Salon "Eden", Pushkino: address, schedule, reviews


As the poet John Kitts wrote, "Perfect captivates forever, you do not cool to it, never."

The cult of beauty

For many modern women, a visit to the salonBeauty is a necessary procedure, repeated with enviable constancy. Care for their own appearance gives an opportunity to rest morally, to be filled with favorable female energy and, of course, to maintain their own attractiveness at the proper level.

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Moscow is crowded with beauty salons of differentdirections, but a lot of them in the Moscow region. One of the most famous is the showroom "Eden" in Pushkino. A wide range of services, quality cosmetics and talented masters make their clients well-groomed and satisfied with their appearance beauties.

Masters qualification

"Eden" in Pushkino is one of the fewlicensed salons. Masters who work here (and there are many of them, considering the range of services) have a medical education and constantly improve their qualifications in the relevant courses. Visiting international seminars enables specialists to follow European trends. Giving into the hands of the master, you can not worry that the result does not suit you.

The range of services "Eden"
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The procedures provided by the "Eden" salon in Pushkino are related to different areas - hair and skin care, make-up, hair removal, massage, nail care.

1. Aesthetic and therapeutic cosmetology, which includes anti-aging programs for face care, peelings, hardware procedures, contour plastic.

2. Nail service - nail extension and design, hardware and classical manicure, pedicure, hand skin care.

3. Body care - massage, wraps, salt peels. Massage from a master with medical education will help not only improve the overall condition of the body, but also remove back pain.

4. Hair care - hair treatment, building, chemical wave,staining and, of course, haircuts. And considering how dangerous it is today to do a substandard chemical haircut that literally burns them, the use of reliable materials for work is extremely important. Also in the services of the salon there is a more sparing biocoal, practically not spoiling the hair.

5. In addition, the salon provides such services as piercing, tattoo, epilation, make-up, permanent make-up and men's haircuts.

On the official site of the beauty salon "Eden" you canto familiarize with ultramodern procedures - botoks for hair, medical-aesthetic correction of the person, the architecture of eyebrows and eyelash extension. Masters regularly develop programs on rejuvenation based on foreign cosmetics.

The site constantly updates information aboutpromotions and novelties. If you have any questions, you can always call or consult online. Pleasant and knowledgeable beauty salon administrators in Pushkino will answer all your questions.

Cosmetics in the salon "Eden"

beauty salon in Pushkino

Masters use cosmetics, which is knownthe whole world as a reliable and high-quality product. Among the cosmetic brands - everyone knows L'Oreal, in the line of which you can find both care products and excellent decorative cosmetics. This is one of the best brands of the European market. Also specialists apply:

  • Holy Land - Israeli cosmetics for face and body care. Expensive and high-quality product;
  • "Philorg" - therapeutic French cosmetics, made on the basis of the latest developments;
  • German brand Gehwol foot care;
  • professional hair cosmetics "Lebel" from Japan;
  • "Maruga", which represents a whole range of skin care products from different manufacturers;
  • Selvert Thermal - a Swiss brand that provides funds used for skin problems;
  • grooming line of funds SexyHair.

All of the above brands are expensive and,undoubtedly, effective means that provide gentle care for your appearance and are based on natural ingredients, without tons of harmful chemistry in the composition.

Address and contacts of the salon

Beauty salon "Eden" in Pushkino (Moscow region) is located on Turgenev street, house 5, second floor. The entrance is from the second entrance.

Opening hours of the salon are from 9 am to 9 pm,daily, from Monday to Sunday. If the salon does not work in connection with any state holiday, this is also reported on the official website, which regularly updates the information.

On the official site you can admireworks of employees in the column "Our works", where examples of works of masters of nail service, hairdresser's art and cosmetology are presented. There is also a column "Shares and novelties", which describes the description and cost of new and promotional procedures.

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Reviews about "Eden"

Salon "Eden" in Pushkino, reviews of which are in large numbers are available on Internet portals, has a very good reputation. In particular, customers note the following factors:

  • Qualified staff. Clients who already enjoyed visiting the showroom of Eden in Pushkino note how competent and talented specialists work there. They perform their work in the upper class, and many clients note that in any salon before they were not so satisfied with the work of the masters. And after finding a good specialist in cosmetology or manicure, try not to lose sight of him and constantly come to the procedure. Polite administrators, always ready to answer any questions by phone or online, make visiting the salon an even more enjoyable experience. Customers note not only improvements in the condition of the skin / hair, but also grateful for the professional advice that the master gives.
  • High-quality cosmetics. Famous brands of expensive cosmetics are used by craftsmen in procedures and are sold for home use. You can always visit the salon, buy the cosmetic products you need and get a free consultation on their use from the master.
  • Nice atmosphere. Visiting the beauty salon, it is very important to feel comfortable. Alas, most salons in our time can not boast of a good design of the room, nor a pleasant atmosphere. In the beauty salon in Pushkino there is not only a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere, thanks to which, as the girls note, you do not want to leave there. Most recently, the salon has updated the repair and radically changed the design of the premises. Stylish, gentle and unobtrusive style can not be successfully highlighted the specifics of the work.
    salon edem pushkino reviews

Prices of the salon "Edem"

Of course, the prices correspond to the skillprofessionals working here. Customers note that a small difference in price with other institutions, by 1000-1500 rubles., Is insignificant, given the results of the work of the masters. So, the price of a manicure is from 700 rubles, depilation - from 500, and work with a cosmetologist will cost you more than 2000 rubles. On the official website of the "Eden" salon in Pushkino, prices are provided with a list, and you will easily understand the intricacies of pricing policy, which largely depends on the cost of used cosmetics.

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Today we discussed the beautiful salon "Eden" inPushkino. The schedule of work, the services provided and the benefits of visiting this place, which are indicated above, will allow you to create the most complete impression of this monastery of beauty.

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