When and how to celebrate your Angel day?

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Name day, Angel day, day the memory of his saint - all these are the names of the same Orthodox holiday. Everyone has his own, and pays tribute to the memory of the saint, after whom the man was named.

Our name is a part of ourselves. It sounds to us from birth, has a certain meaning and even magic. When baptized, an Orthodox person is given a name in honor of a saint. Later, he will be your patron and protector throughout his life. To this Guardian Angel you can address in difficult periods of life with a request, a prayer. When all is adjusted, it is necessary to not forget to thank for the rendered help.

Day Angel
The name is chosen in accordance with the ecclesiasticalOrthodox calendar. If you open it, you will see that every day is dedicated to a certain saint, and sometimes there are several. In this case, a person can choose the patron himself who is closest to him, because this is your Angel day! In the Saints there is only one recommendation in this regard: the name of the saint should be written on the nearest calendar page on the day of your birth, and go after it (not earlier). For example, Natalia celebrates her Angel Day on September 8.

Your Angels

congratulations on the day of the angel
The Church teaches that every Christian hasthe whole two angels. One, the Guardian, guides us to the true path, protects us from ill-considered actions, gives patience to survive temporary difficulties. And the second is God's servant, it's his name that we carry. He tirelessly prays for us, intercedes with God. Despite all the sinful deeds that we all commit in life, both of these Angels love us more than anyone else in the world.

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Baptism and the name of your saint

If a person grew up in an Orthodox family, hisbaptized in early childhood, then his Angel day is known to him for a long time. However, it happens that even baptized people who never visited the church live conscious lives without knowing, in honor of which holy martyr they were called. It even happens that the name is known, but that's the problem: on the pages of the calendar, different saints can wear the same names. John, for example, meets about eighty, and Saint Alexander - more than thirty times. Or the opposite situation - the same patron can be honored several times. How, then, is it correct to determine the day of the Angel?

It's simple: if the memory days in the year are not one, but several, then choose the nearest one, but only after your birthday. This will be the feast of the Saint-His-Name Saint, or the day of your Angel, or your name-day. All the rest of the days, according to the established ecclesiastical tradition, are considered small name-days.

True, these recommendations are very variable. The church allows the Orthodox to choose at his own choice any surnamed saint, regardless of the calendar location. And, accordingly, on this day then and celebrate their name-days.

Congratulations on Angel Day is also a thingoptional. But what is recommended to do is to remember your saint, turn to him with a prayer, and thank him for his invisible presence. Celebrate the name day the Church advises necessarily with communion and confession. If this day is a lean, then it's better to transfer the feast and congratulations of relatives to them.

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