Alexander Misharin is the first vice-president of JSC Russian Railways. Biography, personal life


Misharin Alexander Sergeevich - a hereditary railroad worker, statesman, top manager, proved with his life that a person, if desired, can achieve a lot.

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Alexander Misharin was born in the 21st centuryJanuary 1959 in the city of Sverdlovsk. His father was a railwayman, and this determined the choice of the professional path of the boy. He decided to continue his father's business and after school Alexander entered the Urals Institute of Railway Transport. In 1981 he graduated from the university and received a diploma.

After the institute Misharin goes to Sverdlovskrailway. For the first three years he worked as an electromechanic in the Shartashsky power supply area, then for two years as the head of the electrical network district at the Sedelnikovo station, and the next two years as chief engineer of the Ishim power supply segment. Work experience in positions of different levels gave Misharin an idea of ​​the internal organization of a large transport enterprise, his experience was claimed afterwards repeatedly.

Growth path

In 1989, Alexander Misharin, whose biographyslightly changes its direction, moves to work in the subway of Ekaterinburg. At first he works on the construction of the subway in the position of chief engineer. Having launched underground in 1991, Misharin returns to the railway in the person of the deputy chief of power supply, but almost immediately passes to the office of the chief of power supply. Five years later he became the chief engineer of the Sverdlovsk Railway. During this period, Alexander Sergeevich increases his qualifications and studies at the Faculty of Economics of the Ural State Academy of Railways, which he graduated in 1997. At every job he was able to establish relationships and demonstrated high professionalism, this did not go unnoticed.

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Senior Manager

A huge professional experience allowed Misharinin 1998 to become Deputy Minister of Railways of the Russian Federation Nikolay Aksenenko. His sphere of duties in this post was to provide communication in the system of communications. A year later the Minister of Railways changed, this chair was taken by Vladimir Starostenko, then Aksenenko became the Minister again.

Alexander Misharin remained in his place atboth ministers. In 2000, he became the first deputy minister of the Ministry of Railways. Two years later, when Aksenenko finally left the agency and Gennady Fadeev came to this place, Misharin had to go down a step further, he again became deputy minister, who supervised the communication system. In May 2002, Alexander Sergeevich was appointed head of the Sverdlovsk Railway. But he was able to remain a member of the collegial council of the Ministry of Railways, for this Fadeev even issued a special decree.

In 2004, Misharin became director ofintegrated development of the Ministry of Transport infrastructure (this unit appeared as a result of the reform of the Ministry of Transport) and works as a Deputy Minister of Transport. In 2009, he was appointed Director of the Industry and Infrastructure Division of the Government of the Russian Federation.

Vice President, Alexander Alexander Misharin

Scientific career

Alexander Misharin in 1999 while workingDeputy Minister of Railways defended his thesis on the effective informatization of railways. In 2005 he became a doctor of technical sciences, defending a thesis on the introduction of modern technologies in rail transport. On the account of Misharin six patents for inventions, which he received while working in the Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation.

Milestones of the governor's way

Since 2004, Misharin is an active member of the party"United Russia", he participates in the election of deputies of the Sverdlovsk Regional Duma. In 2004, he is a confidant of the candidate for President of the Russian Federation V.V. Putin.

In 2009, Alexander Misharin, whose biographymakes an unexpected turn, becomes the governor of the Sverdlovsk region. His candidacy was nominated by the party "United Russia" and supported by the President of the Russian Federation DA. Medvedev.

Governor Misharin remained in the history of Sverdlovskas the initiator of several large projects. His activities aroused polar assessments, the main claims to his activities on the part of the public were in irrational use of the regional budget funds, in ill-conceived decisions, in lobbying the interests of individuals and initiating cumbersome and costly projects. Remaining true to his professional background, the governor proposed a project to create a high-speed railway connecting Ekaterinburg with remote regions of the region and with Nizhny Tagil. He also advocated the intensification of the construction of the metro in Yekaterinburg, with him the station "Botanicheskaya" and "Chkalovskaya" was launched ahead of schedule.

misharin alexandr sergeevich family

Misharin became a supporter of the project "Verhoturie", inwhich was invested considerable funds, the project was supposed to create a tourist center in Verkhoturye, which is a landmark for the Orthodox. Another religious project of the governor is the restoration of St. Catherine's Cathedral in Yekaterinburg.

With great difficulties, Alexander Sergeevichcollided in the conduct of administrative and personnel policies. His situation was greatly complicated by the forest fires of 2010, when he went on holiday at the height of the disaster. The opposition many times made claims to Misharin about misappropriation of funds, he was also accused of paying for the election campaign at the expense of the regional budget, in the purchase of Mercedes for 8 million budget rubles.

In 2011, Misharin falls into a major road accident, has been treated for a long time, including in Germany. After a short while he returns to the governor's office, but in May 2012 he resigns.

Russian Railways

In 2012, Alexander Misharin entered the ExpertCouncil under the Government of the Russian Federation represented by the President of a public organization. Previously, he was a member of the Board of Directors of RZD and was well acquainted with the activities of this organization. Apparently, this and his great professional experience caused the fact that in December 2012 the First Vice President of JSC Russian Railways, Alexander Misharin, appeared.

The main field of his professional intereststhere were high-speed railways. He is an active advocate of the idea of ​​creating a whole network of such roads in Russia, which, in view of its geography, badly needs such transport. Vice President of the Russian Railways Alexander Misharin in 2013 became the general director of the "Highway", which today are engaged in the construction of a high-speed road between Moscow and Kazan.

First Vice President

Family and personal life

Alexander Misharin was twice married. From his first marriage he has two daughters: Anastasia and Anna. The first wife died from a serious illness in 2004. The second wife is Inna Andreeva, an entrepreneur in the IT field. Misharin Alexander Sergeevich, whose family attracts much attention, is known for having helped his relatives more than once in conducting business. His wife attracted the attention of the press as the first among the wives of the governors of Russia in terms of the declared income.

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