What is the MFC. Services and features of work


Receiving a certificate or filing an application, likeother services of municipal bodies, has always been a huge problem for any citizen. The bureaucratic system was so unfinished that citizens often had to collect a lot of information, for which it was necessary to bypass many instances. All this required spending a lot of time, and not always it turned out to get a "treasured piece of paper."

To address this, the governmentit was decided to organize multifunctional centers in all major towns and cities. Today we will talk about what the MFC is and why they were created.

MFC - what is it?

A multifunctional center or MFC isa state institution in which work is organized according to the "one-stop-shop" system. For the population here are provided services of various state and municipal departments. In addition, it is possible to use the optimal variant of interaction between the citizen and the executive.

Talking about what the MFC is, you can notIt should be noted that due to well-established work and a large number of staff, there are no queues here, and all processes are absolutely transparent. A multifunctional center can help citizens in any, even the most difficult situation. The centralized management model of the MFC makes it possible to significantly simplify the process of rendering services and reduce the time for rendering them to citizens.

What is the MFC

MFC Services

The advantage of multifunctional centers is,that you can count on rendering not one service, but at once a whole complex, which will simplify the issuance of many documents and certificates, which previously could only be received in several different instances. In a single window at the moment you can get a whole range of services:

  • receive or replace the passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation;
  • To issue the passport;
  • register in the mandatory pension insurance system;
  • apply for marriage registration;
  • to apply for housing or to change the layout of the apartment;
  • solve cadastral and tax issues;
  • to queue up to write your child to a kindergarten and much more.

multifunctional centers of public services

In order for certain services to be provided to you at once,You should familiarize yourself with the list of necessary documents in advance. You can find them on the MFC website. If you do not have access to the network, you can find all the necessary information on the information stand in any of the branches of the multifunctional center.

The purpose of the MFC

With the question of what the MFC is, everything is clear, andnow let's talk about what it was created for. After the creation of the center, it became possible to solve several problems at once. Thanks to a single window, when individuals and legal entities applied for public services, it became possible:

  • significantly shorten the delivery of services;
  • simplify the process of their provision;
  • as close as possible to the places where services are provided;
  • increase comfort when receiving them;
  • strengthen the fight against corruption;
  • improve the quality of services provided and the satisfaction of visitors.

The centers cope with their tasks in full, especially in large cities. At the same time, they are created in the outback, where there is a much greater need for such organizations.

centralized management model MFTS

MFC in Moscow

The main feature of MFC can be called proximity topopulation. When they were created, the maximum coverage of the residents of the district was taken into account. So, in Moscow there are more than 100 points of service of the population, and their number continues to grow. It is possible that in a short time their number will be equal to the number of metro stations.

Multifunctional centers of public services (MFC) in Moscow provide services, without being tied to a residence permit, and inmost are guided by the extraterritorial principle. In Moscow, most MFCs were located as close to the metro stations as possible, which made it much easier for citizens to find the most convenient one. MFC of the provision of public services of the Russian Federation has now become much more accessible to residents of all areas of the capital.

MFTS of the provision of public services of the Russian Federation

For convenience, you can make an appointment with the MFC employees via the Internet, on the official website of the state centers. This further accelerates the receipt of services and simplifies the procedure.

With multifunctional centers you can compareportal of public services, where you can get information about your debts for taxes and fees, as well as many other useful information. Some references can also be obtained online or order their paper version. On the portal, by the way, you can sign up for an appointment with a multifunctional center, and in general the work of these two systems is similar in many respects. Those who actively use the portal of the State Service, perfectly know what the MFC is.

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