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Each child is an inexhaustible sourceenergy that needs to be spilled out. As soon as the sun appears outside the window, any mom hurries to bring her baby to the playground. But along with the joy of spring days comes the excitement for the safety of the youngsters. If you decide to build a corner for your own hands, you should choose not only a swing, which will be equipped with a playground. The surface coating plays an equally important role.

playground for children

Coverage functions

Self-selection of the coating is very convenient. So, you can take into account all the nuances that are relevant for you and your child. The main functions that the material must handle are simple. First, take care to choose a raw material that does not scratch the skin when it falls on it. Secondly, the material should soften the blows. Thirdly, it is good if it is easily cleaned and does not accumulate debris and dirt.

Options for outdoor playgrounds

For outdoor areas you can use loosematerials (sand, sawdust), artificial grass, rubber coatings, PVC-tiles. The choice of the most suitable material is influenced by the following points: the location of the site and the age of the children on which it is designed.

Let's start with loose materials. In every yard of any city there is a playground. The coating for the sites is most often composed of simple sand. And it seems that this is the most suitable option - kids can play in the sand throughout the territory. But there are a number of shortcomings:

  • Sand is interesting not only for children. Very soon in it will find shelter of ants, various beetles, and cats and dogs will arrange a toilet.
  • Garbage will constantly be mixed with grains of sand. Pebbles, wrappers of sweets, splinters of glass, butts not only spoil the appearance, but can be dangerous for the young.
  • Little children constantly pull something into their mouths. On the site, they can be filled with sand or sawdust.
  • To sand began to absorb shocks, the thickness of the layer should be at least 50 cm.
  • In the places of greatest load (at the descent of the hill, at the ladder, etc.), there are depressions in which water will be collected.
  • Bulk materials require constant updating.

covers for children's playgrounds on the street

Rubber coatings are much more convenient, because.they are designed specifically to mitigate the blows. At the same time they try to increase their longevity. For this purpose, the top layer is made more durable, so that the street covering for the playground can withstand both a large flow of children and natural conditions. And the density of the lower layer is intentionally reduced. Thus, the material has a high strength, but it remains soft. Rubber coating is presented in the form of a monolithic sheet or individual tiles. With the help of the latter, only the places subject to the greatest load can be laid.

outdoor playground for children's playground

Artificial grass pleases the eye and ennobleschildren's playground. But it is better to use it in combination with rubber, because by itself this coating does not soften the blows at all. It is also more difficult to take care of cleanliness. Advantages - it does not heat up in the sun, it's nice to run barefoot.

Coverage of areas in the room

To play all year round, regardless of weather conditions, a closed playground is suitable. Coverage for sites of this type can be as follows:

  • monolithic rubber sheet or tiles;
  • artificial grass;
  • carpet;
  • mats;
  • laminate.

It is recommended to use carpet in case,If there are no swings for active games on the site. If the advantage was given to the laminate, then children should play in the shoes, because in the socks it will be slippery. Of the new materials on the list, only mats can absorb shocks, so they are the best option.

playground for children

Important Features

Coverage in the territory for children's games shouldmeet a number of requirements. Ideal if it has a high level of shock absorption. In addition, it must be environmentally friendly, safe and durable. First quality is important not only for young children. Grown up guys like to climb higher and jump, which is very painful to do on a hard surface. In addition, the sites are always running and pushing - you can fall and get hurt a lot. The coating should be environmentally friendly so as not to cause allergic reactions in children. Safety lies in the absence of slip and irregularities, ease of cleaning. And the durability of the material will facilitate the care of the site by adults.

Design of a child's corner in the country

A country house simply has to be equippedsite. This is the guarantee of a quiet rest for adults and the cheerful mood of children. Many prefer pre-fabricated tools. Beautiful figures can be built from ordinary plastic bottles, car tires. For swings you need a strong rope and a small wooden plank. To build a sandbox, you just need to dig into the ground four boards. It is easier for someone to order a swing and install a ready-made version. In any case, the most basic concern is the coverage for the children's playground at the dacha.

cover for a children's playground in the country

Rubber material is considered to be relevant.But mainly the dacha is visited only in the summer. Therefore, such an investment of finance is simply irrational. In this case, the best way is to combine sand and PVC-tiles. The latter will help to keep the surface of the site intact and protect it from excess dirt of the child. The main thing is a safe playground: cover for playgrounds plays a decisive role in this matter. Remember this when registering the territory for children.

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