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The Chinese firm Balu is well known to Russian customers primarily with their strollers. They are light, well-controlled, comfortable for the baby and, importantly, quite affordable.

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Let's get acquainted with some models of this respectedcompany. Universal stroller Balu H-404-10A is released for children from birth until they reach the age of three. Has three positions of the back. A completely horizontal position will allow her master to sweetly sleep in the fresh air. A large and reliable hood can be removed. The change-over handle allows you to change the position of the baby. Four inflatable wheels with a diameter of twenty-four centimeters will ensure a good patency model.

The stroller Balu H-T-7 is also designed for children up tothree years. It has three backrest positions. The footrest rises in a horizontal position, providing the kid with a stop for the legs. Thanks to this, you can organize a full-fledged sleep in the open air. Four wheels are not very big - eighteen centimeters, but very maneuverable. The adjustable knob is toggled. There are rear brakes, a cozy cape on the legs, reliable seat belts and a sufficiently large basket for things or purchases.

stroller balu

Stroller Stroller Balu S-A is very convenient for walkingwith the baby, especially if you have to go to the store or use public transport. This model is easily disassembled and assembled. Its weight is eight kilograms, eight wheels with a diameter of fifteen centimeters. The front can be fixed.

Stroller Balu S-422 - also a model cane.It folds compactly and is easily disassembled. It will be useful for you when you are meeting with a child for a city. The stroller fits easily into the trunk of even a small car. It weighs six and a half kilograms, has seat belts, a large hood and a mosquito net, which is especially important during walks in the country.

Do not forget the Chinese manufacturers and the happyparents of twins. The stroller Balu P-738 for twins is a gift for such families. It has the form of a locomotive, i.e. two seats are located one after another. Perhaps it is not very convenient - children do not have the opportunity to see each other, especially important when they are used to communicate closely. But if you have two fighters and bully, then such a short-term "separation" will not hurt them. The stroller has two limiter tables, seat belts, swivel front wheels, a trunk for

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products and things. Weight - ten kilograms.

Another nice model.The new development of the company Balu - stroller Anmar Bella (2 in 1), which is sure to attract the attention of parents of newborns. This is a universal model with a cradle. Recommended for children up to three years. The stroller is compact and maneuverable, four large wheels provide good cross-country ability, and the front wheels can be blocked. There are reliable spring shock absorbers, a mosquito net, a protective visor, a raincoat, a cape on the legs, a convenient bag for the mother.

One of the latest developments of the company Balu -stroller-transformer BOGUS with a carrying. The model easily adjusts the backrest, footboard, handles, hood. The set includes a shopping basket, a large bag, a mosquito net, a raincoat, a pocket for various trifles.

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