Which filler for cat litter is better: a choice of three alternatives

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To determine which filler forcat's toilet is better, you need to explore the advantages and disadvantages of each type of this material and choose the one that is most suitable for your situation. All of them can be divided into three types: granular clay and sawdust, synthetic (silica gel and others). Which filler for the cat's toilet is better, consider in order.

which filler for cat litter is better

Granular clay is considered the mostA common material for these purposes. This is due mainly to a small price and acceptable consumer properties. This filler is made for the toilet from natural natural clay, sometimes adding flavoring substances. Similar materials due to the porous structure very well absorb odors and moisture. Mineral fillers for the toilet are completely safe for cats. Due to the economical consumption of standard packaging, it takes quite a long time. He also has shortcomings. This material is rather dusty, therefore it is necessary to clean the apartment more often. It must be cleaned daily from faeces and lumps. He has a lot of weight, so this filler should not be washed off in the toilet, but must be taken out separately with garbage. The possibility of absorption is maintained for an average of three to five days.

toilet filler

People who decide for themselves what kind of filler forcat litter is better, it should be understood that if they decide on granulated wood chips, they will have to accept their main disadvantage. This material absolutely does not absorb moisture and odors. In addition, cats carry sawdust throughout the apartment, and the filler will be changed very often. But this material has undeniable advantages. This filler is absolutely environmentally safe and clean substance. In addition, it is light and very cheap.

Deciding which filler for cat litterbetter, you can stay on a combined version. At the bottom of the tray put the wood material, and from above pour the granulated clay. Thus sawdust will not be carried, and smells will be well kept.

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The most technologically difficult to makeare synthetic silica gel fillers. About the fact of what they really produce, and how these substances really affect the health of cats and their hosts, little information. Of course, they all have the necessary certificates confirming their safety, but it is difficult to say how much better or worse than natural ones. Their main advantage is an excellent absorption of moisture and retention of unpleasant odors. At the same time, their service life is long enough, one serving in the tray can last for several weeks. Another undeniable advantage of this material is the absence of dust, sawdust and dirt, unlike natural competitors. The main disadvantage of such a filler is its high price. Also, for some unknown reason, some cats may not like the way it smells.

In addition to silica gel synthetic fillers,there are still clumping and absorbing. They also have an excellent ability to absorb and absorb odors, but they are inferior to both silica gel and granular materials in terms of hygiene. Their small particles stick to the paws of pets.

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