A short congratulation on your birthday is a great way to laconically convey your wishes!

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An increasing number of people choose a shortcongratulations on his birthday instead of long and meaningless tirades about the main thing. As they say, brevity is the sister of talent. And on the birthday especially do not want to listen to narrative stories about a distant and bright future, which is possible only when all the wishes of relatives and friends are fulfilled.

short congratulations on your birthday

What is the best way to congratulate you on your birthday?

To beautifully congratulate on the holiday, not forgetting in thethe most important moment the right words, it is necessary to choose in advance and learn the appropriate greeting. A short congratulation on his birthday will be appropriate both in a friendly and in a team.

Brief verses can be used not only forpersonal greetings after coming to the birthday boy, but also send in the form of sms or use it as a toast during a feast. The most important thing is to choose a poem with a meaning that will convey your sincere feelings.

Poetic short congratulations

"A short birthday congratulation in verse" - the most popular query in the search engines. In the poetic form you can congratulate both personally and through SMS.

We wish you much happiness,

Smiles, sun and flowers,

Let it be on the road of life

You will meet real love!

This desire can be addressed to both women and men.

The most beautiful, the most kind

We wish the sorrows not to know,

We wish to be ourselves, free

And only take-offs to see!

This desire can be addressed only to a woman, for example, a girlfriend or lover. A short congratulation on the birthday of a woman will allow in a few words to convey all your wishes and feelings.

short congratulations on a woman's birthday

Be brave, strong and reliable,

You are a fortress, a shield and the head of a family.

Way to build even off-road

And believe always in the bright power of love!

An excellent wish for a family friend, especially if his portrait coincides with the concepts of "head" and "reliable family protection."

Happy birthday my friend!

Be happy, merry,

Let in your working days

Spring always rules!

This congratulation is suitable only for a friendly team.

Congratulations in prose

A short congratulation on your birthday can be not only in verse. Good and sincere congratulatory words can be invented without rhyming lines.

  • Happy Birthday! I wish unforgettable emotions, cardinal changes, accomplishments of the entire conceived and inexhaustible key of positive energy!
  • Let this day all dreams come true! Be happy, successful, confident, sincere and real! Remember that we are always there, and together we will achieve everything!
  • I want to congratulate on the birthday of a wonderfulman! Let you always have exactly what is needed at this moment. Let in your life be true friends, a sea of ​​smiles, goals and plans for the future and the present, sunrays, falling stars, support for loved ones, health and, most importantly, sincere and genuine love!

short congratulations on the birthday of a man

Funny congratulations

For best friends always want to find the mostoriginal and unusual congratulations, you can use the following poems, writing them on a large paper or a self-made postcard.

On your birthday all shock,

Go to the club, dance and sing!

Let everyone think of everything as a fool,

You're having fun! At all waving your hand!

Let's go for a walk on the bar,

Let's go shopping and loot the bank!

Today everything is allowed to you,

So go all in!

Funny congratulations will always allow you to support friends and give them confidence in life and faith in yourself.

Remember, you are our hope and support!

Our best friend - you are steeper than all the characters,

With you, we together start a day of enthusiasm,

Today we will violate the prohibitions of all foundations!

Let them look askance, someone condemns,

At all to spit, because this day once a year everything happens!

Believe in a dream, go boldly,

To your heart the sun always warms!

A short congratulation on the birthday of a man will always look appropriate and concise.

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