To the kid brought only joy: the regime of the day of the newborn.

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When a child appears in the house, a heap appearsquestions for young mothers and dads. Is everything ok with the child? Why is he crying? How well does he feel? How long should I sleep? How often to feed? How to stabilize the regime of a newborn baby's day?

In fact, when a crumb is born, hereceives very important tasks: sleep, eat, digest mother's milk. It is important to help him successfully cope with his work, then the first and subsequent days with your beloved baby will pass happily and calmly, and the regime of the day of the newborn child will become orderly and will not cause any special trouble afterwards.

About the normal mode of the newborn's day, you canspeak only in the case when the baby is healthy, and its main task is intensive growth and weight gain. Feedings are possible on a schedule, so much more comfortable for adults. However, it is difficult to predict the true needs of a baby in milk - how often and how much to eat. Therefore, if conditions permit, then it is better to feed it at the request of the child, he feels hunger well and will tell him that it's time to eat when he starts to drag in search of the mother's breast. In this case, it should be noted that feeding more often than 1 time in 2 hours suggests that the baby, most likely, has not gorged on the previous feeding. Observe the baby, he will tell you himself.

After feeding, it is important that the air thatswallowed a child during feeding, went out. To do this, you need to hold the baby in your arms so that the baby's head is taller. The air itself will come out, the main thing is not to hurry up and provide a quiet, unhurried environment for the baby.

Now the work of a small stomach begins, fromwhich in the early days will directly depend on the mode of the newborn. After regurgitation of the air, the baby himself will ask to sleep. Lay it more comfortably, better on the barrel, in case the child does not have enough time to regurgitate the air, or if he wants to release the accumulated gases. By this you will provide the baby with a calm and comfortable sleep. Do not forget that to stack on the same side is not necessary - every time, stacking, change his pose. You can not throw to the crib with the baby with every sound - only when he starts to shout. Rare grunting, sniffing, peeing is the normal state of the child during sleep. Give him a good sleep, do not grab on your hands. Having accustomed the child to your hands, you will regret it very soon.

Strong calm sleep - a pledge of well-being and a good mood of the baby. When he sleeps, he will call his mother himself, gradually the mode of the newborn's day will be equalized.

It is also important that the child does not have irritationon the skin - not always diapers are the best way out. Therefore, after sleep, do not rush to feed it - release it from the diaper and let the skin breathe, and work the child with legs. So he can ideally and go to the toilet and let go of the intestines himself, easing himself for a new feeding. Make sure that the legs are warm, put on a pair of socks for the period of air baths. When the bath is taken, the child goes to the toilet, the ass and wrinkles can be wiped with a special moist napkin, treated with a special cream "for diapers" (produced by Pampers) or simply washed with running warm water and dried with a dry diaper.

Now the baby is ready for a new feeding. He himself will look for the chest, moving his neck and opening his mouth. If crusts have accumulated in a spout, be sure to clean them with a water-soaked turunda made of cotton wool. Do not use cotton buds, you risk damaging its fragile spout. The nose is clean, the baby is hungry - we start the process in a new way!

If the child is helped in time to cope with theseimportant tasks, the regime of the newborn child will go back to normal, and the baby himself will only give you joy. A happy and peaceful life for you and your child!

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