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Novosibirsk is a millionaire city. He is in third place among all Russian cities. Novosibirsk is a fairly young city, but several million people live here. Owning an apartment in this city is profitable and prestigious. You can live in it yourself or rent it to newcomers. There is a scientific center in Novosibirsk, so there are a lot of students in the city who need housing. Also the industry is well developed, in connection with which there is a constant influx into the city. Square meters in the capital of Siberia are always in price.

Select an apartment: from the developer or secondary housing?

developers in Novosibirsk
Apartments in a newly built house providedevelopers. Novosibirsk is a city of new buildings, therefore it is always possible to find a suitable apartment. However, in addition to being built, there is always a choice of housing in the secondary market. And nevertheless, new apartments in Novosibirsk (new buildings from the builder) are very popular. For many years, while construction in the country was going through a stagnation and almost all construction projects were frozen, people did not have the opportunity to buy any housing in the new house. Now the situation has changed radically. There are new developers, Novosibirsk is expanding, buildings are being built. Secondary housing is already irrelevant, many citizens want to have an apartment in a modern and new house.

New buildings in Novosibirsk

There are several districts in the capital of Siberia, and in eachthey build housing developers. Novosibirsk is quite an unusual city: it has houses of rather extravagant kind, mostly it is office buildings. Their form is simply fantastic. You look and it seems that you are in the future. All buildings are equipped with elevators, modern fire alarms and are protected by specialized services. There are underground parking lots, alleys and parks, aesthetic flower beds, patios near buildings. Near many houses there are playgrounds. Such buildings can be found in any part of the city.

New buildings of Novosibirsk from the developer
In residential neighborhoods wholeInfrastructure: playgrounds, parking, shops, clinics, pharmacies, preschools. And also educational institutions - colleges, lyceums, schools, colleges, universities, technical schools. There are libraries, Internet cafes, cinemas, in general, everything that is necessary for life. New buildings of Novosibirsk from the builder are modern residential quarters. When buying a house, you can choose the desired layout. If the buyer buys an apartment at the initial stage of construction, he can order and choose housing for his own individual project.

Apartments from the builder in Novosibirsk and the region

Many residents and visitors of the city prefer to buy apartments in new homes. How to choose a new building?

The most important thing is to determine the area in whichwhich will be the future apartment. Of great importance is whether the buyer has a car available, whether he plans to purchase it. Many new microdistricts are located far enough from the central part of the city. Therefore, traffic junctions are of great importance for those buyers who do not have cars.

The main criteria for choosing the location of a new building:

  • park area;
  • distance from the central part of the city;
  • infrastructure of the area;
  • city ​​or countryside, cottage settlements.

New buildings of Novosibirsk from the builder have more advantages than secondary housing. You can not only choose a suitable area of ​​the city or region, but also to agree on an individual layout of the apartment.

Apartments from the developers:

  • IC "Siberia", located at: city ​​of Novosibirsk, Sadovaya street, house 20; Zyryanovskaya Street, 53; microdistrict Gorsky, house 51; Narymskaya street, house 17/2. It offers residential areas: "Na Fadeeva", "Tulinskaya" and "Berezovoe". Apartments can be purchased at a price of 990000 rub.
  • GC "Kvarsis", address: city ​​Novosibirsk, Kirova street, house 86. Offers flats on the Shamshinyh Family Street, house 20; Russkaya street, house 38; Street Russian, house 41/1; street Demian Bedny, house 73. Apartments can be purchased from 40000 rub. for 1 square meter.
  • ZAO "Stroitel", address: Novosibirsk city, Sovetskaya street, house 5. Offers LCD "Astra". The apartments are located on Tankova street, houses 3, 4, 5, the average price for 1 square meter is 69000 rub.

This is one of the most reliable developers.

Builder choice

How to buy an apartment and not become a victim of scammers? The real estate market in Novosibirsk is quite diverse, services for the acquisition of new housing are provided by real estate agencies, intermediaries and developers themselves. Novosibirsk is a millionaire city, so there are a lot of options offered.

apartments from the builder in Novosibirsk
If the buyer buys an apartment through the builder, he must consider the following characteristics of reliability:

  • term of work, that is, how long the subject operates on the real estate market;
  • built buildings, types of work;
  • Are there any delays in the delivery of facilities?
  • financing.

apartments in Novosibirsk new buildings from the builder
You also need to know the reviews of thosebuyers who have already used their services. Check documents, certificates, permits, contracts, all that relates to the activities of the builder. Having all the guarantees, you can buy a house in a new building, the apartment of your dreams.

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