JSC "Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant": history, production, products


JSC "Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant"a city-forming enterprise in the west of the Chelyabinsk region. AMZ is among the top five Russian suppliers of thick-rolled steel, nanocrystalline and amorphous alloys. Leader in the production of utensils, household items and gardening equipment made of high-quality steel.


The Ashinsk metallurgical plant has a richhistory. At the end of the XIX century, the industrialist Aleksey Umov was burning with the idea of ​​building an iron works in the Urals. As a place, a "deaf corner" was chosen in the heart of the taiga, entirely covered with forest. The tree was the main source of energy for many decades, until 1947. A special contribution was made by the Balashov brothers, who sponsored the construction.

Ashinskiy metallurgical plant

The year of foundation of the enterprise is 1898th. By the beginning of the 20th century, several blast furnaces had been built, the first cast iron was produced. Before the revolution, they managed to build steelmaking and three open-hearth furnaces.

The Soviet period

Revolutionary field Ashinsky Metallurgical Plantwas nationalized. In the Great Patriotic War 700 metallurgists went to the front, 300 of them were killed. The men were replaced by women, teenagers, old people. AMZ produced valuable products - especially strong armored steel, unique characteristics of which were achieved due to the addition of slag.

Until the end of the 1940s, the plant did not haveown rolling production. The fused pigs were sent for further processing to Zlatoust and Minyar. As part of a large-scale modernization in 1952, a sheet rolling shop (LPC) No. 1 was built, where the thick-plate metal was mainly rolled. After 7 years earned the LPS № 2, which supplied hire for the defense enterprises of the aircraft and shipbuilding complex.

oAo Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant

In 1974 they launched LPC №3 with the most modernat that time equipment. In its walls produced a unique product - kinescope tape. In the USSR there was no longer such a production. Without this tape, domestic television plants could not produce color TVs. After the end of the era of CRT-kinescopes the shop was re-profiled.

In the mid-80's, with the growing deficit of itemsthe Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant started manufacturing consumer goods (consumer goods). Here in 1987, the largest in the USSR workshop for the production of stainless steel utensils was organized.

Modern production

With the change of system in 1992, the enterprise wasprivatized. During this period, the main product of consumer goods is a metal thermos. Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant was one of the first to purchase a license from the Japanese for this scarce commodity.

The period from 1997 to 2012 was a turning point. Under the leadership of general director Vladimir Yevstratov, AMZ underwent a radical reconstruction. The obsolete machines and equipment were updated, the technological process was transferred from coal to gas. In the 2000s, the assortment of consumer goods expanded due to gardening equipment, products for tourism and recreation.

casseroles of the Ashinsk metallurgical plant

In the field of "large" metallurgy, JSC "Ashinskiymetallurgical plant "also awaited drastic changes. The energy producing complex was commissioned, the progressive unit - ladle furnace - was started, the construction of NASRS began, the production of EAF-120 and CCM was launched. In 2010, the glorious era of open-hearth furnaces was completed.

Today the plant is headed by Vladimir Myzgin. The projects started by the previous administration continue to be implemented. Among the high-profile achievements of recent years is the reconstruction of the first rolling shop and the launch of a limestone kiln.

Industrial products

Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant produces two types of products: steel rolling stock and consumer goods. The first category includes:

  • Rolling of three types: hot-rolled thin-sheet, thick-plate and cold-rolled sheet.
  • Two types of tapes: from amorphous alloys and cold-rolled steel.
  • Various magnetic cores.
  • Corrosion-resistant electric welded pipes.
  • Powders metal.
  • Other products.


Consumers are well aware of AMZ's products underbrand "Amet" due to high-quality steel products. Kitchen accessories, thermoses, cutlery, pots Ashinsky Metallurgical Plant won the hearts of many Russians. By the way, at one of the national competitions of consumer groups, pots of the "Professional" series were recognized as the best. They are made of high-quality, food-resistant, wear-resistant steel with a thickness of 0.8 mm, are evenly heated and keep the set temperature perfectly.

thermos of the Ashinsk metallurgical plant

The main list of consumer products includes:

  • Several types of mangal, which differ in thickness of the walls and appearance. They have a collapsible design.
  • Skewers made of stainless steel.
  • Tourist dishes from "stainless steel".
  • Metal thermoses of different volume.
  • Sets for a picnic.
  • Smokehouse cylindrical or rectangular shape.
  • Lawn-and-garden stock.

Social responsibility

AMZ is a city-forming enterprise. Thanks to the efforts of the factory workers, residential areas were built (and erected) in the town of Asha, centralized heating was carried out to the houses. The Palace of Sports, the Beryozki dispensary, the Palace of Culture were built. The quality of life of the residents of Ashyn improved significantly.

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