open all opportunities for the buyer.

Why choose good and established stores

office furniture stores in Moscow

Only in proven outlets,offering furniture for the apartment, dacha, office, public institutions, you can see enough assortment for the right choice. Small companies, as a rule, do not shine with a variety of their proposals.

What are the parameters when choosing furniture to make accents

shops of kitchen furniture in Moscow

Depending on which roompurchased interior items, you need to focus on those or other criteria. There are excellent retail outlets that offer high-quality office items for the arrangement of space, interior accessories for the house, and there are also kitchen furniture stores in Moscow, the addresses of which can be studied below.

Every self-respecting business owner,certainly, qualitatively and comfortably equip the office with furniture. This will help employees feel themselves in harmony and completely immerse themselves in the work, and not be distracted by discomfort and other unpleasant nuances. When choosing office furniture, you should first of all pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Practicality.
  • Restrained color solutions.
  • The quality of the materials from which the pieces of furniture are made.

If you plan to buy interior accessories for an apartment, then it is worth paying attention to the addresses of furniture stores in Moscow, which offer:

  • Strong products.
  • Wide range of products.
  • Varying pricing policy, due to which each buyer will choose furniture for themselves.

Office furniture stores in Moscow (addresses):

furniture stores in Moscow

  • Furniture "Liberty" is located on the street Skotoprogo, house 29.
  • Internet shop "", located on the street Marshala Novikova, house 7.
  • Internet shop "Expert Furniture" on the street Business, house 11.
  • "Pronto office" on the avenue Donskoy, house 15.

Of course, this is not all the shops of the officefurniture in Moscow. Addresses of all institutions for the sale and production of business furniture can be viewed on official websites. In this city there are many outlets where every business owner with employees can pick up items of furniture suitable for the price policy and quality indicators.

Addresses of furniture stores in Moscow and the region

large furniture stores in Moscow

It is clear that in the capital of Russia there isa lot of proposals, based on the infinite demand for furniture for home and office. Some stores of upholstered furniture in Moscow, whose addresses we point out, are narrowly profile. And there are retail outlets that, due to their wide range, will help to fully equip the house, apartment or dacha.

So, the addresses on which you can buy different furniture, both ready-made and custom-made:

  • "Logomebel" is located on the street of the second ambulatory passage, house 12.
  • "Pinskdref" is located along Lenin's Freedom Street, house 26.
  • "The Swedish line" on the street Shcherbakovskoy, house 53.
  • "Cascade Furniture" along Signal Avenue, house 16.
  • "Atrima furniture" located along Vvedensky street, house 8.
  • "Metal Plex" is located on Leninsky Svobody street, house 19.
  • "Yukon" is located along Leninsky Prospekt, house 99.
  • "Tango" Located on Kutuzov Avenue, house 41.
  • "German style" along the Beregovaya street, house 13.
  • "Furniture Legion" along Profsoyuznaya Street, 57.

Price policy in different shops

Naturally, branded furniture stores in Moscow, whose addresses each will pick up for themselves, have a varying cost for interior items. The price depends on many factors:

  • Manufacturer.
  • Quality of materials used for manufacturing.
  • Location of the outlet.
  • Imported or domestic goods.

These aspects can be an incalculable number. And, of course, each of them directly affects the pricing policy in the store.

Large furniture stores in Moscow

the biggest furniture stores in Moscow

Addresses and a schedule of work of trade networks you can always specify on official sites.

If you plan to equip with objectsthe interior of the whole apartment, house or office, of course, you need to give preference to large salons to open the possibility of choice. Therefore, you should pay attention to the biggest furniture stores in Moscow, their addresses are as follows:

  • TC "City-Furniture", which is located at Dmitrovskoye Highway, house 118.
  • "Three whales", is located on Mozhayskoye highway 2 kilometers from the Moscow Ring Road.
  • "Armada" along Kirovskaya street, house 11.
  • Shopping center "Medvedkovo" is located along Polyarnaya street, house 21.
  • TRC "Gorodok", which is located on the avenue Ryazansky, house 2.
  • Shopping center along Biryulyovskaya Street, 51.
  • TRC "Leader" located on Borovskoe highway, house number 27.

Naturally, this is not all major stores,which you should pay attention to when necessary to equip the whole apartment. It is best for comfort to pick up outlets located near the house.

How to prepare for buying kitchen furniture

Interior in the kitchen should be compact,functional and not cluttered. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to offering a wide range of products of kitchen furniture stores in Moscow. Addresses, of course, must be studied in advance in order to find the most conveniently located outlet.

To purchase furniture was without problems and in pleasure, you should perform the following actions before ordering or buying interior items:

  • Make measurements of the spaciousness of the kitchen.
  • Think about the colors that you want to see in the walls of the kitchen.
  • Determine the question of where all the kitchen appliances will be located (it will be built-in or simply stand on the working surfaces).
  • Understand how much you are willing to allocate for the purchase of a kitchen set.

What to look for when buying upholstered furniture for home

Wide variety and multiple sentenceswill help to make the right choice. Upholstered furniture stores in Moscow, whose addresses can be studied in our article, are aimed at consumers and buyers of various financial opportunities and taste preferences.

When buying upholstered furniture, you should pay attention to the following factors:

  • The quality of the packing of the product.
  • For what purpose will the interior be used.
  • How tightly the finishing material is fixed.
  • What color do you prefer to choose for your house or apartment.

How to find out how reliable the manufacturer is

Fortunately, consumers, the addresses of furniture stores in Moscow, allow you to study in detail the information about the seller. Specifying the address of the outlet, you can:

  • Read reviews from experienced buyers.
  • Find out how long a store exists.
  • To study the information about which vendors the sales outlet cooperates with.
  • And also you can understand how high the qualityproducts, deepened in the study of the seller's pricing policy. Good goods can not be cheap, so it's better to give preference to high or medium price policy.

Have a good choice, let each purchase prove desirable and really high-quality.

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