Adapted mixtures "Similak": consumer feedback and product composition

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Breast milk is the best choice fornewborns. Its composition is truly unique and invaluable for the baby's health. Maternal milk strengthens the immune system and normalizes digestion. About its merits, everyone knows, but for different reasons the milk of a woman can not be, and artificial mixtures come to the aid.

mixture of Similak. Reviews

Among the huge number of adapted children'sproducts it is difficult to find a suitable one that would not cause side effects. According to doctors and parents, a favorable effect on the baby's body is provided by "Similak". Reviews speak for their high quality. They deservedly deserve the highest praise and appreciation. Their sparing composition is ideal for a child's body, and most importantly, there is no harmful palm oil in it.

According to experts thisthe ingredient causes terrible colic and swelling in toddlers. It is sold in any chemist's network milk formula "Similak". Reviews, as a rule, from the parents enthusiastic: especially pleases the presence of prebiotics and the lack of palm oil. The mixture is produced in cardboard boxes and jars. For newborns it is necessary to choose "Similak 1", it is suitable for children up to six months. As they grow older they switch to "Similak 2" and "3".

mixture of similac for newborns


To make a mixture very toughrequirements, which is why there is no dangerous rapeseed oil (erucic acid) in the composition. As research has shown, it has a harmful effect on the heart muscle and blood vessels. From the toxic effects of the baby protect the mixture "Similak". Reviews of moms are generally satisfied: after applying the mixture, the children normalized the stool and disappeared colic. In addition, this diet contains all the vital ingredients for full development and growth.

This is a natural and safe product, capable ofreplace breast milk and provide full mental and physical health. In addition to the standard set of nutritional components (minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats), it contains many prebiotics and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Babies consuming this food have no constipation and swelling. The product does not contain GMOs, flavors, dyes and gluten.

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Not all mixtures can boast of suchrich composition and the presence of prebiotics are special nutrients that take an active part in the formation of the correct intestinal microflora. Prebiotics approximate the breast milk of the mixture "Similak". Pediatricians' reviews are generally positive, many recommend it specifically for toddlers suffering from allergic reactions.

A special composition of vegetable fats helpsrapid absorption of calcium, which is important for the proper formation of bones and teeth. The mixture "Similak" for newborns removes colic, pain in the intestines and reduces the amount of regurgitation.


Price of a can of 900 gr.fluctuates within 700 rubles. For a four-hundred-gram package you will give about 300 rubles. The cost of production is slightly more expensive than the price of a number of other adapted mixtures, but the quality of this is worth it. And as you know, a newborn needs high-quality food, which brings only good. It should be noted that very much like the little children of the mixture "Similak". Reviews say that it is close to the natural breast milk of a woman and helps to strengthen the baby's body.

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