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It's nice to buy a new car, but it's troublesome. The task is further complicated if you know exactly which car and what equipment you need. In fact in this case it is necessary to search long enough salon in which desirable model is available and is on sale under the comprehensible price.

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To buy a cheap car,many residents of small towns are happy to come to Moscow. A significant number of visitors are attracted to their walls by the multi-brand showroom "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132. Reviews about this dealer are very ambiguous. Some of them are pricked up.

About salon

At first glance, the motor show "Mas Motors" (Moscow)seems quite a reliable point for the sale of cars. It exists more than 15 years. Buyers of the salon are both Muscovites and residents of other cities of Russia.

The target audience of "Mas Motors" is men andwomen of average prosperity. The salon does not deal with the sale of premium cars, such as Mercedes, Lamborghini or Aston Martin. "Mas Motors" actively promotes the most popular models on the market, the cost of which, as a rule, does not exceed 2 million rubles.

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The official website of the salon presents a catalog withthe widest choice of machines at reduced prices. According to the information provided on the portal, the salon has several thousand cars, each of which can instantly go into the ownership of the buyer.

On the main page of the site there is a function of automatic selection of models, which can be purchased for the amount of money that you have.

Mas Mas Motors attracts customersbig discounts, bonuses, shares. This dealer can buy a car in installments, use the service of express loans, hand over a used car on the system of trade in.

Motor show "Mas Motors" runs daily from 9-00 to 21-00.

The lineup

A wide variety of machines reportedon the site, prompts potential buyers to visit the motor show "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132. As shown on the dealer's website, the model line includes 20 automotive brands, including Audi, Chevrolet, Changan, Hyundai, Mazda, Lada , Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Skoda, Kia, Mitsubishi. In the directory "Mas Motors" you can find almost any machine of these and many other brands. It is reported that all cars are available, you can buy them immediately, no matter what color or equipment you choose.

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Is the assortment really wide,which offers a showroom "Mas Motors"? Customer feedback indicates that by phone and e-mail to the question about the availability of a particular car, the company's managers always answer in the affirmative. In this way they encourage the potential client to come to the salon. In fact, the desired model is often not available. Employees of the car dealership report that the car you were driving for was recently purchased. Managers persistently offer to buy another model, usually from those that are presented in the showroom. A very modest range of machines has at its disposal a motor show "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132. Customer reviews contain information that it includes only about 30-40 models.

Often salon managers report thatThe car you want to buy is in stock. However, they will bring and show the car only if you make an advance payment in the amount of 100-150 thousand rubles. It is better not to agree to this proposal, because if you do not like the car, it will be very difficult to get money back. Dispose of this amount from now on with a high degree of probability will be a showroom "Mas Motors." Feedback from buyers who did not manage to get their money back, I. In this situation, some visitors to the salon in the presence of managers made a call to the police or the prosecutor's office. In this case, employees, as a rule, preferred not to conflict and agreed to return the money.

However, there are positive feedback from the clients of the salon. Some buyers claim that only in the "Mas Motors" were able to buy the very machine that they have long dreamed of.

Is the car dealership an official dealer of brands sold?

Director Sergei Volokhov and the rest of the staffassure that the motor show "Mas Motors" - the official dealer. Feedback from buyers, however, makes one think: "Are the managers of the salon cunning?". As is known, information about official dealers (names, addresses, contact phone numbers) is necessarily indicated on the websites of auto manufacturers.

Checking the lists of partners Audi, Chevrolet,Hyundai, Mazda, Lada, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault, Honda, Ford, Toyota, Skoda, Kia, Mitsubishi and most other brands sold by the car dealership. We will see that Mas Motors is not on the list. How does this fact make comments on the employees of the dealer company? Managers refer to the fact that multibrand stores are allegedly not subject to mandatory inclusion in the lists. However, this provision is not prescribed in the conditions for dealers of brands sold by Mas Motors. In addition, almost every manufacturer of cars, whose products are sold by a car dealership, provide rather harsh conditions for official partners. Dealers are required to comply with a variety of requirements relating to:

  • the area of ​​exhibition halls,
  • training programs for staff,
  • technical equipment,
  • service,
  • the possibility of a test drive.

Multibrand salon can hardly meet the requirements of more than 20 automakers at the same time.

Thus, until there is confirmation that the showroom "Mas Motors" - the official dealer of most of the brands they represent.

However, the company is indeed a partnerChinese plant - the manufacturer of the brand Changan. Cute externally, compact cars can be purchased in the cabin inexpensively and without problems. The quality of the CS35 model is suggested to be checked on the test drive.

Price list

Employees of the Motor Show "Mas Motors"advising clients remotely called attractive prices for cars. The cost of most models, according to managers responsible for calls, is much lower than that of competing companies. On the site of the salon there is a wide range of cars sold at significant discounts.

Compare prices for some popular models from the electronic catalog of "Mas Motors" with minimal offers on manufacturers' websites.

Model of the car, package, volume, engine power, year of manufacture.

The initial price on the manufacturer's website or from an authorized dealer, rub.

The price for the shares of LLC "Mas Motors", rubles.

Renault Logan access, engine capacity - 1.6, capacity - 82 liters. with., 2016.

469 000 rubles.

399 000 rubles.

Lada Granta standard, the volume of the engine - 1,6, capacity of 87 l. with., 2016.

333 000 rubles.

353 900 rub.

Huindai Solaris active, engine capacity - 1.4, capacity 107 liters. with., 2016.

539,900 rubles.

539,900 rubles.

Chevrolet Niva L4 * 4, the volume of the engine - 1,7, the capacity of 80 liters. with., 2016.

495 000 rub.

399 000 rubles.

Skoda Octavia Active, the volume of the engine - 1.6, power 110 liters. from. 2016

887 000 rubles.

787 000 rubles.

Mazda 6 drive (AT), engine capacity - 2.0, power - 150 liters. with., 2016.

1 204 000 rub.

1 154 000 rubles.

Nissan Qashqai XE (variator), engine capacity - 1,1, power - 115 liters. with., 2016.

949 000 rubles.

989 000 rubles.

Ford Focus Ambiente, the volume of the engine - 1,6, capacity - 85 l. with., 2016.

649 000 rubles.

649 000 rubles.

Kia Ceed SW Classic DABD, engine capacity - 1.6, power - 100 liters. with., 2016.

751 900 rub.

679 900 rub.

Volkswagen Jetta Conceptline, engine capacity - 1.6, engine power - 90 liters. with., 2016.

841 000 rubles.

736 000 rubles.

As you can see, for most models the price is either equal tothe minimum cost set by the manufacturer, or below it. Is it really so inexpensive to sell a car dealership "Mas Motors" in Warsaw, 132? Customer reviews of prices in the cabin are often negative.

auto salon motors reviews

Many visitors to the exhibition hallalarming is the fact that there are no labels on the machines that contain information on the cost and model bundles. And not in vain. After all, when you make a purchase, the price of a car, as a rule, is much higher than that indicated by phone or indicated in the correspondence. The difference is 100-150 thousand rubles. Salon managers motivate the change in cost for various reasons, for example, the following:

"The car you were talking about on the phone was already sold. There remains another model, but it is only in more expensive equipment. "

- "On the phone with you, another employee was talking,which is currently not in place. Most likely, he mistakenly called the cost of a similar model of last year's release. We have already bought these cars. "

- "The price has increased in accordance with the requirements of the lending bank."

On some sites there are also positivereviews about the motor show "Mas Motors" in Varshavka. Numerous buyers say that they bought a car from this dealer with pleasure: the car was exactly as you wanted, the purchase cost quite inexpensively. But the authenticity of these reviews raises doubts: the reports of authors evaluating the work of the salon are positive, they are written daily and in the same style.


Many Muscovites, telling friends about whereyou can buy a car, recall the showroom of "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132. Reviews on many thematic sites and forums also contain information about the location of the dealer in this formulation.

However, some men and women who wishvisit a showroom "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, do not find a dealer at the specified address. They discover that there are very different organizations there. Potential customers leave with nothing, concluding that the so-called auto show "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132, most likely no longer exists. But this is not so.

In fact, the exact address of the dealer sounds like this:Moscow, Varshavskoye shosse, 132, A, building 1. If you travel by public transport, it is likely that it will be convenient for you to use the free service of the company for transporting customers from the metro station "Yuzhnaya". Two cars with the inscription "Mas Motors" are waiting for passengers daily. They will be transported free of charge to the salon during his working hours. It may be necessary to wait a few minutes for corporate machines to transport clients who arrived earlier.

If you are behind the wheel and plan to independently locate the motor show "Mas Motors" on Varshavka, 132, the scheme of travel is very evident on the company's corporate website.

Staff. Service

There is no exact data, how many permanent employeestook in its staff motor show "Mas Motors." Customer feedback says that there are a lot of newcomers in the company's staff. In the auto show also interns are often interns. The customer's opinions about the company's personnel are ambiguous. Most of them do not concern the quality of the work of individual employees, but the service system as a whole.

Positive feedback on the motor show "Mas Motors"on Varshavka contain information that friendly clients quickly approached the clients, easily answered any questions and quickly formalized the transaction. The staff did everything to make the visitor feel comfortable. Authors of some reviews shared impressions that managers treated them as if they came to buy a very expensive car.

Auto Motors Motors Customer Comments Negative

Is it so nice to visit the showroom of "Mas Motors"? Customer feedback about visits to the dealer and the results of meetings with managers is extremely negative.

There are reports on thematic forums that:

- Some employees of the salon are low-competent and constantly run around consulting with more experienced ones;

- the papers are being processed very slowly (positive reviews about the motor show "Mas Motors" on Varshavka also contain this remark, but their authors agree that the registration of documents "does not tolerate haste");

- employees sometimes do not pay attention to customers, and are busy solely with themselves.

In addition, some believe that therun for sale are not prepared. Sometimes such cars are badly washed, in salons - dust and garbage. Buyers who write reviews about the motor show "Mas Motors" (Moscow), worried that in poor lighting due to soiling, there may be no chips or scratches.

Test Drive

The service of a trial trip is not provided for in the salon.To check up consumer properties of the car it is possible, only having swept a little on adjoining territory. This again indicates that the salon is not the official dealer of most of the brands represented. Terms of cooperation, as a rule, assume that the seller conducts a test drive for potential customers on any model of the car.

The trade in system

In the auto show there is a program of exchanging a used car for a new one. Evaluation of the machine, as advertisers say, is performed within 30 minutes.

Reviews about the showroom "Mas Motors" (Warsawhighway, 132) confirm that the company's experts are working fast enough. The car is inspected for a few minutes. Appraisers often do not notice many of the disadvantages of a used car. Calculating the cost sometimes exceeds the expectations of customers.

At the motor show "Mas Motors" you can also rent a used car for a recycling program, without buying a new one.

Buying a car in installments

The auto salon widely advertises not onlydemocratic prices, but also the sale of new machines in installments. The maximum amount of debt for payment can be up to 1 000 000 rubles. The maturity of the obligations does not exceed three years. As stated in the advertisement, interest on installments is not charged.

For the decision of the management of the salon to decide whether to sell the machine on credit, it is necessary to submit a passport, a work record (a copy certified by the employer or a notary), a copy of the driver's license.

auto show engine motors reviews of customers

The probability of acceptance by the motor show of a positive decision on installments is 98%. One of the necessary conditions for the transaction is car insurance under the CASCO program in one of the partner companies.

Purchase your favorite vehicleYou can without an initial installment, if the installment amount does not exceed 600 thousand rubles. With the amount of debt from 600 to 800 thousand rubles. you must immediately pay at least 20% of the cost of cars. With the amount of installments of 800 thousand rubles. up to 1 million rubles. the down payment is not less than 40% of the cost of the car.

Car Loans

If you do not qualify for an installment plan, you canApply for an express loan. The Mas Motors showroom has about 20 partner banks, including PJSC Sberbank, Otkrytie, Tatfondbank, Rosbank, VTB24, Rusfinance Bank, Baltinvestbank, Raiffeisen Bank "," Promsvyazbank ". These financial institutions are ready to lend out loans to private individuals who buy cars at a preferential interest rate provided for by state programs.

Express credit can be obtained withoutdown payment. The loan period is from 6 months. up to 3 years. The maximum amount of loans is 3 500 000 rubles. The probability of a positive decision to grant a loan, as advertisers say, is 98%. Obligatory condition, as in the case of the purchase of the car on an installment plan, CASCO insurance.

The interest rate on car loans asreported in advertising, is from 4.5% per annum. Are such preferential terms for the loan offered by the motor show "Mas Motors" (Moscow)? Customers' reviews contain information that, in fact, the cost of the loan is from 19% per annum and higher. The minimum rate of 4.5% per annum is established only with an initial contribution of more than 90% of the cost of cars and a loan period of not more than 1 year.

auto show mas engines official dealer reviews

To obtain approval for a loan, you must provide a passport.

If you are planning to take a loan in a car dealership,prepare to wait. The decision to issue a loan is accepted by banks within a few hours. In separate reviews there is information that salon managers give customers a "cheat sheet": how and what to answer questions of the credit inspector.


Buying a car in the showroom, it can be immediately insured by the OSAGO and CASCO programs. Among the permanent partners of the auto show are over 20 insurance companies.

After-Sales Service

The salon renders a rare service of deliverycar to the buyer at home. Transportation can be carried out by an autocart (evacuator) or by its own motion (a professional driver-ferryman). The motor show also offers to carry out for you registration of a car in the traffic police.


In the showroom "Mas Motors" is working technicalcenter, at the reference in which all breakdowns are fixed in the program. Due to this in the future, if you believe in advertising, it will be easier to diagnose the machine. The technical center also promises to install any additional equipment quickly enough.

reviews about motor show mash motors Warsaw highway

Special offers

The Salon Mas Motors is trying to attract newclients various bonuses, privileges, shares. For example, on the company's website, you can apply for a discount coupon. All buyers of the auto show promise guaranteed gifts when buying a car: fire extinguisher, first-aid kit, seat covers, rugs. As a bonus, you can also get a free tablet computer, gyroscope or a set of winter tires. Generous gifts promises to buyers a car dealership "Mas Motors" (Moscow). Customers' reviews, however, contain reports that the promised presents were not given. Winter tires and giroskutery in the warehouse were absent. Employees of the salon promised customers to deliver gifts within three days to the specified addresses.

Some positive feedback about the MasMotors »(Moscow) also confirm the fact that gifts when buying a car were not given. But the authors of the messages were satisfied with the car and did not particularly expect any bonuses.

auto salon motor motors moscow buyers reviews

Negative feedback

It seems that the motor show "Mas Motors" does not work perfectly. Customer feedback is also negative.

About individual problems that arose when we contacted a car dealership, we told earlier.

There are many angry comments about the unexpected increase in the cost of an already approved loan. The interest rate promised by phone increased 3-4 times.

Many visitors to the salon were unhappythe fact that the machines installed too many additional equipment, for each unit which you have to pay. Remove any unnecessary device from the car salon refuses.

Individual reviews also include information onthat the managers are pressuring the client. For example, some employees make dishonest statements that the client's credit history will deteriorate if he refuses to purchase a car.


Of course, you will make a decision on your own,it is worth to go for a new car in the showroom "Mas Motors" in Varshavka, 132. Reviews about this organization are very diverse. Objectively evaluate the work of the dealer can only make an attempt to buy a car from him. It is possible that, despite the abundance of negative reviews, you will find a "swallow" of your dreams precisely in "Mas Motors".

In conclusion, we emphasize once again: the acquisition of a new machine is a responsible task.

reviews about the Motor Show in Motors in Warsaw

Carefully read the contract of salemotor vehicle, as if the staff of the cabin did not hurry you. Ask questions about each item that you are in doubt. Do not forget to check the fact of the absence of the car that you purchase in the single registry of pledges of movable property on the websites of the notary. And in any case do not agree to make an advance payment, until you see the car and check its driving performance.

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