Is it difficult to make a mask for your holiday with your own hands? How to make a New Year's carnival mask with your own hands?

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Every mom wants her baby on holidaylooked beautiful and original. But not everyone has the opportunity to spend money on New Year's costumes. In this case, the suit can be sewn from unnecessary clothes and decorate it in accordance with the theme of the holiday. And make a mask with your own hands - from those materials that are available.

Types of masks

The shape of the mask can be anything. Shop counters offer several options. Some of them are rather difficult to do on their own. For example, the mask on the entire head is a rather complex design. Usually it is sold complete with a suit.

make a New Year's mask with your own hands

Accessory on the whole face is made much easier than the previous version. For example, you can make a wolf mask with your own hands, using a large plastic toy in the form of this beast.

Classic carnival version of this productcloses only the upper part of the face. It is the easiest to manufacture, but it can also look beautiful and original, if you approach the matter with imagination.

Making masks for the whole head

To make a mask with your own hands on the whole head, you must first sew a suit.

Then determine the size will be easier. Make a mask follows from quality materials. Otherwise, it will not only be uncomfortable, but also harmful to health.

One of the variants of manufacturing such types of masksis the use of a special latex. The product can be given any desired shape. But such material requires fine work and great patience. Otherwise, the finished result can frankly disappoint.

make a mask with your own hands

You can also sew a mask like a headplush toys. The finished product should have thick walls to hold the shape, and the necessary holes. This will allow you to spend a fairly long time in it.

Mask that covers the face

You can make a mask with your own hands, which will cover the whole face, in several ways.
For example, cut out of cardboard and decorate. Also, some elements can be glued to make the mask look more spacious and interesting.

With the help of papier-mache, three-dimensional models of the muzzle of an animal are created. To the process of manufacturing such a mask, it is possible to attract a child, for whom this will be an interesting experience.

make a carnival mask with your own hands

Advantages of papier-mache masks

make a mask with your own hands

For papier-mache it is not necessary to buy a specialpaper. Suitable newspaper for thin layers and album sheets for thick. As a gluing solution, a PVA diluted with water or a self-welded paste can be used.

Making papier-mache is quite affordable. All the necessary materials can be found at home, and the mask can be painted with colors or covered with a cloth. If you use old fur, you can give the accessory a more natural look. For example, such a goat mask with its own hands will look more original if you glue a gray fur with a short pile on top.

To make the product the right shape, you cantake advantage of an old plastic mask from the store. It is coated with petrolatum or other fatty base, and then papier-mache is already applied. Or you can create the necessary model from plasticine.

Masks made of papier-mache are popular, sohow they look interesting and do not require special care. Also important is that these products are amenable to repair. Small cracks can simply be glued from the inside, and larger defects can be eliminated by the technology of manufacturing the product.

How to make a carnival mask with your own hands?

The simplest carnival masks are made fromthick paper. Standard models cover only the upper part of the face and have cutouts for the eyes. Such a mask can make even a child who only mastered the skills of working with scissors. Of course, not without the help of an adult.

Make a mask with your own hands for a costumeholiday can be more original kind. The same papier-mache is also used for making carnival variants. They can repeat both human features of the face, and any animal. An unusual goat mask with your own hands will turn out if you make it more bulky, for example with a convex nose.

Carnival masks are used both at children's parties and adults at costume balls. They can be decorated with rhinestones, feathers, lace or other decorative elements. So celebrate

goat mask with your own hands

This accessory will look more interesting and original.

You can make a New Year mask with your own hands andfor a costume carnival. Such a product should be decorated with taste. For example, you can take any favorite mask from the store and zadekorirovat his own by analogy.

How to strengthen a carnival mask?

Carnival mask can be fastened in two ways. The first is suitable for children's products. On both sides attach strings, which can be tied on the back of the head. Also for these purposes, an elastic band is suitable, which simply stretches to the desired volume of the head. For children's options it is better to use an elastic band, since in this case the child can put on a mask on his own. Yes, and keeps the mask on the elastic better.

make a wolf mask with your own hands

The second option is the handle,attached to the corner of the product. Such models are more used for balls, as they give the costume a noble look. This option is inconvenient because the mask will have to be kept all the time. And this means that one hand will always be occupied.

Which mask to choose for the holiday?

You can make a mask with your own hands for anyholiday, where costumes are required. For a children's holiday, masks of various animals are suitable. They always remain relevant to help the child stand out from the crowd. For example, the goat mask with its own hands was popular on New Year's holidays this year.

Also for little children fit mask of heroestheir favorite fairy tales or cartoons. Choose exactly those heroes that the child sympathizes with. So the holiday for him will be much more interesting. Some of the fabulous masks are made very simply, for example, such as the mask Zorro. Make it yourself, you can cut it out of ordinary black cardboard.

For adults, costumes are often used carnival masks, which are designed only to hide the identity of the person whose face is decorated.

mask of the Zorro to make your own hands

The whole aesthetic role is assumed by the costume. But even such a mask should correspond to the created image and be worthy of its owner. Therefore, its decoration, too, should be given attention.

Beautifully designed mask will help not only draw attention to your person, but also for a long time to be remembered.

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