How to accustom an adult cat to the tray? Toilet-house for cats. Non-pedigreed cats from the street: upbringing

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Cats are very smart, but too stubborn, so notlike to follow any rules that the host establishes. Sometimes the bad character of the cat can become a serious problem in dealing with the owner. For example, in the spirit of these animals, ignore the tray provided to them and go exactly where they like.

Those owners who have a cat for a long time do not have such difficulties. Because a pet at a young age is much easier to accustom to the toilet.

character of the cat
Having taken myself an adult kitty,tray, you will rejoice, because she will quickly understand what they want from her. But this may not happen in the event that the relocation for her will become stress. Then she can begin to protest against the new toilet.

Cats from the street are accustomed to the tray problematic. Therefore, the question of our article is always relevant.

The cat's refusal from the prepared tray, rathereverything, will lead to a misunderstanding between the animal and man. Many people, when a cat shits anywhere, does not react to the owner's remarks, they decide to give it away. But this is not an option. After all, we are responsible for our pets. This means that we must fight.

And how to accustom an adult cat to the tray? Now let's look at this issue.

Selecting a tray location

Cats are quite delicate creatures thatif you visit the tray, then try to pick a good corner, away from people's eyes. Because of this, it is desirable to place the toilet in a similar place.

how to accustom an adult cat to the tray

The best places for cat litterare a bathroom, toilet, a warm balcony. And always remember that access to the cat tray is required around the clock. This will help to quickly cope with the training.

Do not have a cat toilet in the hallway andkitchen. Since such places are not suitable for hygienic reasons, and the cat will be uncomfortable here. So what place to choose? A closet may also come up if the owner and the cat consider this acceptable, because the animal may refuse to visit it if you happen to be there often.

toilet house for cats

If your pet has not previously been accustomed topot, you must make it attractive for her. For this, it must be very spacious, as well as profound. Depth is needed at least 10 cm, so that the cat can freely dig there and reliably hide the fruits of their labors. The width of the tray should be so large that the python can fit there well.

Cat toilet-house for cats

This option will be a perfect replacement for a conventional tray. For the pet, it will be convenient, and it will be easier for you to clean it.

The toilet-house for cats has a special filter. It purifies the air. If for some reason you forget to clean the cat's latrine, the filters can remove the unpleasant odor.

Animals are happy to visit such a toilet, becausethat the house hides a cat from other people's eyes thanks to reliable walls and a roof. Yes, and put such a miracle device is possible not only in the bathroom, but also in the hallway, neither the cat nor your toilet will not confuse.

Which cat's toilet is better? It is impossible to say unequivocally, it all depends on the preferences of the beast. Some like toilets-houses, and others will happily walk into a simple bright tray, so start to accustom the cat is from the most ordinary. And after a while you will be able to understand what is preferable to your animal.

Which filler is better?

Cats always act according to their intuition, visiting the toilet is no exception. It only helps the hosts. After all, knowing the preferences of your animal, you can make life more joyful.

Before you accustom an adult cat to the tray,it is worth choosing a filler. This is a very good invention. It helps in the process of training the owner, indicating the pet, where the place for needs is located. After all, if there is nothing to dig, then is this a toilet? And besides, the filler absorbs unpleasant odors, which gives the owner a state of comfort.

But which one to choose a filler, because now there are a lot of them?

cat and dog

Previously, as a filler used torn paper and sand. Now there are other, more hygienic options. Let's take a closer look.

Filler Cost

The cheapest fillers are woody. 15 kg of this is worth 300 rubles, 3 kg - only 70 rubles. Average cost of mineral fillers. The most expensive silicone, their price - 400 rubles for 3 kg and 500 for 7 kg.

Mineral fillers for cat litter

Granular fillers (for example, Fresh Step, etc.) absorb moisture and odor well. Due to this, a lump is formed, which can be removed with the help of a child's shoulder blade.

Reviews about him are only good, because thisthe filler not only removes odors, but also does not stick to the paws of the animal. The granules in the filler are of different sizes, so each cat will be able to choose the right one.

From the shortcomings: it is impossible to use for small kittens and it is undesirable to throw it into the sewer.

Wood Fillers for Cat Catcher

Such fillers are pressed sawdust of coniferous trees. Suitable for small kittens and adult cats.

cat shits anywhere

Such fillers absorb moisture well, but do not clump, but crumble into dust. The advantages are that it is a natural material, which means it does not harm cats, and can be safely thrown into the sewer system.


  • uneconomic;
  • easy enough (the cat on its paws can pull it all over the apartment).

Among natural fillers, safe for kittens - corn, it is good in its own way, but it does not absorb smells. In our stores is so rare.

Silicone filler

Fairly expensive variety of filler(for example, "Trixie Fresh and Izi", etc.). His lumps absorb the smell and moisture well. Replacement in the tray produced once every three weeks. After filler to the touch remains dry (even after use), occasionally it is necessary to remove the formed lump.

Pluses a lot, but the drawbacks is that it is not cheap, and the filler is not liked by all cats, as it rustles during digging.

With flavoring

The price of filler with odors varies from 785up to 1500 rubles for 7 kilograms. But the choice of flavor should be approached carefully. So, the scent of lavender is liked by many cats, while the smell of citrus fruits irritates them.

Accustoming the cat to the toilet

How to accustom an adult cat to the tray? Usually this process happens simply and quickly. After all, cats feel for what and where they put the tray. Nevertheless, mongrel cats are accustomed to a pot with difficulties. And the view that the cat to the tray to accustom to easier than a cat, at the root of the wrong. It's just the opposite.

Cats are driven by a desire to tag their territory. Therefore, it is easier to accustom him to the tray. A cat is a very whimsical creature. Therefore, the task becomes more complicated.

The first time a cat wants to visit the toilet after a while after eating. Although these animals are patient enough.

the cat began to shit

Show the cat a toilet better right after itresettlement in a new house. After all, intuitively, she knows what a tray is for. If this is your option, then consider that you are lucky. Since, having consulted the need of the tray once, the pet will go there all the time.

But if the cat began to shit anywhere, I'll have towait for a convenient moment when he wants to retire. Noticing that he is looking for a suitable place, take it and take it to the tray. Then stroke, the cat will calm down and, most likely, will manage the need right here. If he tries to escape, then try to return it. Do this repeatedly, until it does not descend exactly in the place where you planted it.

Another option, when you notice that the cat begins somewhere to build, - put a tray there. Starting her own business, she will not stop halfway and will continue the process.

Do not hurry to immediately change the filler, let the kitty get used to it, then the next time it comes off the smell of the same tray.

If the pet continues to return to that place,where there is no toilet, put it there and very slowly move in the direction where you would like to organize it for the cat. This of course will be spent a long time, but it will pay off with interest.

If the animal is brought from the street, first pour the soil or sand into the tray. A habitual filler will help the beast to orient in what is wanted of it.

If, while you were not at home, the cat met the needin an obscene place, pat it with a napkin, and then put it in the tray. If the animal has left not only a puddle, but also a feces, it also needs to be moved to a pot. And the place chosen by the cat is wipe with vinegar or alcohol, then she will not want to visit him again.

Possible problems that arise during the training process

There are situations when an adult animalrefuses to use the tray, although until recently, willingly did everything. Do not immediately scold the cat, it's best to contact the veterinarian. Since such behavior often indicates problems in health. Sometimes it just talks about an improper tray or the wrong place of its location.

what a cat's toilet is better

Trust the cat to choose the location for the tray.

Make sure that the toilet is relatively clean. Since many animals can not tolerate dirty trays and will insistently meow, when the pot is so.

Most animals are proprietors. So, they do not like to share a toilet with anyone. Therefore, if you do not want conflicts of animals, get as many trays as you have pets.

To say definitely, whether you can accustom your cat to the tray is very difficult, it all depends on the individuality of the animal.

what filler is better
Although there is no impossible in this world. Because there would be a desire, and everything else will follow. Be persistent and persistent in accustoming the cat to the tray, only then everything will turn out with time.


Stick to simple rules:

  • Do not engage in assault.
  • Show the animal that everything is not allowed to it. Explain to him that you can not hang on curtains, jump on your shoulders, etc.
  • Get a special scribe and train her to a kitten, then you do not face the problem of tainted furniture.
  • A cat and a dog in the house is a special situation. Contrary to popular belief, these animals can get along together. It is better to take a kitten and a puppy, rather than adults, then they will get used to each other. Cat and dog require a lot of attention from the owner, so think about whether you can give it.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to accustom an adult cat to the tray. We hope that our advice will help you and you will cope with the task. Good luck.

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