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In our time in many areas of human life is used refrigeration equipment called chiller. What it is? The answers to this and many other questions are in the article.

chiller what is it

Chiller - what is it?

This is a special equipment that is usedfor cooling liquid substances. An important feature of the chiller is the cooling capacity, that is, the ability to take the heat that the cooled medium releases. Therefore, before using such a machine, you need to make careful calculations of heat inflows in the room in different conditions.

Chillers are used in many spheres of the economy: in machine building, metalworking industries, food industry, medicine, etc. Also, the refrigerator is widely used in modern air conditioning systems. Air conditioners made on the basis of the chiller allow centralized conditioning of a large number of rooms.

The ability to maintain the temperature,necessary for the uninterrupted operation of equipment, has made indispensable for many industries such equipment as a chiller. What is it and what is its value? The answers to these questions lie in the application.


Most chillers are used for air conditioning. But there are other areas in which the chiller is used:

  • Cooling drinks in food production. So, according to technological features, wine, cognacs, syrups, juices, beer require lowering of temperature.
  • Cooling of technological and drinking water in confectionery and bakery equipment.
  • Maintaining water temperature in swimming pools.
  • Creation of ice areas in sports and entertainment complexes.
  • Manufacture of cooling medical equipment.
  • Maintenance of pharmaceutical needs.
  • Laser technology.
  • Manufacture of rubber and plastic products.
  • Chemical industry.

chiller fan coil

Principle of operation

The main task of the machine is to compress the refrigerant vapor,thereby increasing the pressure to start condensation. This principle is based on the chiller scheme. So, under the influence of pressure, the liquid begins to evaporate. Then the vapor-liquid mixture enters the condenser, which transfers heat to the external medium. In this case, the refrigerant passes completely into the liquid state and enters the expansion device - the throttle, which is located in front of the evaporator. The refrigerant under the influence of low pressure begins to boil and, passing through the evaporator, passes into a gaseous state. At this point, it absorbs heat energy from the coolant, reducing its temperature.

So any chiller works. Cooling takes place according to the same scheme, regardless of the model and type of refrigerating machine.

Classification of chillers

Now manufacturers produce a largerange of refrigeration machines with different capacities - from 5 to 9000 kW. Such powerful units allow to air-condition both small premises and multi-storey buildings.

All existing chillers are classified according to the following characteristics:

1. By type of condenser cooling:

  • The water-condenser is cooled by a conventionalrunning water. The water chiller is considered the most economical and is cheaper. Also, the water-type air conditioner is smaller in size. But for such an installation, it will be necessary to install a circulating water supply system.
  • Air - work on the same principle as conventional household air conditioners. That is, from the fan airflow is directed, which blows the condenser.

2. By the presence of the heating function:

  • chillers with a heat pump - such models can not only cool the coolant, but also heat it;
  • chillers without heat pump.

3. By type of construction:

  • With built-in condenser - chillers with aircooling can be produced in a single-piece design. In this case, the chiller is an autonomous machine to which only the pipelines from the pump station are connected.
  • Chiller with remote condensate - such a designmachine allows you to install the main equipment in the room, and the condensate itself to take out. For example, on the roof or outside of the building wall. This solution simplifies the maintenance of the chiller and improves reliability, as the room temperature is stable. In addition, since the chiller and all pipelines are in the building, there is no need to use non-freezing liquids and drain the water in the winter.

4. By fan type:

  • Monoblock air-cooled chillers withaxial fan - they are slightly cheaper, but create a weak air pressure. For this reason, chillers with an axial fan are usually placed in an open place - on a building wall or roof.
  • Monoblock chillers with a centrifugal fan - it creates a stronger air pressure, which allows you to place the equipment indoors. A fence and air discharge are provided by air ducts.

rhoss chiller

Absorption chillers

In addition to traditional cooling machines, there isabsorption chiller. What it is, you can understand by name. In this chiller, instead of freon, water and absorbent are used. The absorption cooling cycle is similar to the Freon one, because the heat is absorbed by the coolant and passes from the vapor state to the liquid. But the process of the absorption chiller is not over. Under the influence of an external heat source (hot water, gas burner, etc.) from the diluted absorbent of lithium bromide, vapors of water enter the condenser. Here the vapors condense into the liquid that enters the evaporator. At this point, it evaporates, and the vapor absorbs the absorbent, a concentrated solution of lithium bromide. Then the solution is again heated, and the cooling cycle is repeated again.

chiller cooling

System chiller-fan coil

The most common to dateis a chiller-fan coil system. In this case, the chiller works with internal closers, which are called fan coils. Their number may be different, but in some chiller models the number of fan coils is limited.

The fan coil is an analog of the indoor unit of the split system, but it works on water. It connects to the chiller with a piping system.

Fancoils are ceiling, wall, floor, cassette and cable. Also, open-frame door closers are available, which can be hidden behind a suspended ceiling or hidden in a decorative box.

An important advantage of the chiller-fan coil systemis the unlimited length of communications. To pluses it is also possible to carry a low cost of wiring, as for a circulation of a coolant it is admissible to apply usual water pipes.

chiller circuit

Advantages of air conditioners with chillers

The air conditioning systems in which the chiller is used have several advantages:

  1. Installation of the chiller makes it possible to place the refrigerating equipment at a distance from the cooled room.
  2. Cooling machines with heating function completely replace the traditional heating system. Therefore, the number of batteries in such rooms can be reduced.
  3. It is possible to connect any number of fan coil units.

How to choose the right chiller

When selecting a chiller, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • power of the machine;
  • saving electricity during operation in different modes;
  • reliability;
  • maintainability;
  • availability of protective automation;
  • the area of ​​equipment placement;
  • the possibility of using single-circuit installations without reworking the entire system;
  • environmental friendliness and safety of use.

chiller for water

Innovative systems RHOSS

To date, one of the largestEuropean manufacturers of air conditioning systems is RHOSS. The chiller of this brand is characterized by a high level of reliability and a long service life. The manufactured equipment is constantly tested and undergoes technical control, the results of which confirm the conformity of the products to high quality standards.

RHOSS products have highperformance characteristics. Produced equipment, other than mandatory certification, undergoes a EUROVEN inspection. This allows us to confirm the high quality and operability of RHOSS air conditioning machines. The chiller of this manufacturer undergoes stringent tests at different temperatures of air and water. Therefore, when choosing air-conditioning systems, it is better to give preference to a quality and tested product, than a cheaper one, but with worse characteristics.

chiller price

How much is the chiller

The cost of the chiller is closely related to the configuration. Also significantly affects the price of the brand of the manufacturer. The cost of a mini-chiller with air cooling ranges from 220-450 thousand rubles. The price for a large industrial chiller can be more than 10 million rubles.

If you need to choose a powerful and high-quality chiller,price is not the only parameter to pay attention to. It is very important to choose the model that will best meet the requirements.

Many companies offer their customersprofessional selection of the air conditioning system, its installation and maintenance. Firstly, it is very convenient for the buyer, since there is no need to look for other contract organizations. And secondly, the chiller will be much cheaper.

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