Problems of adolescence and their solution

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problems of adolescence
Adolescence is the period when ouryesterday baby, and today an adult child is entering a new stage of his life. During this period, physiological restructuring of the body, hormonal bursts occur, a person becomes more vulnerable and injured, in other words - "says goodbye to childhood." For teenagers, impulsiveness, instability, excessive self-esteem, prudence and cynicism in romantic relationships are typical, a desire for solitude appears.

What are the problems of adolescence and their solutions are specialists? Let's consider them.

  1. The child is already a teenager, but for the parents - still a child. Every parent is ready to cherish his child for a very long time, but it is necessary to understand that he is a separate person who has the right to life.
    solving problems of adolescence
    It's worth stopping to control the life of yourchild, give him the opportunity to live it himself. Make a new circle of rights and responsibilities (you can do it on the family council), let the child understand that now he will make decisions independently and, accordingly, be responsible for their consequences. Show clearly how the family budget is distributed, how and where the funds are spent and where they come from. Treat him like an adult.
  2. The child is already a teenager, and society does not allow him to beadults for real. He thinks that "there is much" already, but this possibility can not be realized. One of the ways out of the existing problem of adolescence can be self-employment. After finding a job, a teenager will raise her self-esteem, in the eyes of her peers will appear to be an adult, and will also have her pocket money.
  3. The child is already a teenager, and the appearance is not alwaysthis corresponds. Little growth, long ears, pimples, unusual appearance, overweight - any teenager's thoughts about appearance do not give rest. This can lead to low self-esteem, development of an inferiority complex. Try to explain to the teenager that this is a natural and necessary process, that all these are problems of adolescence and only. Support the child in all endeavors, in the search for oneself, give him the opportunity to solve everything on his own.
    major problems of adolescence
    After all, this may depend on your relationship afterwards.

These are the main problems of adolescentage. It is important to remember that every teenager starts a new independent life, where he wants to manifest and realize himself without anyone's help. So sincerely express your feelings about what is happening, do not blame, respect the right to your own opinion, and then solving the problems of adolescence will not concern you.

It is always worth remembering that before you is a person,who has his own opinion, his character and his views on life and environment. Problems of adolescence - this is only the beginning of the child's life path, so it is necessary to ensure as smoothly as possible to him the transition to adulthood. The correct approach and a delicate psychological assessment of your child's condition are the right helpers when solving problems with transitional age.

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