Strawberry mite: how to deal with this pest?


Luxury strawberry shrubs grow to dwarfishsizes and are characterized by oppression, the first leaves grow to normal size and literally after some time together with the rest they become twisted and wrinkled, on the underside of the leaf plates there is a silvery coating - these are the external signs of the presence on the garden plant of a dangerous pest called a "strawberry mite".

Description of the strawberry mite

The pest of strawberry plantations is common inall regions of cultivation of this garden culture and is characterized by very small sizes (from 0.1 to 0.2 mm), so you can see the insect only with the help of a magnifying device.

strawberry mite photo
The vitreous-transparent body of an adult tick hasoval and divided into anterior and posterior parts by a transverse groove. Female more than 1.5 times in males and make up 85% of the total number of adults. In the stage of the larva, the mite has three pairs of bristly legs, in adults there are four of them.

Parasitic activity

Typically, the laying of small elliptical eggs of the female produces on both sides of a young leaf that has not yet opened. At a comfortable temperature of +19 ... +25 aboutWith the development of one generation of garden pests lasts from 2 to 9 weeks.

strawberry mite
Thus, from the middle of April to Octoberit is possible to appear from 7 to 9 generations of strawberry mites, the optimal conditions for the life of which are high humidity and not too hot temperature. For berry bushes strawberry tick (see photo in the article) comes with planting material, through garden tools, shoes, clothes, berry mustaches and leaves.

Most plants are infected with such a pestin the middle of summer, when there is not enough moisture in the soil. It is at this time that insects eat with a special intensity, so the symptoms of damage to bushes are most pronounced. With the onset of cold weather, the rate of development of the berry pest declines; egg laying stops at temperatures below +13 aboutFROM. By the end of autumn, males die, and females winter after stipules, at the base of plants, sometimes they wait for the cold between the folded plates of young leaves. If a strawberry mite on a strawberry is found, how to deal with such a pest? We'll look at this a little later.

Consequences of mite activity

In all phases of development the strawberry mite lives inbuds of flowers and on young, just dropping pieces of strawberries; freely moves within the bush. The consequences of the life of a small pest are very damaging to plants: the yield of infected strawberries drops sharply, the leaves become yellowish-oily, wrinkle and die.

strawberry mite on strawberry
The bushes lose frost resistance and in mostits in the winter freeze. Violating the formation of flower buds laid at the end of summer, strawberry mites on strawberries cause huge damage to the harvest of not only the current year but also next year and at an opportune time is able to destroy more than half of the expected fruit. Gradually increasing, the harmfulness of the insect reaches its peak on plantations of three to four years of age. How to deal with strawberry mites?

Combating a berry pest should beginimmediately, from the moment of its detection. In early spring, you need to collect all the remains of vegetation from the beds, because pests can winter them. Then the collected mass is burned or put into compost, previously disinfected. Also on each plant bush it is recommended to carefully pour up to half a liter of hot (about 80 aboutC) water, then temper, feed and water.

Mite against tick

It is rather difficult to get rid of a pestthe reason is inaccessibility to the places of its resettlement. Struggle with strawberry mites can be carried out by an alternative method, which involves the release of the natural enemy, the mite Neseyulius Kukumeris, to the damaged bushes.

struggle with strawberry mite
This predator is bred in speciallaboratories and vegetable greenhouse farms and are used throughout the summer period. For each leaf a bush of strawberries is required to produce from 25 to 40 mites, depending on the degree of damage to the latter. Since this method of struggle does not suit everyone, in practice more accessible methods are used.

Strawberry mite: fighting measures

Effective measure of the fight against the gardenpest, at which it is possible to get rid of 90 to 95% of its quantity, is the mowing of green mass immediately after harvesting. Previously, the site must be weeded from weeds, fertilized and watered. With the timing of such a procedure should not be delayed, since the plant needs to grow a leaf crown before the onset of cold weather. Then it is necessary to produce a three-fold, with a weekly interval, spraying the cleaned area with biopesticides "Akarin" or "Fitoverm" at the rate of 20 ml of funds per bucket of water. Effectively use of chemical preparations "Actellik" (15 ml per 10 l of water) or "Fufanon" (30 ml per 10 l of water). The treatment should be done twice within 10-14 days. Chemicals are recommended to alternate, as the mite quickly gets used to pesticides.

Sometimes the result is disappointing

Because most of the peststhe foundations of a strawberry bush on half-opened or still undiscovered leaflets processing even with highly effective preparations can disappoint an unsatisfactory result. This is due to the fact that it is quite difficult to deliver the working solution to hard-to-reach habitats of the tick, because of the obstructing thick leaf cover.

how to deal with strawberry mite

Before the beginning of the growing season, with a significantdefeat of mites should be sprayed all berry plantations 3% Bordeaux fluid. An effective measure in the fight against insects is the treatment of cultural plantings with a 70% solution of colloidal sulfur, carried out during the period of growing leaves, before flowering and after the formation of fruits.

Folk methods

In spring, with the growth of the first leaves, in the periodbookmark buds and twice after harvest, you can destroy the garden pest infusion of onion husks. For its preparation, 200 grams of dried material should be filled with a bucket of water, insist for 4-5 days, drain.

strawberry mite on strawberry how to fight

In the fight against the strawberry parasite effectivelyspraying of the garden plot with decoction from the tomato leaves. To prepare it, 1 kilogram of dried green mass requires 10 liters of warm water to pour in and insist for 3-4 hours. After that, the infusion should be boiled for 2-3 hours, strain, dilute with water in a ratio of 1: 2, add 40 grams of household soap. Apply for the right purpose: treat the beds with strawberries.

Planting strawberries is recommended to water decoctiongarlic at the rate of about half a liter per bush. To enhance the effect, the treated plants should be covered with a polyethylene film for several hours. Spraying pesticides (for example, the drug "Carbophos") is recommended only after the collection of fruits. In the process of their conduct, it is necessary to moisten the young foliage abundantly, since the strawberry mite in its main mass lives on it.

Against strawberry mites, effective heatingsoil. To do this, after harvesting, all the leaves should be mowed, after 3-5 days, the site should be treated with fire (using a gas burner), after which the plants should be watered abundantly. Further care of the bushes is reduced to measures for weeding, feeding and shelter for the winter.

Preventive measures

In the fight against strawberry pest is very importanttake preventive measures: planting should be kept clean, well lit and ventilated. You should not plant berry bushes in shaded areas, as well as in areas with stagnant water.

strawberry mite control measures
It is recommended to loosen the soil more often, to hoeberry bushes, timely carry out feeding activities. This causes favorable conditions for the growth and development of plants and increasing their resistance to various pests, including strawberry mites.

Recommended activities before planting

For planting strawberries it is required to useonly healthy seedlings. When using seedlings of their own production, it is recommended that young plants be fully immersed in hot water for a quarter of an hour before they are planted, then rinse in cool water and put them in the ground. This treatment should be carried out no later than mid-August: before the winter period, seedlings should build up a good root system, from 3 to 5 leaves and a well-developed growth bud. When early detection of strawberry mites should be removed as damaged bushes, and located next to them. An effective measure of the control of the parasite is the observance of the crop rotation: strawberries can be returned to their original place no earlier than in 4 years.

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