Covers for the toilet - how not to make a mistake with the choice?

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Still literally a few years ago, everything in ourthe country was so uniform that there was no problem called "how to decide" - the same furniture, the same plumbing, the same lids for the toilet ... But nowadays we are so indulged in abundance that it is sometimes very difficult to decide what is best. And what really you want.

lids for toilets
Even such, it would seem, bezdelitsa (but at the same timevery necessary in the apartment), like a lid for a toilet, is presented in a huge assortment. And to help you make your choice, let's take a closer look at the details of production.

So, first of all it is necessary to pay attention tomaterial from which lids for toilet bowls are made. The cheapest option is a seat made of plastic. In principle, the option is quite good - quite convenient and easy to install, but very fragile and prone to scratches.

seat with lid for toilet
The next specimen is made of duroplast. In principle, it is the same plastic, only more resistant to scratches. It is more durable, attractive appearance and even antibacterial effect, that is, it prevents the reproduction of microbes. The cover material for the duroplast toilet bowl looks like a ceramic surface, the appearance of such products does not spoil at all when using abrasive detergents. Naturally, the price in this case will be much higher.

Probably the cheapest option would be a seat made of plywood, which is almost impossible to break. However, such copies are almost never found in stores.

Lids for toilet, made of wood, chipboardor MDF - very heavy, so you need to handle them carefully, so as not to damage the toilet itself. And the appearance depends on the imagination of the manufacturer - there are options are very beautiful, but there is not much.

The most popular option is a plastic seat,equipped with a foam pad. Well, a very attractive look, includes a lid, and as an additional plus - bright drawings and a wide range of colors.

The form in which the seat with the lid is made fortoilet, can be the most diverse. Most often this is an oval, however, there are rectangles and products in the form of objects most unusual for this case (musical instruments, animals, etc.).

It is worth paying attention to additionalfunctions that are equipped with lids for modern toilet production. For example, the heated seat system. A very good addition for those who have a cold bathroom or in the house there are small children. Another nice bonus is the microlift for lowering the lid. Perhaps for some this function may seem useless, but, as they say, the taste and color of a friend is not. Moreover, children often forget that the lid should be lowered. And microlift in this situation is very useful!

toilet cover price

Well, the main criterion, which should beto rely on, is, of course, the cost. Here everything depends on your financial capabilities. Far from each of us will get such an accessory for the bathroom and toilet, like a lid for a toilet, the price for which exceeds 10,000 Russian rubles. But it happens and more! In general, look, choose, buy and use for your own pleasure!

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