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Highly effective dish cleansercompany "Finish" offers. Tablets for dishwashers easily penetrate into the contaminants, eliminate stains. Details about this detergent read on.

Brief description of the products "Finish"

Tablets for dishwashers, photos of whichprovided below, are not the only product of this company for cleaning dishes. The above manufacturer produces many detergents intended for this purpose. It is also a special powder and gel. This Finish remedy (tablets for dishwashers), known as the Quantum model, is very popular among housewives, as it is very convenient to use. The package contains 60 pcs. such tablets.

finish tablets for dishwashers

This product is great for cleaningglass (glasses, plates) and metal (pans, spoons, forks, teapots). It successfully prevents the formation of visible glass corrosion. The dishes cleans completely, leaves no streaks and destroys greasy stains. Enzymes also excellently remove the remnants of food.

It should be noted that even traces from the femalelipstick and a touch of coffee beverages and tea, the above detergent removes excellently. The dishes shine with purity and brilliance. Also, the Finish tablets do not adversely affect products that are made of silver or gold. For example, it is usually undesirable to put such dishes into a dishwasher. But the above remedy protects these metals and does not harm them.

Finish tablets for dishwashers: composition

finish tablets for dishwashers photo
The above dishwashing detergent contains the following substances:

  • Enzymes - for highly effective softening of food residues and removal of stains;
  • sodium tripolyphosphate (about 30% of the total tablet formulation);
  • bleach oxygen-containing (about 13%);
  • non-ionic surfactants (up to 5%);
  • phosphonates;
  • polycarboxylates;
  • flavors.

One tablet of this detergent agent weighs approximately 150-165 g.

Finish tablets: instructions

finish tablets for dishwashers instruction
Of course, for the use of the above detergent, the manufacturer gives several important recommendations:

  1. Take the tablets with extremely dry hands.
  2. For one load, one tablet should be placed in a dry compartment for the detergent of the dishwasher.
  3. In case if, due to the large size, the tablet does not fit into the compartment, it can be placed on the bottom of the machine.
  4. Do not put it in the cutlery basket.
  5. The product should be stored only in a dry place, in a sealed package. This will help to maintain the quality of the detergent for a long time.
  6. Also reliably protect against direct exposurerecommends the company "Finish" tablets for dishwashers. Instruction for use advises, in addition, in no case to deploy them and not pierce.

The above detergent is important to keep awayfrom children. If suddenly there was an accidental contact with eyes, then the eyes should be rinsed with plenty of water and call a doctor. In the case when the child put this pill into his mouth, it should be immediately removed and rinsed. You should also call a medical professional.

It should be remembered that protease is contained in the detergent "Finish". Tablets for dishwashers can cause an allergic reaction.

Responses of consumers on the application of the above-mentioned means "Finish" for washing utensils

Tablets for dishwashers (reviews of manywomen point to this) are enjoying success with housewives. Satisfied consumers leave their positive feedback. They claim that thanks to the "Finish" tablets, their dishes shine with purity and brilliance. Cleansing is always complete, oily stains are well removed. Previously, as women write, it was necessary before putting dishes in the washing machine, it must first be cleaned. In addition, on the glasses could remain a divorce, and on the plates, especially from the back, - greasy spots.

finish tablets for dishwashers reviews

Also, many housewives note convenienceuse of the above means. For example, when an ordinary dishwashing detergent is used, it is necessary to pour a special rinse aid and pour salt into the dishwasher separately. With the "Finish" tablets, this process is greatly simplified, and it is no longer necessary to bring anything into the other compartments of the machine. After all, this tool already contains all the necessary components.

"Finish" tablets for a dishwasher machine are excellentcope with their task. Softening the remains of food, which are then easily removed during the washing process, this product helps in this way to maintain the purity of the apparatus itself.

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