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Inglesin company is more known in Russia as athe manufacturer of functional, quality and beautiful strollers for newborns, but the range of its products is much broader. The brand is known around the world for its highchairs for feeding, children's car seats and other baby products. Separately, we can distinguish the direction of production, such as strollers.

Wheelchair Inglesin Trip - a great choice for those who go on a trip

Inglesin trip
Choosing something for your child, any momthinks about quality, safety and convenience. Depending on the purpose of transport for the baby, the requirements for him change. The quality of the Inglesin wheelchairs does not cause any doubts, which is confirmed by years of successful work of the company and a lot of positive feedback from its customers. For such a vehicle, the following characteristics are important:

  • light weight;

  • convenience of folding;

  • the possibility to lay out the seat, turning it into a full place for sleeping;

  • The presence of pockets and a basket for small things;

  • raincoat.

Inglesin Trip has all these advantages.Weight of the stroller is less than seven kilograms, it has a folding mechanism "stick", which is very convenient, both for transportation in the car, and during the flight. Of course, there are lighter specimens, but they are either very small and uncomfortable, especially for the baby, or do not unfold.

Inglesin trip reviews
Thanks to the design of the front wheels, which rotate 360 ​​degrees, Inglesin Trip is conveniently controlled. If you want to improve the permeability of the stroller, the mechanism can be blocked.

During the trip, child safetyis provided with five-point seat belts, which will prevent him from falling out of the stroller. The brake is located on the rear wheels, as in most similar models.

To protect the child from the sun Inglesin Tripequipped with a hood, and the presence of a viewing window in it will allow mom to see what the child is currently occupied with. In case of bad weather, the stroller is equipped with a raincoat.

Italians are fond of appearancemanufactured products, from cars to children's goods. Inglesin Trip has been produced for several years, but every year it is being modernized, including new color solutions. The design of the stroller is attractive, and juicy shades distinguish it from other similar specimens.

A pocket for small things and a basket allow you to place everything you need during a walk.

Inglesin Trip - reviews

Inglesin trip carriage
The fact that this model of the stroller was released several years ago and its sales are only growing suggests that it justifies the expectations of customers.

The disadvantages of the stroller include:

  • A small hood that will not close the child from the wind;

  • The maximum angle to which you can expand the seat is only 160 degrees, which may not be very convenient for a child's rest, especially a small one.

On the other hand, the first can be explained by the desire to maximally reduce the weight of the stroller, which for such a model may be more important.

Summarizing, we can say that the advantages of the stroller are much greater than the disadvantages at a very attractive cost, and its quality is unquestionable.

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